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   Chapter 11 Flirtation

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The Bird Hotel was located in the prime location. It was luxuriously decorated. The name on the top of the hotel building emitted colorful light under the scorching sun in summer, flaunting its luxury.

After a week, she came to this place again. Different from the brilliant night lights, the hotel in the daytime was neat, spacious, noble and gorgeous without the temptation that could make people fall involuntarily.

Stepping on the thick red carpet, she walked into the hall and met a man with cool appearance and in bright color. The man wore a pinkish red floral blouse, a lake blue lemon yellow stripe pants on his legs, a cute pink canvas shoes, and more exaggeratedly, a green, emerald green headscarf wrapped around his head. Under the headscarf, his thick and curly golden hair hung long to his waist, and a pair of super big sunglasses covered most of the essence of his features.

Wesley said indifferently, "My friend, the world's top fashion designer, Za..."

"Ah, my dear little Wesley, I finally have you!"

The man threw himself in front of Wesley and pulled him into his arms. He kissed him on the cheek, which was so disgusting.

The corners of Wesley's mouth twitched imperceptibly.

If it weren't for the man's voice that exposed his gender, Lavender would have thought that he was actually a slander and charming woman. If she hadn't been with Wesley, she would have laughed so hard that her belly ached.

Wesley wanted to push the man away, but the man was about the same height as him. He was well matched in strength and deliberately entangled with him, so he tried several times but failed.

Wesley took a step forward, with a cold smile in his eyes. "Zane, if you keep doing this, I'll send someone to take Ruth over right away!" He cast a cold glance at his left little finger and snorted disdainfully, "You know, it's useless at all! At least for Ruth! "

Zane Lee immediately let go of his hand and kept away from Wesley. He put his hands on both sides of his body obediently and kept silent, as if the subordinate had seen his boss.

Suddenly, his eyes lit up and he saw Lavender standing next to Wesley with a slight smile at the corners of her mouth. He immediately shifted the target of the attack. He opened his arms excitedly and rushed to her.

"Little beauty, I'm Zane Lee. I'm talented and handsome. Let's make friends."

Lavender's body stiffened. She didn't know if she should refuse this hug or accept it. When she was hesitating, she was taken aback. Before she could figure out what was going on, Wesley had pulled her away and stood behind her. The man on the other side of the phone shouted in a low and cold voice, "If you touch my woman, the consequence will be the same!"

Zane took a look at Lavender, who was firmly protected behind by Wesley, and snorted with dissatisfaction. "It's strange. Wesley, since when have you become so tender to women?"

With his hands in his pockets, Wesley stared at his friend in colorful clothes with his bright black glazed eyes. With a gentle smile at the corners of his mouth, he asked, "Zane, is this the surprise you said to bring me?"

Zane was stunned, and his gaze through the thick black glasses was no longer as unreasonable as before. "Wesley, no matter it's a surprise or not, I finally see your true smile. Take a look!" He made a face at Lavender and said, "Miss Lavender, I'm going to make a fortune. I received a gift from God as soon as I came back."

Confused, Lavender caught a glimpse of the instant silence on Wesley's face. She knew she shouldn't have said that, but she couldn't help asking, "What gift?"

Zane's eyes passed her and fell on Wesley, who had already strode towards the elevator door. "He didn't like to smile when he was a child. In the past four years, he has become more and more ruthless. We all joked that his smile is a gift from God."

Lavender didn't know if what Zane said was true or not. But as far as she saw, although she had only met Wesley for one day, she had a feeling that he was a man who couldn't smile.

For him, a smile was just an occasional movement of the corners of his mouth, and his heart was always cold.

Looking at the direction where Zane looked at, she felt that the slender and thin figure in front of her was so desolate.


Zane's creepy laughter came from her side.

"So, when we were in England, we made a bet that whoever could make Wesley laugh would be given ten million dollars. Now I win! I need to call for money! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ha ha! "

Lavender was speechless. This friend of Wesley's was too lively and lovely. But the next moment, her eyes fell on Zane's left hand. There was a silver white tail ring with exquisite patterns on it.

The waiter led them all the way to the box named "Southern Impression" at the end of the corridor. Lavender stepped into the room, almost driven out by the mixed smell of tobacco and alcohol and the women's perfume.

