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   Chapter 14 Is Your Heart Bleeding

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In the chaos, the silk ribbon on Lavender's head was pulled off by him, and her soft hair was scattered on the white bed sheet like ink. Wesley stretched out his hand through her hair. He lowered his head and gasped for breath to kiss her.

"Mr. Wesley, wake up. Don't do this!" Lavender pushed him away and avoided his kiss. But his strength was so strong, overbearing with an irresistible sense of plunder, and his soft lips occasionally kissed her blushed face.

Failing to capture the warm lips he wanted, Wesley was a little annoyed. He grabbed the two small hands on his chest and pressed them over his head, ignoring Lavender's struggle.

"Mr. Wesley, what are you doing? You, you can't do this! " When Lavender looked into Wesley's eyes full of strong lust, she was so scared that her voice trembled. "Mr. Wesley, Mr. Wesley, wake up. I'm Lavender. Don't make a mistake. I'm not..." Grace!

Before she could finish her words, Wesley's hot lips fell, as if he had repressed the passion for many years and found an outlet in an instant. Wesley's kiss was with a strong force that devoured everything. He kissed her tender and beautiful lips crazily and predominantly.

Unable to resist his ferocious and tyrannical aura, Lavender had made up her mind. She simply closed her mouth to prevent him from further attacking.

He was drunk and had no idea what he was doing. If he was sober, he would never do that. Because he loved Grace. She didn't want to be a substitute! Besides, she would never take advantage of a drunkard. She couldn't lose her basic dignity.

But her strength was too weak, and she was finally taken advantage of by him. During the intense kiss he gave her, she felt that she was almost unable to breathe. Her hands lost their freedom and could only twist desperately, trying to resist with her soft body. Wesley let out a muffled growl, and his eyes lost the warmth and brightness, burning into two balls that seemed to melt her skin and bone.

He was strong and valiant, but she was weak and feeble. There was such a huge difference in strength and momentum between them. However, her mind was calm and her psychological defense had been tightly guarded. The only thought in her mind was that she couldn't go on like this! She couldn't be treated like this. If something really happened today, it might mean nothing to him, but to her, it meant completely different.

She was his secretary. In his eyes, he must have thought that she deliberately seduced him and that she was playing some tricks. But for her, all she wanted at present was to find a stable job to support herself.

The man was still kissing her fiercely. She struggled with all her strength, but she was still unable to break free from his shackles with twelve percent of strength.

"Wesley, you, you fucking bastard!" Realizing the upcoming humiliation, the strong defensive line that Lavender had deliberately built in her heart finally collapsed. She turned her face and sobbed in a low voice. She had never expected that one day she would become the victim of a man's drunken lust.

Hearing her cry, Wesley gradually slowed down and kept silent. All of a sudden, his eyes were as sharp as a knife. He grabbed the phone on the bed shee

t which was vibrating and shining. He just glanced at it and he was shocked. He threw the phone on the bedside table.

"Wesley, what are you doing?" Lavender really didn't understand why Wesley kept making trouble for her phone continuously. She smoothed her hair, got out of bed and walked towards the vibrating phone.

Maybe Silvia didn't give up and called again.

Wesley grabbed the phone ahead of her. Lavender thought he was going to abuse the phone, so she rushed to him and held his waist tightly. She fumbled around his body and took out his phone from his pocket.

"Wesley, if you don't return the phone to me, you can't take yours back anymore!"

She had thought that although Wesley didn't care about a cell phone, he would care about the information stored in it. If her phone was destroyed, she would lose only one phone, but Wesley was different.

Wesley stopped for a moment and threw the thing in his hand to the window without hesitation.

The quiet night was completely broken by a crisp sound of glass.

Lavender's heart was like broken glass, cracking inch by inch and falling all over the ground. She let go of her hand and looked at Wesley in disbelief. He didn't even stop her from walking towards the window with his phone.

She leaned against the glass, anxiously looking for the object that had fallen sharply in the night sky, but there was only boundless darkness outside, and nothing could be seen. Just like her heart at the moment, it was blocked by a heavy dark curtain.

Lavender's fingers, which were holding the phone tightly, kept trembling. She was so excited that her voice trembled uncontrollably. "Wesley, why do you have to destroy my memory? Do you know what that phone means to me? "

"Do you know what kind of darkness my life will become without that person? I can't be with him. Is it wrong for me to cherish his things? !" With tears in her eyes, Lavender complained loudly to Wesley, "Wesley, don't you really love someone in your life? You... "

She suddenly stopped, because she found that Wesley was smiling! His smile was always so light, not to the bottom of his eyes, like a ripple on the quiet lake, gentle but cruel.

"What? You don't want to lose the phone? Even if you are separated, you still need the thing he gave you? You wouldn't throw it away even if it was trash? Lavender, you also have today. Hahaha... " Wesley slowly stood up and looked down at her expressionlessly. "From now on, you'll be in pain all the time. Have a taste of separation from your lover!"

Lavender looked at him in surprise and didn't understand why he had such an idea. Crystal tears condensed on her cheeks.

Wesley moved closer to her and wiped her tears with his slender hands. His movements were meticulous and gentle, as if he was treating an intimate and considerate lover.

His fingertips ran on her cheeks, and his voice was like a ghost hidden in the night wind. "It's very bitter to love someone. Memory is a blunt knife. If you want to cut off the connection with the past, you have to cut your heart all the time. Does it hurt? " There was a clear hatred in Wesley's eyes. He pressed his index finger heavily on her chest and said, "Tell me, is your heart bleeding?"

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