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   Chapter 18 Special Midnight Snack

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At first, Lavender was choked by the wine and felt dizzy. She didn't care about what Mr. Lyndon was doing. Only when she calmed down did she find the dirty hands on her chest. The tiny and sticky movements, like snakes crawling, winding between two points, made her feel sick and want to shake off the shameless man beside her.

At the right time, Wesley said, "Lavender, don't hold it back. Since you want to vomit, just do it." There was a hint of boss's concern for his subordinate in his tone.

Lavender was stunned for a moment, and then quickly reacted. She covered her mouth with both hands and pretended to vomit. She pushed away Lyndon's demonic hands and quickly stood up. Because of her violent movement, the chair under her body made a crisp sound, and the back of the chair fell on Mr. Lyndon's feet.

Lyndon grimaced in pain and was about to slap Lavender, but his arm was blocked in the air. With a charming smile on his face, Wesley said, "Mr. Lyndon, let me help you. Don't fall down." He winked at Lavender, indicating her to leave as soon as possible.

Lavender apologized in a hurry, "Mr. Lyndon, I'm sorry. I'm going to the bathroom."

When she passed by Wesley, she was glared at by him and scolded with a fierce look, "Hurry up! Come back immediately if you have vomited up. Serve Mr. Lyndon well tonight! "

Lavender answered with trepidation, opened the door and escaped.

Lyndon was about to lose his temper, but when he heard the last sentence of Wesley, he was not angry anymore. Thinking of the feeling of the delicate little secretary being pressed under his body by him and being played with wantonly, he felt his bones all over his body limp and numb.

Lavender ran out of the room in a hurry and knew that Wesley was helping her. But if she left, how would he deal with Lyndon? Although OY Group was powerful, if it had a conflict with Lanes Bank, the cooperation with the group might not be terminated for this reason. However, it was still not good.

The bastard who was named Lyndon was definitely not a good person.

She walked aimlessly in the corridor outside the hotel. Suddenly, the door of the box beside her opened suddenly, and a white and slender hand loosened on her arm. She was startled and almost cried out.

"Hello!" Zane turned his head from the door and said lightly, "I've been waiting for you for a long time. Why do you come out so late? Come in and have a chat."

Zane's sudden appearance surprised her, but she knew that he didn't mean to harm her, so she followed him into the private room.

As she expected, there was no one else in the room except Zane.

Zane was well-dressed and sat upright on the sofa. At first glance, he seemed to be a white-collar with a very rigorous working attitude. He looked into her eyes gently, as if they were talking under the moon and strolling in the forest. "Wesley asked me to ask you what midnight snack you want to eat."

"Midnight snack?" Lavender was confused by this question. "I don't need to eat night snack. I have two meals a night..." She couldn't eat anything at all. But she vaguely felt that this sentence was not as simple as it seemed.

Zane smiled warmly with his curved eyebrows and eyes. But what he said made her feel chilly all over. "The bastard whose name is Lyn

don, choose one from the head to the foot of him."

"What?" She thought she had misheard. She didn't expect that such cruel words would come out of the elegant prince's mouth.

Zane's smile became more charming, but there was an indescribable cruelty in his charming smile. "Didn't you hear it clearly? Do you want me to repeat it? "

"No, no, no..." Lavender shook her head immediately. She had been sitting very close to him, but now she moved aside subconsciously. "I heard it clearly. If you do this, will you kill people? "

Zane turned a blind eye to her deliberate alienation. He leaned over and put his hand on her shoulder. "Are you worried about Wesley?"

"Yes! He is my boss, and this matter more or less has something to do with me. In fact, I think Mr. Wesley... " She didn't say that it was because of her, because she didn't have confidence in herself. Wesley was purely avenging her. Perhaps there had been some grudges between them before, and he just happened to do so but not for especially her.

"Do you think Wesley won't stand up for you?"

She didn't say anything. She put her hands on her thighs and unconsciously destroyed the hem of her dress.

Zane sat up straight. His bright eyes were full of light thoughts. He said slowly, "In fact, Wesley is not like what you see. He has been pretending to be cold for a long time... He has been kind to you for a long time. Take it easy. "

He sighed slightly and leaned back on the sofa with his head heavily. He looked up at the exquisite and crystal lamp on the ceiling and said, "I really don't know what Wesley will think when he knows your thoughts. Well, let's get to the point. Which part do you want? "

Lavender was sure that Zane was not joking. The disgusting and unrestrained manner of Lyndon flashed through her mind. She felt a chill and hesitated for a while. "Can I choose anything?"

"Yes." Zane replied in an almost inaudible voice, his eyes still faintly floating on the crystal lamp.

"Then I'll choose, hair!"

The atmosphere in the private room froze for thirty seconds. Just when Lavender thought that Zane would not agree to this request, she suddenly heard a slight gasp. "Lavender, you are really an interesting person. But that's not bad. It's said that the most proud part of Lyndon is his still thick hair in his forties. " Speaking of the last sentence, Zane turned to look at her with an evil smile.

According to the description in the newspaper, the following things were generally like this: Mr. Lyndon, the president of Lanes Bank, was a gay and had an affair with a married man in Bird Hotel. In the heat of their love affair, the man's wife caught them on the bed. In a rage, the woman shaved off Lyndon's beautiful hair that had been maintained for more than 40 years, and burned a pattern similar to nine cakes on his head with a hot cigarette end.

This event was called "nine pancake scandal" by the netizens.

Although Lyndon was lecherous, he was not stupid. The person who could be the president of Lanes Bank must have some means. He knew he had been tricked, but he couldn't find out who had done it. Moreover, he was not in the mood to investigate, because the nine pancake scandal incident had put Lyndon's position of the president of Lanes Bank in jeopardy.

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