This expensive box was almost full of people,

and the table was full of luxury dishes. The scantily dressed beautiful woman unscrupulously sat on the legs of the man in clothes of famous brand. The man was obsessed with lust, with one hand rubbing woman's soft chest, and the other hand reaching into the woman's miniskirt. And there were also people who fed wine and fruits mouth to mouth. The most civilized behavior was flirting with each other.

She was stunned and thought she had gone to the wrong place. She hesitated whether she should go in or not.

"If you don't want to get in, get out now!" Wesley said coldly in her ear and stepped in.

"Mr. Wesley is coming. Why are you so late, Mr. Wesley? You must drink, drink a lot! " A woman shouted.

"Yes!" The others echoed.

Wesley was soon surrounded by a large group of men and women. Like a stone thrown into the lake, he sank in an instant.

Zane patted her on the shoulder and comforted, "Lavender, don't blame Wesley. In fact, he doesn't want to come here, but... If you don't want to go in, I'll drive you back now. "

Lavender glanced at the messy room where Wesley was nowhere to be found and asked, "Do you want to come?"

Zane shrugged his shoulders and said, "It doesn't matter, this kind of place... Haha, it's not a big deal for men. "

Lavender was speechless. Thinking of the words that Wesley had said to her to get her back, she said obediently, "Since he brought me here, this must be a required course as a secretary. There is no reason for me not to go in."

Zane gave her a look of praise. "Well, you must sit next to Wesley or me later. In this kind of occasion, girls must learn to protect themselves and be careful and learn from others. Don't fight head on, and don't be stupid to let others take advantage of you. "

"Thank you." Lavender suddenly felt that Zane was not as heartless as he looked.

"You're welcome. Wesley told me to tell you this. He looks cold on the surface, but in fact, he is not ruthless in his heart. You will know it after a long time. "

Lavender smiled. She didn't expect Wesley to be gentle. As long as he wasn't moody, she would be satisfied. She was not his friend and would never get a gift from God.

With Zane's words in mind, Lavender stayed close to him, attentively making some tea, pouring water and peeling fruit. As long as the man sitting on her right side seduced her, Zane immediately held her in his arms and asked her to feed him grapes. If someone proposed a toast to her, he would help her.

Zane whispered in her ear, "Lavender, tomorrow I'll ask Wesley to make up for what I've suffered today! Why should I protect his woman? "

Lavender thought his words were too distorted, but she did not clarify it, because it was too hypocritical.

After several times, everyone knew that Zane had a crush on this fresh and beautiful girl.

"Excuse me, Mr. Zane, is this otherworldly beauty your new secretary?"

"Wow, Mr. Zane has a good taste!"

Zane didn't mind their misunderstandings at all. Instead of explaining or refuting, he took practical action to confirm the rumors. He reached out and wrapped his arms around Lavender's thin waist, picked up her hair and gave her a gentle kiss. Under the watchful eyes of the public, Lavender couldn't resist and could only stay stiffly in Zane's arms with a smile.

Suddenly, she shivered and sensed two beams of malicious and cold light shooting from the opposite, which were so cruel that they could almost shoot two transparent holes in her.

Needless to see, she knew that the person sitting opposite was Wesley. She saw him as soon as she sat down. Two sweet looking girls sat next to him, one on the left and the other on the right. They seemed to be the secretaries of Mr. Zhang and Mr. Yang.

She really wanted to see what Wesley would do on such an occasion. Would he be able to show his coldness to the end when he held the beautiful women in his arms.

As a result, he was not as unscrupulous as others, nor did he maintain his usual cold face. He lowered his head and whispered intimately with the two women. They had a good time talking. It could told from it that the two women liked him.

Noticing the subtle feelings between the two, Zane stood up and walked to Wesley with Lavender in his arms. With an enchanting smile, he pulled one of the secretaries into his arms.

"Miss Zhang, I have some questions..." Holding the beauty in his arms, he pressed Lavender on the seat of the secretary and looked back at her with encouragement.

Lavender didn't understand why Zane did this, but she was clear that her current position would only make her more embarrassed.

Acting according to circumstances was a man's inborn ability. Her eyes swept over Zane, who almost pressed his whole body on Miss Zhang's delicate and thin shoulder.

This man was willing to dress like a contemptible scoundrel, just to melt the coldness in the corner of Wesley's eyes and eyebrows. He had such a friend. They probably had not an ordinary friendship.

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