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   Chapter 21 Date 1

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"Dumont, why are you here? Don't tell me you are here for dinner! " Lavender angrily asked, "Tell me, are you following me?"

"No! How could I do such a thing? " Dumont immediately complained and explained, "I was in a good mood listening to music at home, but I suddenly received an inexplicable call. The person who called me said that you were injured in a quarrel with someone in Hemingway. He asked me to go there as soon as possible! "

"Just make it up. Try your best."

"Lavender, why don't you trust me? We have been friends for many years. Do you think I lied to you? What's more, it's a boring and childish trick like tracking. How could I, Dumont, do it? I do like you very much, but I am not selfish enough to restrict your freedom and monitor your every move in order to get you! If I wanted to do this, I would have done it long ago. I won't wait until now! " Dumont looked aggrieved, angry and a little disappointed.

Lavender saw that there was no affectation on Dumont's face, and he had always been straightforward. Because he was born in a rich family and was the only child in the family, no matter how good his temper and good character were, it was inevitable that he would have the temper of a master. He always said whatever he wanted to say, without concealing anything. Lying was not his strong point, and he disdained to lie.

"Well, Dumont, even if what you said is true..."

Seeing that she was not angry, Dumont immediately became complacent and shouted, "What do you mean? It is indeed true, really true!"

Lavender didn't like his arrogance. She said crossly, "Okay, it's true. In the end, I should thank you for coming here as soon as you knew that I was in danger! "

"Of course!"

"But please don't pay so much attention to my business in the future, or my boyfriend will be unhappy." Lavender told a lie, "He is not as broad-minded as you."

"Your boyfriend? Who? Melvin, no, that Mr. Wesley? " Dumont looked back subconsciously. The open window over there had been closed. At noon, the sun was like fire, and the strong light shone on the glass, reflecting a dazzling white light. It was hard to see if there was still a person sitting inside.

"You said this again!" Lavender glared at him with dissatisfaction, "It can't be him! My boyfriend is sincere and kind, handsome, unrestrained and charming, with a car and a house... "

Dumont grinned and said, "Life with him would be really happy... Lavender, are you sure you are talking about a man in real life? "

Lavender was really angry. She roared like a tigress, "Anyway, I already have a boyfriend. I'm going to have a date tomorrow night! If you don't believe me, you can follow me and have a look! Bye! "

"Hey, don't go. I'll drive you home!"

"Hey, the time! Hey, the place! You haven't talked about these two things yet! "

"Half past five tomorrow night, Half Life's Chance!"

Lavender ran to the bus station and happened to see a bus coming. She got on the bus as fast as she could and didn't dare to look at Dumont's disappointed, sad and unwilling expression. She was afraid that she would be softhearted.

Since she didn't love him, she wouldn't give him hope. The hope of not loving was poison. The more the hope was, the more poison it would be.

Dumont silently looked at the woman who took out the one hundred meter sprint speed to the bus stop. The expression on his face gradually became cold. He took out his mobile phone from his pocket and dialed a number in the telephone book. "Hello, Mr. Wang, help me check a number... And the detailed information about Wesley, the CEO of OY Group. "

There was one thing he didn't tell Lavender. When he was studying in England, Wesley would never show up in social activities as long as he was there. He always refused to come with various excuses. At that time, for the mysterious and talented successor of the Ouyang family, he always thought that he had no chance to make friends with him. Now it seemed that there must be a reason.

As for the inexplicable call he received, he could not guess who did it, because no matter who it was, he would not get any benefit from this matter. However, no matter who it was, as long as someone dared to harm Lavender, he woul

d never let them go.

Lavender was really convinced by Silvia. On average, she would send a harassing message every hour. The content of the message was generally that don't forget the date tonight, don't let down the infatuated young man, forget the sad old love, and find your new love, and she would be a Phoenix when she found her true love, ants breaking cocoons turning into butterfly, woodlouse turning into cicadas.

She thought it was a pity that Silvia didn't write poems with such a talent.

At half past five in the afternoon, in Half Life's Chance restaurant.

In order to show her caution about this date and not to let Dumont find out the flaw. Today, Lavender deliberately dressed up. She was wearing a white dress, and a pair of light golden high-heeled sandals covered with crystal beads. Her hair hung down to her waist like a waterfall, and with elaborately decorated light makeup, she looked young and beautiful, radiant.

Stepping on the smooth and shining marble floor, the staff bowed to Lavender enthusiastically and greeted, "Hello! Miss, welcome to our restaurant, Half Life's Chance. "

There was a dark piano in the hall. The melodious music, accompanied by the sad and lyric melody of the violin, made people feel like a faint fresh smell floating in the air, comfortable and elegant.

Walking to the appointed position, she saw a boy with glasses on the table covered with light green plaid cloth. As Silvia said, he was a gentle and lovely boy.

The boy raised his head and looked at her. When he saw her, he immediately stood up with a smile on his face and greeted her, "Hello, Miss Lavender? I'm David Fan. "

Just as Lavender was about to respond with a bright smile, she suddenly saw a guy sitting on her right. He was wearing sunglasses, a black suit and a black tie, and his hair was smooth. The man suddenly stood up and looked at the person who greeted her.

He turned around and gave her a bright smile. He said the six words with his lips, "Four eyed frog is not reliable." Then he crossed his hands and made a gesture of killing with a ferocious face.

"Hello, Mr. David!" The smile on Lavender's face suddenly froze. When she walked side by side with the young man, she turned around and glared at the man in black, warning him not to act recklessly.

"Miss Lavender, what do you like to eat?" As David Fan spoke, he handed over the menu. His action was gentle and courteous. He was indeed a good young man.

"Whatever." It didn't matter what she would eat. She didn't mean to date with the man, so she felt a little guilty. What's more, this restaurant was too expensive. She didn't know what to order here.

David smiled gently and took the menu, "There are several good dishes in this restaurant. Miss Lavender, would you like seafood, meat, light food or?"


David had to narrow down the scope again, "How about this shrimp? How about this chicken? ……" He said several dishes in a row.


"Hey! Miss," with this vague voice, a young man in white casual clothes stood up from the seat next to them. He looked casual, but his temperament was as elegant as a prince. At this moment, the young man said seriously, "Diet is a life event. How can you be casual?" Suddenly, his expression changed and a vile smile appeared at the corners of his mouth. "Miss, you don't deny this, do you?"

The young man in white sat down next to her very naturally. He pointed at the menu and spoke freely, "In fact, if you want to eat seafood, this dish is the most delicious. If it's steak, this one has the most authentic taste. If it's..."

The prince was eloquent, but Lavender didn't listen to a word. Because she had been wondering why Zane was here.

Seeming to see through her doubts, Zane whispered in her ear, "I came here with Wesley to have dinner." Then he stood up and said to Wesley, "Wesley, you two enjoy your meal. Leave me alone. I met an acquaintance here." Then he gently said to the stunned David, "Come on. Let's continue."

'Wesley is also here?' Lavender subconsciously looked in the direction of Zane's finger. Although she didn't see him, she believed that Zane wouldn't lie.

She had a hunch that this date would be different tonight.

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