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   Chapter 20 Treat Him To Dinner

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It was a middle-class restaurant named Hemingway.

Lavender took the menu handed over by the waiter and introduced the specialty of this restaurant to Wesley with great interest. She and her roommates often came here for dinner when they were in college, so she knew it well.

Seeing the woman's excited face, Wesley wore a faint smile all the time. Lavender said for a long time and found that Wesley didn't have any reaction. He just sat there leisurely with a cigarette between his fingers. She was a little depressed and handed the menu to him. "Mr. Wesley, order."

Wesley glanced at the menu and ordered several dishes. Lavender took a closer look and was shocked. This man was so amazing. The dishes he ordered were all her favorite. (Wesley: when this silly woman introduced those dishes, her saliva was about to come out. Everyone could see her preferences.).

"Mr. Wesley, I heard that you came back from England. Which university did you studied in?"


"That's a beautiful place, isn't it?"

"Not bad."

It occurred to Lavender that Dumont also studied in Cambridge. The two of them were at the same age, and they might be at the same age. They were both Chinese students, so they might know each other. However, when she remembered that Wesley had thrown Dumont's phone away last time, she suddenly felt a pang of sadness and quickly changed the topic.

"Mr. Wesley, how did you know Miss Grace?"

"When I was studying in England."

"Your meeting must be romantic, right?"

"Not bad."

Realizing that Wesley didn't want to talk about it anymore, Lavender had to change the topic. "Mr. Wesley, did you grow up in X city or in England?"

For this question, Wesley paused for a moment, but did not answer it directly. He asked, "What do you think, Miss Lavender?"

Lavender picked up the teacup and took a sip of water to moisten her throat. She had talked too much just now and her throat was dry.

"Then let me guess."

With a rare warm smile on his face, Wesley said, "Well, if you're right, I'll treat you to this meal." He put out the cigarette in the ashtray, put his arms on the table and sat upright, like her desk mate at school.

"Really?" Seeing the serious look on Wesley's face, Lavender felt flattered. "Then I must guess it carefully. I guess Mr. Wesley grew up in X city and then went to England. " She didn't know what had happened to Wesley before, but her intuition told her that he hadn't grown up abroad.

There was a flash of disappointment in Wesley's bright black eyes. Lavender stopped what she wanted to say. The two of them were silent, and the atmosphere that was about to be active became dull again. He leaned back in the chair and lit a cigarette quietly. His eyes were like smoke, floating far away from the window.

The feeling that Wesley gave to Lavender was that he was a man of deep mind. There were many things hidden in his heart, and he was very sensitive. As long as she was not careful, a word, an action, or even a look would touch the wound in his heart.

Fortunately, the dishes were served one after another. Lavender had been hungry for a long time, and she didn't care about Wesley and his sentimental feelings. She just said a few polite words and began to gobble down.

When the bowl of rice was about to finish, Lavender found that Wesley, who was sitting opposite to her, didn't move his chopsticks at all. He was holding a cup of green bamboo leaf tea in his hand, and his eyes were soft, quietly falling on her.

She felt a little embarrassed. Wesley must have been used to elegant and dignified ladies before. Her eating style really amazed him.

She forced a smile and pointed at the well sold fried prawns. "Mr. Wesley, this, this dish tastes good. Do you want to... " Seeing that he still didn't move, she hesitated. She remembered that if she met a master like Wesley at school, she would

have already put the dishes into the bowl without demur, and didn't care whether he wanted to eat or not.

However, it was not the time when she was in college, and Wesley was not her classmate either. Even as a private secretary, she couldn't do something more intimate than others.

Lavender had thought about it. Maybe Wesley didn't want to eat such ordinary home cooked dishes, but he didn't mind since he was willing to accept the invitation.

A man like him would never force himself to do something. But what did he mean by his attitude now?

Not long after, she realized that the reason why he didn't eat was that he wanted to hear her say a few more words and see how she would make him eat.

"Mr. Wesley, this dish is going to be cold if you don't eat it. Well..." She tried to persuade the man to have dinner, but suddenly she found that his eyes were sharp, like a knife edge behind her. She didn't know how she had offended him, so she immediately stopped talking.

At the same time, she heard a familiar voice shouting in surprise, "Melvin Qin? !"

Lavender was shocked and quickly looked back at the person who was striding towards them. She suddenly stood up and stopped the man, "Dumont, why are you here?"

Dumont pushed away Lavender, walked to Wesley with a livid face and asked coldly, "Melvin, aren't you dead? Why are you alive? "

Lavender felt that the situation today was going to be terrible. She didn't expect that Dumont would come to such a small restaurant. She quickly ran over and held his arm, trying to pull him over.

"Dumont, he is not Mel, Mel, Mel," her heart trembled with pain at the mention of that name. "In a word, he is not!"

Pointing at Wesley, Dumont said loudly, "Lavender, if it weren't for Melvin Qin, I would have lost my head to you!"

"He is really not! He is the CEO of OY Group, Wesley. "

"No way! I don't know how he became the CEO of OY Group, but this person is definitely Melvin Qin. I dare to bet my life! " Dumont's tone was firm and unquestionable. He turned to Wesley, "Don't you dare to say that you are not Melvin? As long as you dare to say it, I will think you are not him! "

Wesley looked at him as if he was looking at a monster. The corner of his mouth raised a cold and ironic arc. A small whirlpool was formed by the clockwise rotation of a cup of green tea in his hand.

Dumont went to pull away Lavender's hand on his arm and said, "Lavender, wait and see. Today, I will completely tear apart his mask! Damn it! Damn it! He is not a man at all! "

"Enough, Dumont!" Lavender broke out completely and shook off Dumont fiercely. "I can tell you clearly that he is Mr. Wesley, the CEO of OY Group, Wesley Ouyang, the boss of Lavender! He is not, not... The one you think! I hope he is, but he is not! He is not! Do you understand? Do you understand what I mean? " She couldn't help but burst into tears as she spoke.

"Lavender," Dumont reached out to wipe the tears from her eyes. "I'm sorry. I don't want you to be sad. I just want this bastard to make it clear! "

Lavender avoided his hand and tried her best to hold back the tears in her eyes. She forced a smile at Wesley and said, "Mr. Wesley, I'm really sorry today. My friend drank too much. Please don't mind what he said. I'll pay the bill first. You can leave after you finish eating. I'm sorry. I'll invite you dinner another day. "

Then she turned around and left.

"Lavender, wait for me!" Ignoring Wesley, Dumont chased after her. "I didn't drink. I didn't even eat!"

Looking coldly at the people in front of him who walked away in a hurry, Wesley slowly took a sip of tea. A faint bitter taste went down along his lips and tongue, and became more and more intense in his heart.

If a person wore a mask for a long time, he would forget his original appearance, or this was his real face. So he never thought he was pretending.

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