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   Chapter 10 Distracted Face

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Sitting next to the computer, Lavender was restless and couldn't work intently. The room was so quiet that she could clearly hear her own heartbeat. Time passed by.

She wanted to ask Wesley about it, but she didn't know what to ask. But if she didn't ask, her heart was like being put on the stove, burning, and she really couldn't bear it.

She didn't like science fiction at all. She even couldn't help thinking that there was someone else living in her dear Melvin's body, a moody soul called Wesley. She would try her best to drive that evil soul out and let her Melvin come back.

For nearly an hour, she was almost tortured to death by such crazy thoughts until Wesley made an internal call.

"Miss Lavender, please bring the agenda of tomorrow's meeting to me!" The estranged and polite tone of him pulled her back to reality.

She was so absorbed in thinking that she even forgot it! After calming herself down a little, she picked up the folder and knocked on the door of the CEO's office.

"Come in!"

The man's deep and pleasant voice came, and Lavender's heart trembled slightly. It was incredible. The voices of the two of them were so similar. Why didn't she recognize his voice at the first sight?

Wesley wouldn't be him. The difference between the two of them was absolutely no less than that between Dumont and her. But how could she explain the same face and voice?

She pushed the door open and walked to the opposite of Wesley's desk. When she was about to speak, Wesley raised his head from the book in his hand and looked at her indifferently. "Miss Lavender, didn't you sleep well last night? Or you didn't have breakfast this morning? " As he spoke, he tapped the page with his fingers.

She remembered that when Melvin's reading was interrupted, he would also gently tap the page like this. At that time, the world was quiet, and only the sound of his fingers tapping was left in her ears. At that moment, no matter how eager she was to say something, she would bear it. She glared at him helplessly and said, "Well, well, let's talk about it after you finish reading the book."

Wesley and Melvin have the same habit, but Wesley's cold eyes, questioning and sarcastic tone, made her feel cold in her heart. The man was blaming her for not sending the document in time.

"I'm sorry. I have just finished." She silently took out the folder and handed it to him. "Mr. Wesley, this is the agenda of the meeting tomorrow. Have a look."

Wesley took the folder and read it carefully. In the quiet room, it could only be heard the sound of pages turning gently. In just a few minutes, Lavender felt as if a few years had passed.

Life was like a book, and time turned page by page. However, her book was still turning back with difficulty, and his book was closed long ago.

Wesley nodded and said indifferently, "Very detailed and very good! That's all about it, if I have any other idea, I'll tell you later. "

Taking the folder, Lavender stared at Wesley with her clear eyes. She wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Wesley put down the book he was reading and leaned against the chair. He frowned and stared at her with his dark eyes. "Anything else?"

That day, Wesley and Grace stayed in the office until she got off work. He didn't come to work for the next two days. As a private secretary, she knew where her boss was. In the past two days, Wesley had been accompanying Grace. T

hey went shopping, dived and climbed the mountain once. Like all the men and women in love, the two of them were always together. He fell in love with someone, she thought that this person should be in a good mood and it could be easy to talk with him.

"Mr. Wesley, do you have a brother?" Lavender asked directly. It was not a complicated question.

With a sneer in his indifferent and mean eyes, Wesley closed the book and asked, "What's wrong? Does Miss Lavender know my brother? "

"No. Mr. Wesley, here is the thing. I used to have a friend who..."

A cold sneer appeared on the corner of Wesley's mouth. In the twinkling eyes of Lavender, he sneered, "Miss Lavender, do you want to say that your friend looks like me very much?"

Lavender nodded in surprise.

He looked at her with disdain, "Let me guess again. Your friend is a man and has died, right?"

Lavender neither nodded nor said anything. When Wesley said the two words "has died", her heart ached as if more than ten steel needles had been thrust into it.

Ignoring her painful expression, Wesley threw a sarcastic remark into her heart. "Miss Lavender, don't you think this kind of story is too old-fashioned? I warn you, don't play such dirty tricks again! Now," he pointed at the door," Get out! "

"By the way, tidy up your absent-minded face! This is your office, not your home! "

Lavender tried her best to hold back her tears. Fortunately, the office was isolated from the outer world, and no one saw her embarrassed situation at the moment. When she caught a glimpse of Wesley's handkerchief on the desk, she was furious. She grabbed it and threw it into the trash can.

This handkerchief had been used by her, and he probably wouldn't want it anymore.

Later, she knew that it was not a simple handkerchief and the price was worth her salary for a month.

Now she was sure that Wesley was definitely not the one in her heart. There were too many people in the world who looked like each other, and there were more people with the same voice. What's more, the same habit could be shared by different people.

As for people with the similar appearance, voice and habits, she didn't know if there were such two people, and she didn't want to dig deeper. If he was still alive, it didn't matter if he didn't recognize her. As long as he was alive, everything would be fine. If not, her life would still be the same as before and there would be no change.

So she really didn't have to worry about anything.

Thinking of the meeting that was postponed by Wesley this afternoon, she took out her phone to check the time. However, she heard two buzzes. The new phone that the company had equipped for her was out of power, reminding her to charge it as soon as possible.

She had no choice but to take out the broken phone from Dumont for emergency. In this city, she didn't know many people. Even if she had a phone call, she could hide aside to answer it. She didn't want to be seen and lose the face of the company.

The moment the door was closed, Wesley leaned back heavily in the chair.

The huge office was silent. The sound of lighter was crisp, and instantly the smoke was shrouded. After the rising smoke, there was an inexplicable complex emotion in his dark eyes.

Suddenly, he sneered and put out the cigarette in the ashtray.

Even if it was the priceless relationship, it would still be like this cigarette, burning up inch by inch.

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