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   Chapter 24 Refuse To Kiss Her

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In the restaurant of Half Life's Chance, Grace was half held and half dragged away by Wesley. She was unwilling to leave. She had planned to announce the relationship between her and Wesley there, but now all her plans were ruined. Only one or two side faces were photographed, which were barely shown. It might not be too important to be on the front page of the news, but Grace was very likely to be called a nameless woman. She would be scolded as a social climber and a talk between bored spectators at leisure.

Looking at the two people who suddenly came out to mess her plan, her beautiful face was gradually filled with hatred.

She couldn't hurt Zane, but she would never let go of Lavender. He didn't want to hurt that woman at first, but now it was different.

She was always close to Wesley. Just now when Zane appeared in front of everyone with Lavender's hand, she could feel the coldness radiating from his body all of a sudden. She subconsciously clenched his arm, but he didn't respond at all. He had been staring at the woman whose hair was disheveled and dressed like a ghost. His half smiling eyes slowly showed a trace of cruel blood, and the corners of his lips raised a strange and evil arc. He smiled like a devil from the hell, which was thrilling.

According to woman's intuition, the relationship between Wesley and that woman whose surname was Jiang was definitely not clean. This made her feel a little frustrated. No matter in appearance, family or career, Lavender was not as good as her. Why did Wesley fall in love with that useless secretary?

Because of the need of shooting, she occasionally behaved intimately with other men, and sometimes even exceeded the standard of holding hands. Wesley had always been tolerant and gentle, and he had never looked at those men with such eyes. It was obvious jealousy and hatred.

She would never allow Wesley to look at her like that because of other women!

Therefore, she wanted that woman to disappear and never appear in front of Wesley again.

"Why are you walking so fast, Wesley? I'm wearing high heels. My feet hurt! " She hoped to soften his heart and treat him gently with the usual coquetry. However, there was no response. Wesley walked so fast that he almost hugged and dragged her.

When they arrived at the parking lot, Wesley pressed the remote control, opened the door and got in without saying anything.

Although Grace was extremely dissatisfied, she didn't dare to lose her temper when Wesley was angry. She obediently sat on the passenger seat and fastened the seat belt herself.

Wesley skillfully took out a cigarette and lit it. The strong smell of the cigarette came, which made Grace cough.

"I'm sorry." Wesley put out the cigarette.

Seeing that his expression softened a little, Grace immediately pressed her soft body against him and said in a delicate voice, "Wesley, take me to your home tonight."

Wesley let her lean on him, but there was no emotion in his arms. He said coldly, "Let's go tomorrow. It's too late today. Grandma and others have gone to bed."

"Hahaha..." Grace chuckled, "Wesley, haven't you been living in YZ Apartment all the time?" Getting closer to him, she said in a half coquettish and half serious tone, "Wesley, you're so mean. I've been your girlfriend for so long, but I've only been there once, and I've come to you on my own initiative. Did you hide any treasure there? Are you afraid of being discovered by me? "

"Since you have been there, you will know whether I have any treasure." There was finally a trace of softness in Wesley's voice. He turned around and looked at the woman snuggling up in his arms.

"Wesley," Grace stretched out her hand and carefully drew on Wesley's handsome face, which was like an ancient Greek sculpture. His forehead, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, and then his sexy thin lips with clear lines. She stopped at that place and gently rubbed his fingers. "Wesley," she got closer, hooked his neck with her two hands, and put her soft and tender lips onto his.

The two of them were so close to each other that their warm breaths intertwined. Just listening to this sound alone was enough to make people's blood spurt out. Grace couldn't help but close

her eyes. When she was about to kiss Wesley, he pushed her away with a moderate force.

Disappointed, Grace looked at his handsome face, who was very close to her, and begged, "Just for once, Wesley, just for once, okay?"

This man, for the first time they met, she was lost in his unique style, but she was a star that was chased by everyone, and she didn't want to put down her goddess's airs. So she wandered around in front of Wesley for various reasons, showing all kinds of noble, cool and gorgeous posture.

But this man ignored her at all. He would rather look at the ground, staring blankly at the dense crowd, than look at her for a second. She had no choice but to get close to him. This man looked cold, but in fact, he was very easy-going, at least not as cold as he seemed to be.

After chatting with him a few more times, her friends started to spread that they were a couple, so they became boyfriend and girlfriend inexplicably.

After getting along with Wesley for three years, she couldn't understand what he was thinking. Sometimes their relationship could go further, but he was very calm and stopped at the right time. It was his modesty and politeness that made her more and more obsessed with him. She could not extricate herself from it.

"Wesley, I'm your girlfriend. You can do anything to me. It's just a kiss." After waiting for a long time, Wesley still remained unmoved. She leaned against him and said disappointedly, "Why? Wesley, don't you like me? "

After a long silence, Wesley said slowly, "Don't be silly..."

Grace was overjoyed and waited quietly for him to say something to comfort her. But after a long time, he didn't say anything, and the disappointment in her heart spread again. In fact, she really wanted to ask, loudly and harshly, 'If it was Lavender, would you be willing to do so? Why is that woman better than me?'

But she didn't, because she knew that men liked women to be jealous for themselves, but they didn't like women to became too jealous and become jealous women. She was afraid that she would lose control and burst into hysteria.

"Grace, it's getting late. Let me drive you home." Although he said it lightly without much emotion, it was undoubted.

"Wesley..." Grace didn't give up and wanted to insist.

All of a sudden, Wesley turned his head to look at her. His clear black eyes were covered with inexplicable coldness, and a meaningful smile appeared on his lips. "Don't worry, Grace. The reports of the reporters tonight won't appear on the newspaper tomorrow. But I hope this kind of thing will end here and never happen again. "

The gentle and cold smile on his face froze Grace's heart bit by bit, and the boundless chill spread over her heart.

She knew clearly who was behind all this, and the man sitting next to her had also noticed it. He said this to remind her.

She secretly warned herself not to be impetuous. If it went on like this, her stupidity would definitely hurt herself. She had to keep a clear mind at anytime and anywhere. She couldn't treat Wesley like those men who were like flies and bees pouncing on her.

Zane drove to the apartment of Half Moon Bay. When he was about to get close to the door, a familiar car horn came from the opposite. After seeing clearly that it was a black Lotus, Zane wore a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

He opened the door and got out of the car. He saw the man leaning against the window and smoking. Wesley's face was hidden in the shadow of the street lamp, shrouded in wisps of smoke. This scene inexplicably sentimental.

Zane sighed in his heart. When he was about to approach, he put on a smile and warmly greeted, "Wesley, what can I do for you?"

"Sent her back?" There were only three words. He didn't say her name.

"Wesley, you just need to make a phone call and ask about it. You even come here on purpose." Seeing that his friend's sharp eyes were carved on his face like the edge of a knife, Zane couldn't stand it anymore and said honestly, "I sent her back."

"Well, thank you." Wesley nodded, "I can't fall asleep tonight. I want to have a talk with you."

His heavy tone made Zane unable to keep smiling any more. He sighed and said, "Let's go in."

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