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   Chapter 17 You Are The Queen Tonight

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It was eight twenty in the evening.

The place was still in Bird Hotel, but the box had been changed to National Beauty, and the people drinking had been changed to another group.

Lavender finally knew why Wesley asked her to wake him up an hour later. It turned out that there was another banquet.

This group of people were obviously much better than those just now. At least in the banquet, they didn't hug each other nakedly, and they talked about something more serious.

Undoubtedly, the OY Group was rich and powerful, ranked in the top ten of Asia. Many companies were keen on looking for various opportunities to cooperate with it. However, they would more or less distrust the newly appointed young CEO. It was said that when Wesley took office, the stock of OY Group fell several percentage points overnight.

After a month's hard work by Wesley, the stock price rose rapidly, increasing ten percentage points.

During the dinner, Wesley talked confidently, showing his unparalleled talent, which was completely different from the drunkard who had slept in the hotel room just now.

All the people present were top executives of various companies and groups. Some of them asked obscure and tortuous questions, some directly questioned, some sincerely worried and doubted, and some deliberately found fault with him. Facing this group of outstanding high-level elites, Wesley talked and laughed calmly.

The whole banquet was shrouded in a tense atmosphere. This intellectual banquet was more stressful and exciting than the previous one of just drinking and eating.

"Hello," Zane, who was sitting on her left, approached her ear and teased, "Don't look at your CEO like that. Your wolf like eyes will frighten little Wesley." He grabbed a piece of tissue and threw it to her. "Come on, wipe your saliva!"

Reminded by him, Lavender felt that her gaze was indeed too revealing, so she quickly picked up a glass of wine and handed it to Zane.

"Mr. Zane, cheers!"

This man truly needed her to think highly of. He had changed his previous gaudy dress. The white shirt was well matched with the light blue tie with dark lines. He sat upright and meticulously. He was the kind of prince who looked very white, clean and elegant. He was the classic prince that appeared in the dreams of ordinary girls.

Lavender really didn't want to use the words "hibiscus flowers" and "natural" to describe a man's appearance. However, Zane, who was in a formal suit, reminded her of the words.

With a bitter face, Zane complained, "Do you still have conscience? I kindly remind you that it's okay if you don't thank me, but you return kindness with enmity. Although I can drank a lot, I drank too much tonight. I'm not like your Wesley who has taken time to sleep for an hour. " He patted his head with distress. "It's going to be a wine house."

Holding back her laughter, Lavender nudged him with her elbow and said, "Just drink less. I don't want you to drink all of them."

"No way! How can I refuse your toast? But let us make a deal. If I drink this glass of wine up, you have to propose a toast to Wesley. " With an evil and attractive smile at the corners of his mouth, Zane said, "You are the queen tonight. You can't lack both of us!" Lightly winking at her, he slowly put the cup to his mouth.

Lavender's seat was between Zane and Wesley, and the two men sat on the left and right respectively. Zane's words made her at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. She quickly grabbed the glass in his hand.

"No way! You are going too far! There are more than ten people at the table. Except for you and me, he had already toasted the others several times. Aren't you his friend? Do you want him to be drunk again? "

Holding back his laughter, Zane glanced at Wesley who was looking at him and said with a faint smile, "You're now more like a good secretary!"

"Thank you for your teaching, Mr. Zane!" Lavender raised her glass and gently clinked it with him, taking a sip. Zane smiled at her and al

so took a small sip.

"Miss Lavender, you can't drink like that!" A middle-aged man shouted discontentedly. Lavender remembered that this man was Lyndon Lyu, the vice president of Lanes International Bank.

Although this Mr. Lyndon was almost fifty years old, he was well maintained. His skin was smooth, and his figure was tall and straight. He looked at most in his early forty's. He was not ugly, but his character was really disgusting. He was very unruly. Whether before or after marriage, he had a lot of beauties around him, and he especially liked young girls. The average age of his existing lovers was 25 years old, and it was said that the youngest one was only 18 years old.

Not feeling ashamed, Mr. Lyndon walked to Lavender and grabbed her slender arm. "Miss Lavender, come here and sit with me. Let me teach you how to drink."

Lavender looked at Wesley subconsciously, and his eyes swept across her face, cold and emotionless. She felt a little bitter in her heart, but she pretended as if nothing had happened and stood up with a smile.

Lyndon naturally put his hand on Lavender's slender waist and pretended to be surprised. "Oh, Miss Lavender, did Mr. Wesley treat you badly? Look at your slender waist! I feel sorry for you! " As he spoke, he pinched her waist and pulled her to his seat.

Other people, the top figures of various companies, were all smart people. They knew that this lothario had a crush on the pure and lovely secretary. They knew each other well, so they all moved aside consciously.

Of course, some of them were decent and didn't like Lyndon's dissolute behavior. But the Lanes Bank had business with every company and almost controlled the economic lifeline of each company. No one dared to offend this president. They had to rack their brains to send the beauty to his bed, let alone this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to curry favor with him. Of course, OY Group was no exception.

Everyone admired the new CEO very much. They didn't know where he had found such a clear and beautiful woman like a mountain stream. They all looked at Wesley with admiration.

A faint smile appeared on Wesley's face as he quietly watched the scene in front of him.

Lyndon sat down beside Lavender, casually putting his arm on the back of her chair, putting on a cool and handsome posture. He looked at her body wantonly. From her fair neck down to her big breasts, and to her partly hidden and partly visible white thighs under the pink gauze skirt.

Being stared by Lyndon's naked eyes, Lavender felt uncomfortable as if he was going to swallow her flesh and bone.

Lyndon picked up a bottle of good wine, poured a glass slowly, and handed it to Lavender. "Lavender, drink this glass of wine." As he spoke, he put his arm around her waist, put the glass beside her mouth and forced her to gulp it down, not caring whether she wanted it or not.

"Cough, cough, cough..." Lavender couldn't bear the way Lyndon forced her to drink regardless of her life. She choked on the wine and coughed uncontrollably.

"What's wrong? Are you choked? It's all my fault. Come on, where do you feel uncomfortable? Let me rub it. " Lyndon said in a gentle tone, as if he was treating a treasure in his hand that and afraid of it being smashed, but there was a faint hint of disgusting affectation in his tone. He took the opportunity to step forward, the corner of his mouth almost touching Lavender's earlobe, and his dirty hands naturally rubbed her chest.

But he still pretended to complain to Wesley, "Mr. Wesley, your secretary is so weak. She can't drink much! It's not good as a secretary. Fortunately, she met me. Well, let me help you teach her tonight. "

"Thank you, Mr. Lyndon!" There was still a slight smile on Wesley's face. He glanced at Zane coldly. Zane put on a faint smile on his face and walked out of the room.

Seeing this, the others used all kinds of excuses to escape in an instant. There were only three people left in the huge box, Wesley, Lavender and Lyndon.

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