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   Chapter 12 The Room Is Ready

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As usual, Wesley talked and laughed with another beautiful secretary Miss Liu. The two lowered their heads and whispered, as if she didn't exist at all.

Miss Liu curled up in Wesley's arms like a little bird. Because he was drunk, his face was red, and his delicate and small lips were as red as a fresh fruit. Anyone who saw it would have a bite.

This small cherry mouth only licked the edge of the glass filled with wine symbolically, and then poured the remaining almost untouched wine into Wesley's mouth, again and again. Wesley's bright eyes were covered with a layer of mist, and he was already drunk. But the beauty was in his arms, and he didn't refuse her. Just when she sat down, he had drunk more than ten glasses.

Facing Zane's inquiring eyes, Lavender gave him a resentful look. Zane raised a glass of wine to her with a cheeky smile, but there was a hint of warning in his eyes.

She suddenly remembered her duty. The secretaries and other women were trying their best to get other CEOs drunk, but she sat still like a wood, letting her boss be drunk.

This was the rule in this circle, but she was not sure whether Wesley was willing to accept it or not.

After thinking for a while, she took out her phone and sent a message to Wesley in silence.

The message read, "Mr. Wesley, I'll call you later. If you don't want to drink, just pretend to go out and answer the phone."

When his phone buzzed, Wesley took it out slowly. He glanced at the text indifferently, and his drunken eyes squinted at her. Then he turned around.

Ten seconds later.

With the excuse of answering the phone, Wesley said goodbye to the beautiful secretary who was about to sit on his laps. Then he opened the door of the box and walked out.

Looking at the door heavily closed by Wesley, Lavender was a little confused. Should she go out to take care of him at this time? But she immediately thought that if she followed him eagerly, she would probably be scolded by that cold and ruthless man that her action was an obscene trick.

Suddenly, she received a text message from Zane. "Call the counter and get a room for Wesley to rest."

While she was on the phone, she turned to look at Zane.

The man was holding a sexy beauty in his arms and drinking the wine that the woman's slander hands were eagerly attached to his lips. He was not captivated by the intoxicating tenderness, but looked at her coldly. His good-looking eyebrows were tightly frowned, and his eyes were full of anger.

He pushed away the woman who was clinging to him like an octopus with a gentle force and walked to her with a glass of crystal clear ChateauLatourPauillac1990 in three or two steps.

After making a gesture of drinking cross cupped wine, Zane approached her ear and asked, "Have you booked the room?"

"Yes. No.1106."

Although Zane's voice was low, he was as angry as a trapped beast, "The room is ready. Why are you still here? Did Wesley have the ability to predict? Hurry up and help him to rest! Lavender, are you from Mars? What's wrong with Wesley? Why does he want an idiot like you to be his secretary! If I count on you to take care of him, he would have died one hundred times or more! "

Just as Lavender grabbed her bag and was about to stand up, Zane lowered his head and whispered in her ear, "Wesley has the habit of vomiting. Hurry up! Don't embarrass him in public. " He gave her a small bag and said, "Pills for sobering up."

She put the pills in her bag and rushed out of the door.

A string of teases was left behind him. "Mr. Zane, what's wrong with your little secretary? What did you say just now? Look at the girl. She was so scared. "

Lavender had no time to listen to those heartless words. She rushed to the corridor and anxiously captured the tall figure. However, she wandered around the corridor of the hotel for about ten minutes and searched almost all the floors, but she didn't find Wesley.

She was burning with anxiety. Although he was a man, he was a drunkard after all. People would do something inconceivable and even dangerous when they were drunk. For example, they walked on the street unconsciously and rampaged on the busy road; they were tired and fell asleep in the grass on the roadside; they might jump into the river and drown themselves.

And the root cause of all these was her dereliction of duty. The more she thought about it, the more scared she became. She quickly took out her phone and dialed Wesley's number.

Just then, the phone rang. The walls of the hotel had a very good sound insulation effect. The noise in the box was tightly circled inside, and the empty corridor was extraordinarily quiet. The phone's ringtone was especially clear and harsh in the quiet room.

She looked down and found it was a call from Silvia.

"Lavender, where are you now?"

"Outside." She replied as she walked forward. At the same time, she looked around for Wesley.

"Tell me more details."

"The Bird Hotel. What's up?"

Silvia couldn't help but feel excited. "Here is the thing. Isn't the man I introduced to you supposed to have dinner with you tonight? But you cancelled the appointment tonight. He was worried that it would be unsafe for a girl to go home alone in the middle of the night. He insisted on asking me where you were and when the activity was over. He wanted to drive to pick you up. "

"Well..." At this moment, she was looking for someone in a hurry, and had no mood to care about that person. But her friend, Silvia, was in high spirits, so it was not appropriate to suppress her enthusiasm. For a moment, she didn't know what to say.

"What! It's a good thing that the young man likes you and takes the initiative to pursue you. Why are you still hesitating! Tell me your place. I'll arrange it! " Silvia urged her.

She just felt headache. Judging from the tone of her, the girl must be stamping her feet anxiously and shouting at the phone with a red face. She was a good friend, but there was one shortcoming. It was that she was too irritable and too straightforward.

When she arrived at the door of the bathroom, Lavender suddenly remembered Zane's words. Would Wesley vomit in the bathroom? She had searched every corner of the first floor except the man's bathroom. She decided to wait at the door of the bathroom.

After choosing a place by the window, Lavender took a deep breath and said, "Silvia, listen to me. I didn't hesitate. I just... " All of a sudden, she felt a breath of tobacco mixed with alcohol approaching her.

She turned around in a hurry and saw a handsome face stained by alcohol in front of her. Lavender was overjoyed. Wesley was really here.

"Who are you?" Wesley's voice was hoarse and drunk. He stared at Lavender, grabbed her wrist and forcefully grabbed the phone.

Seeing that Wesley was about to put the phone near his ear and was about to talk to Silvia, Lavender was shocked. Regardless of anything, she threw herself into his arms and bumped him into a stagger. With a dull sound, the phone fell onto the floor. The cracks on the poor phone screen spread a little more on the original base.

Perhaps it was because Lavender said the last two words in a hurry that Silvia on the other end of the phone sensed something. Through her phone, she kept shouting on the floor of the corridor, "What's wrong, Lavender! Say something! "

She ran to pick it up quickly and said to the phone in a hurry, "Silvia, it's not convenient to talk now. I'll talk to you later!" Then she hung up the phone in a hurry, regardless of what Silvia was thinking.

Wesley's body was a little unstable. He almost fell to the ground when he was pushed by Lavender. The similar handsome face and the similar eyes made Lavender's chest stuffy, and an inexplicable sadness swept over her heart like a tide. She walked over and said, "Mr. Wesley, let me help you!"

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