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   Chapter 23 Kiss Her

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Lavender's thoughts were interrupted by a burst of warm applause and screams. On the other side, Grace was holding a bunch of flowers. Regardless of the danger of exposing her identity of a star, she walked towards Wesley lightly as if she was dancing.

Wesley looked affectionately at his beautiful and charming girlfriend. He took the flowers with one hand, and naturally held the slender waist of the woman throwing herself at him with the other hand.

"Come on, give her a kiss! Kiss her! " The audience hooted.

Grace blushed and flapped her eyelashes. She looked at Wesley expectantly.

Under the watchful eyes of the public, Wesley wore a doting and pitiful smile. He pulled Grace towards him with his hand around her waist, lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. Grace was so surprised that she stood on tiptoe and wrapped her arms around Wesley's neck, responding warmly.

Looking at that scene quietly, Lavender felt sad. That face was too similar. She couldn't help but think of Melvin, which made her feel that she was abandoned by him.

"Hey, isn't that beautiful girl Grace, the popular film star in Asian?" Someone with sharp eyes found it. "Oh, who is that handsome man? I guess he must be an extraordinary person since he could have a big star as his girlfriend. "

Suddenly, there were disharmonious sound of taking photos. Wesley and Grace were covered by a circle of dazzling lights. The original eyes affectionately seeing each other of the hero and the heroine were immediately blurred by flashlights, which greatly ruined the good atmosphere.

Not knowing when, presumably when they were listening to the song The Way You Look Tonight obsessively, many reporters with cameras sneaked into the restaurant.

Wesley pulled Grace behind him and protected her. He coldly looked at those unexpected guests.

"Excuse me, Wesley, is this lady beside you the Asian superstar Grace Cui?"

"Mr. Wesley, are you coming to this hotel together for a date or are you going to propose to Miss Grace?"

"Do you plan to get engaged to Miss Grace recently?"

"What's your first child's name after you get married?"

The reporters' questions became more and more outrageous. In the process, Wesley just kept a cold face and protected Grace without saying a word, in case she was photographed.

Soon, the security guards of the hotel rushed over and pulled the group of reporters surrounding Wesley. "Please go out. This restaurant refuses any photos and interviews!"

It was not easy to drive these tough reporters out. Fortunately, there were a lot of security guards. The hall was in a mess.

Some of them, who were not particularly tenacious, were carried out by two security guards. Before leaving, they turned around and asked, "Wesley, where are you going for your honeymoon?"

"It seems that things are out of control now." Not knowing when, Zane ordered a cup of lemon tea. At this moment, he was drinking tea leisurely and enjoying the scenery with great interest. His face was like a painting, and there was a layer of thought on it.

Lavender glared at him discontentedly, "Is this the different scenery you said?"

"I didn't know things would turn out like this. At this point, I can only give Wesley a word." Zane casually put the teacup on the table and fiddled with it with his index finger from time to time. The glass slid an irregular bend on the table under the effect of this intermittent external force, and it was about to reach the edge of the table.

Lavender nervously looked at the cup that was about to slide down and asked, "What do you want to say?"

"No zuo no die!"

Looking at Zane's unusually serious expression, Lavender couldn't help laughing. "Aren't you his friend? Why don't you find a way to help him, but say something sarcastic here? "

"You are his secretary." Zane's eyes were full of resentment. He was very dissatisfied with her performance, but his tone was still as cold as usual. "Then what did you do again? Come and see how miserable your boss will be. " While speaking, he didn't look at Wesley, who was in a mess. He just stared at the cup at the end of his index finger. Affected by his serious eyes, Lavender also stared at him.

"Now Wesley is just like this cup..." With the unremitting efforts of Zane, the unlucky cup finally slipped down naturally. Lavender was shocked. She didn't expect that he would really break the cup. Now it was too late to rescue it. However, he reached out his hand and the cup was firmly caught. Half of the cup of tea in the cup shook slightly and did not spill out half a drop.

