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   Chapter 19 I'll Only Wait For You For Five Minutes

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"Lavender, what the hell is going on with you? You turned off your phone the whole night. I thought you were murdered, dismembered and sold. I didn't close my eyes the whole night. On my way to work in the early morning, I met that bad man, Dumont Zhou. He asked me why I dressed up so young for no reason. I was more than twenty years old, but I still wore the black frame glasses of a primary school student! It really pissed me off! This brat! In my entire life, if I don't make him die, my surname would not be Wang! "

Hearing Silvia's words, Lavender almost laughed out loud. Dumont and Silvia didn't get along well with each other. They quarreled with each other as soon as they met. They quarreled from the first grade to the third grade, and it was not over yet. Now, these two enemies finally met again.

Silvia's tone suddenly became serious. "Lavender, let me tell you. That guy still loves you and has been asking me how you have been recently. Let me ask you, have you two met since he came back? "

Somehow, Lavender felt a little guilty about this matter. "No, no."

"No! Then why did you refuse that excellent young man? What else does Dumont have except his face and father? "

Lavender was speechless. In fact, Dumont had a lot of benefits. She didn't understand why the smart Silvia only cared about Dumont's appearance but couldn't see the essence of his excellence.

"Let me tell you, if it weren't for the fact that he doesn't like me, I would have taken him away. I don't need to be so close to you and beg you to see him all day long! Last night, when I saw the young man's face full of hope and then disappointment, I really wanted to stretch out my hand to comfort his hurt heart. Unfortunately, he turned around and left, leaving only his lonely and desolate back! Ouch! My heart hurts at that moment! " Silvia's tone suddenly changed from a strong lyric to a slightly annoyed reproach. "Lavender, I don't want you to be like this! It hurts! "

For such a strange question, Lavender was deeply speechless.

Without giving her a chance to speak, Silvia issued a decisive order, "In a word, all in all, you absolutely can't stand up for the date tomorrow night! Well, the call is over today. I'll remind you tomorrow! Love you! Bye! "

After hanging up the phone, Lavender felt warm in her heart. Her friend was always straightforward and observant. Although sometimes what she said made her feel embarrassed, she was not sentimental. What's more, she always thought for her sincerely.

At noon, off duty time.

Looking at the tightly closed wooden door beside her, Lavender didn't know what to do.

Grace entered the door at ten o'clock in the morning and hasn't come out yet.

As for what happened last night, Lavender felt that no matter for what reason Wesley had played tricks on Lyndon, she owed him a favor. She decided to invite him to lunch, but Grace didn't come out, so she had to send him a message. She got a short reply, "okay."

This was not the most important thing. About ten minutes ago, she sent a message to Wesley, "Mr. Wesley, I'm going now. I'll wait for you at the restaurant."

Unexpectedly, Wesley replied with two words: go together.

According to the rules of the group, they got off work at eleven forty at noon. Now it had been five minutes after it. Men and women in love were so crazy that they could forget to eat and sleep when they were in love. But she couldn't. Without the support of food, her stomach had already been hungry.

There was a bag of Oreo biscuits in the drawer, which she used to fill her stomach. But she didn't dare to eat it at this time, fearing that Wesley would suddenly come out and see his subordinate's face stuck with biscuits. She had no choice but to pour a glass of water.

In the CEO Office, Grace sat on the leather sofa next to Wesley. While eating her own snacks, she said in a coquettish voice, "Wesley, when will you finish? I'm starving to death! "

Without raising his head, Wesley stared at the paper contract in his hand and

said, "You can leave first. I have to work overtime at noon. As if remembering something, he suddenly raised his head and stared at the cappuccino in Grace's hand. "The cake tastes good."

Grace stood up, walked around the table to the side of Wesley, and handed the rest of the cake to Wesley. "Do you like it? I'll give you all. " Her soft body leaned over, and her fair thighs were presented in front of him. "Wesley, I can give you anything you like."

While speaking, Grace slipped a pair of soft hands into the collar of Wesley's shirt, and deftly unbuttoned the first button. When she was about to carry out a further invasion, her wrist was grabbed. Wesley said in a soft but cold voice, "Stop it. Good girl, go back quickly. I will accompany you tomorrow night."

Grace didn't give up and continued to act like a spoiled child, "Why not tonight? Besides, why don't you even want to take a look at me, Wesley? " She pointed at his contract and said, "I've been here for nearly two hours, but you didn't even raise your head. Is it better than me? " As she spoke, she deliberately raised her big breasts, which were so attractive to hundreds of millions of otaku men.

Wesley didn't say anything for a long time. He just looked at her expressionlessly. His eyes were deep and distant, but the faint light in his black eyes was not peaceful, which implied the danger.

Grace had never been looked at by him like this. She quickly withdrew her fingers from the contract and hid her snow-white thighs under the skirt. "Wesley, I..."

All of a sudden, Wesley laughed. He tapped on the contract with his fingers and said in a gentle voice, "Good girl, go back quickly. Take my car and let Shawn drive you home."

The door of the CEO's office finally opened. With a click of the mouse, Lavender opened a WORD document and pretended to be busy on the computer.

Grace had been walking in front of Wesley. When she saw Lavender, she quickly reached out and held Wesley's arm, pretending to be very intimate with the man beside her.

"Mr. Wesley, Miss Grace!" Lavender greeted politely.

With a cold expression on his face, Wesley nodded his head as usual. Grace's indifferent attitude was totally different from her boyfriend's. She smiled charmingly and sweetly at her, "Miss Lavender, are you working overtime?"

Lavender glanced at Wesley subconsciously, "Well, there's still a little left. It's almost done."

"Miss Lavender, you haven't had dinner yet, right? Would you like to join us?" Grace was too enthusiastic.

"No, no. you can go now." Lavender mourned silently for her stomach, which had been protesting all the time. She had expected such a situation, but Wesley asked her to wait here. The boss hadn't eaten yet, and the Secretary had to be hungry together with him. She was really a responsible secretary.

Watching the two people go out, Lavender sat back in silence. She had said that she still had work to do. If she followed them out, it would be inevitably embarrassing. She had to wait for five or six minutes before they left.

Fortunately, there were still biscuits. She reached out to pull the drawer. As soon as her finger pulp touched the groove on the drawer, the door of the office was pushed open and Wesley came in.

As if something bad had been discovered, Lavender immediately jumped up and said respectfully, "Mr. Wesley, why are you back? Miss Grace just said... "

"She just said it." He glanced at her computer and asked, "Are you busy?"

Lavender smiled awkwardly. "No, not too busy." Seeing that he seemed a little impatient, she quickly said, "I'll be ready soon!"

"Okay." Wesley nodded and walked past her into the door. After a while, he came out and put two bags of cappuccino cakes on her desk. "Hurry up. I'll only wait for you for five minutes."

The situation was reversed in an instant. She had stayed until now in order to wait for him, but now it turned out that she was working overtime. However, when she saw the two bags of cake he handed to her, she felt flattered.

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