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   Chapter 22 Date 2

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"Hello, ladies and gentlemen!"

When Lavender was in a trance, Dumont squeezed to the side of David. He was so tall and strong that he squeezed David into a corner.

David forced a smile and asked, "Miss Lavender, are they your friends?"

If there was only Dumont, Lavender would have turned around and left. But Zane suddenly appeared. It was unreasonable to leave the man who had helped her. She had to bite the bullet and answered, "Yes. It's supposed to be a party of friends tonight. I canceled it and came here to meet you. "

Hearing this, David was very excited. When he was about to say something, Dumont took the lead. He grabbed David's hand, gently and exquisite, from the fingertips to the wrist, and then from the wrist to the fingertips. Then he raised his fingers and said in a girlish voice, "Buddy, since we met, it's a fate. Let's change to a bigger place. What do you think, Mr. David? " Then he touched the other hand of David and kept praising him, "The skin is tender, smooth and delicious..."

David avoided Dumont's hand in disgust, stood up and apologized to Lavender, "I'm sorry, Miss Lavender. I, I suddenly remember that I have something else to do tonight. I, I'm leaving now!"

"Hey, don't go. How can we miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity?" Dumont held David's hand tightly and clung to him like glue. "Mr. David, how old are you this year? Where do you live and which company do you work in? How is your family? "

David's face was as red as a tomato, but his intention was very firm. If he didn't let go of him, there would be a dispute. Depressed, Dumont let go of his hand and turned around to look at Lavender. His fingers raised more girly than before. "Lavender, when you date with him next time, you must remember to call me."

With an expression as if he had eaten one hundred bugs, David strode towards the door of the restaurant without looking back.

"Dumont, what are you doing?" Regardless of the presence of Zane, Lavender asked the culprit who disturbed her grand plan with a livid face.

"I'm here to invite you to dinner." Dumont said shamelessly.

"I don't need your help! By the way, Mr. David was introduced by Silvia just now. Now he is messed up by you. Go and apologize to her tomorrow! "

Hearing the name "Silvia", Dumont couldn't help but twitch the corners of his mouth.

At this time, Lavender's phone rang crazily. She pressed the answer key and kept the phone far away from her.

"Lavender, what are you doing? Why are there so many passers-by a on such a good date? Tell me, did Dumont do it? " Silvia's loud voice was so loud that everyone could hear it clearly without pressing the speaker.

Dumont cupped his hands, eagerly making a gesture of begging for mercy to Lavender. With a cunning look in her eyes, Lavender covered the microphone and shouted in a low voice, "If you disappear in thirty seconds, I won't tell her!"

This sentence was effective. Dumont stood up obediently and ran away. Lavender finally knew that even though he was not afraid of everything, Dumont was afraid of Silvia.

However, after taking two steps, Dumont turned back. He took out a kraft paper envelope from his pocket and put it at Lavender's hand. He looked at her silently and whispered a word with his hands on his mouth.

Lavender's face suddenly changed. She stretched out her hand and clenched it tightly. Her mind suddenly buzzed. She stared firmly at the envelope, eager to open it immediately.

"What? Lavender, what did you say? I beg your pardon! Who did you ask to disappear? I'm so kind to you, but you asked me to disappear! You are so heartless. I'm doing this for your own good! You didn't say thank you, but you asked me to disappear! ! ! From now on, you are not my friend! ! !" Then she hung up the phone. Only buzzes could be heard from the phone.

"Lavender, is she okay, your friend?" Zane didn't know whether he should laugh or not. He glanced at the envelope in her hand indistinctly and said, "Do you want me, a passer-by, to explain it to you?"

"No need!" There was a trace of excitement in Lavender's voice of refusal. Realizing her gaffe, she stuffed the envelope into her bag and said, "Although my friend is irritable, she is reasonable. When she calms down,

I will find an opportunity to explain it to her."

With a wicked smile in his clear eyes, Zane said, "Oh. In that case, how about I treat you to dinner tonight? After all, we two haven't had dinner yet. The atmosphere in Wesley's side is too warm and sweet to eat for me. "

To be honest, it was the dream of many girls to have dinner with a handsome man like Zane, so she shouldn't refuse. But now, Lavender's mind was all on the envelope in her bag. She had been looking forward to it for three years, and had been thinking about it all the time. Now that she finally had the answer, how could she still have the mood to eat?

"Sorry, I..."

With an understanding look on his face, Zane asked, "Do you also suddenly remember that you have something else to do tonight? In fact, it's better to make excuses by yourself. "

"I'm really sorry. I really have something else to do."

Lavender stood up, but was pressed back by Zane. "Why don't you stay? Don't blame yourself for living a peaceful life. Success only belongs to those who stick to it. If you stay, you may be able to see different scenery. "

Lavender was restless, but she couldn't resist it. "Mr. Zane, I..."

"Please be quiet, ladies and gentlemen!" Her voice was drowned in the sweet female voice from the loudspeaker. All the people in the dining room looked at the round stage in the middle of the hall, next to the piano. On the stage, a leader waitress of a restaurant said with a smile, "The eternal love will be maintained, and the suffocating warmth will be maintained. I will let you settle down at will, just because I love you, and I love you like this tonight! 'Next, Mr. Wesley, send this song The Way You Look Tonight to his lovely and beautiful lover! "

Under the warm applause, Wesley walked towards the piano gracefully. His handsome appearance and extraordinary temperament attracted the screams of female guests as soon as he appeared.

"Wow, he's so handsome!"

Wesley sat next to the piano, and beautiful melody flowed out from his jumping fingers, like the ethereal stream in the mountains. The beautiful melody slowly flowed into the depths of soul, and the space and time seemed to be still. Only this pair of white and slender hands guided the time to slowly pass.

Wesley closed his eyes and sang the classic love song with a sweet and mellow voice.

Time instantly went back four years ago. On Lavender's eighteen year old birthday, a boy had sung the same love song for her. As soon as she turned around, she seemed to see Melvin sitting in that simple wooden room. There was no piano, no wine, no applause, only the faint light of candles flickering. He was sitting there happily and shyly singing the song for her.

That night, he held her tightly and said, "Lavender, wait for me. No matter what happens, you must believe me and I will definitely come back."

She also held him tightly, and the two young hearts were infinitely close to each other, devoutly handing over their first sex to each other.

But she didn't expect that this would be the last time they met each other in their lives. This dream of love, just in the beginning stage, was ruthlessly destroyed by the cruel reality.

She had suspected Wesley before, because the two of them were too similar. But Melvin died in a car accident and she saw him buried with her own eyes. It was absolutely not wrong. His pale and lifeless face and cold body were still her nightmares.

However, even if she knew clearly that Wesley was not Melvin, if it was her four years ago, Lavender would have caught him and asked him clearly.

But now, Lavender wouldn't. Not to mention that they were different from each other, he already had an ideal partner by his side. If Wesley really wanted to tell her the truth, he would have told Lavender earlier.

But he didn't. maybe he was not, or maybe he wanted to draw a clear line with the past and isolate everything related.

Even if a marriage failed, not to mention a relationship without any promise in the past. If she took it too seriously, it would be hypocritical.

Since the moment she saw the real appearance of Wesley, she had never changed her mind, as long as he was alive.

So she just regard tonight's song as a mere coincidence.

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