"I was just kidding." Zane's smile was like a

white lotus blooming at the first time. He looked like a god that was otherworldly and had nothing to do with such words as bad, cunning and scheming. But the reality was cruel. His next sentence was, "Well, since the cup didn't fall and the water didn't spill, it's time for me to show up! Wesley is lucky today! "

Lavender was speechless.

He generously reached out his hand to Lavender. With a meaningful smile on the corner of his mouth, Zane said, "Let's go."

"For what?"

"Of course to save your boss!"

"But..." Lavender withdrew her hand. She really didn't understand why Zane should hold for saving Wesley.

Zane looked thin and weak, but he was so strong that she couldn't get rid of him. What was more real was that she couldn't risk her life to resist Zane as she did to Wesley.

This man was different from Wesley. She could not refuse Wesley because he had a gloomy power in his bones, which made people dare not to resist. And she didn't refuse Zane because she didn't have the heart to, and it also was a kind of unwillingness. This person gave her a feeling that he was like a gentle rain falling on the world to moisturize everything, gentle favor, cool and comfortable.

Zane walked up to the waitress and glanced at the microphone in her hand. The waitress immediately handed it to him respectfully.

"Thank you! Beautiful lady. " He took over the microphone and blew a gentle kiss to the waitress. Then he said in a half joking and half serious tone, "Hello, everyone. I'm Zane Lee, who just returned from Italy." After saying that, he gave an impeccable perfect smile to the group of reporters who were struggling desperately.

The crowd quieted down for a moment, and then they began to roll like water from the spring. In this fiery momentum, a cold and insidious gaze came from the one who was not paid attention to by the crowd and fell on the hand of Zane and Lavender.

Lavender immediately sensed the gaze, but when she looked up at the source, she saw that Wesley had already left from the back door with Grace in his arms under the guidance of the restaurant staff.

"Yes, yes, yes, I have seen his photos! He is the top fashion design master in the world who has just returned, Mr. Zane, known as the 'King of design' by the insiders! "

"What? Is he the mysterious and low-key king of design? "

"Why is he here?"

"Does he also fall in love with Grace and come here to see her? Oh my God! It's a big news! "

The crowd immediately turned around and moved towards Zane in a noisy way.

Lavender had only seen such a scene in movies and TV. At that time, she only felt that it was very ordinary, but when she was on the scene, she found that the feeling was too different. Although there were less than ten people on the other side, coupled with the security guards, they looked very imposing in this limited space of the restaurant. She could not help shrinking behind Zane when she saw a dense mass of people in front of her.

However, she was pulled hard by Zane. He lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "Little Lavender, how's your running result?"

Lavender was so nervous that she didn't notice his numb address to her. She casually replied, "Not bad." She was being modest. When she was in college, the school held a sports meeting. She ran 400 meters and ranked second in the school.

"That's good!"

Zane clenched her hand and said, "Then, show me your fastest speed in your life! Run! "

Before Lavender could react, she was pulled out by Zane. Just like her, those reporters thought that Zane was going to make a high-profile appearance, so they were also stunned. When they realized, they had already flew out.

"Wait, Mr. Zane, what's your relationship with that lady?"

"Mr. Zane, why are you here today?"

Zane quickly ran to the parking lot with Lavender, heading straight to the destination, a Porsche of luxury limited edition. After the two got in the car, Zane started the engine calmly and skillfully. The Porsche sped away, leaving the boring questions of the reporters behind. Only one or two of them were lucky enough to touch the back cover of the car.

"Hahaha..." After the car drove far away, Lavender suddenly burst into laughter, laughing so hard that she couldn't straighten up.

"What are you laughing at?" Zane asked in a good mood with a smile on his face.

"Zane, you are so interesting! Hahaha... "

"What? What do you mean? "

"Let's talk about the first time we meet. How could you dress like that..."

"I think that's good. Because it's me. Even if I dress like a beggar, it's still a fashion trend, enough to lead the trend. "

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