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   Chapter 9 When Did You Have A Daughter

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"Lavender, how do you feel about the young man I introduced to you last time? He called you, but you didn't reply. You even didn't log on to your MSN. What the hell are you thinking? Tell me the truth! " Silvia Wang asked anxiously.

Silvia was her classmate and roommate in high school and even college. They were good friends. Like Dumont, she had also persuaded her to have an abortion, but when she decided to give birth to the baby, she had been firmly supporting her and always helping her. She was very keen on introducing a boyfriend to her. Since she gave birth to the baby and recovered, she had found boyfriends for her many times, tireless and enthusiastic.

"Silvia, forget it. I'm not in the mood now."

Lavender walked to the gate of the company. When she was about to enter, she felt it inappropriate to enter with a phone call, so she retreated to the small flower bed beside the side door.

Silvia Wang was furious. "Why are you not in the mood? Let me tell you, that young man is very good. He comes from a rich family and has a high education. He looks gentle and has a good character. He has a house, a car and a good job. After this man, there would be no such good husband! Besides, whether you are happy or not, I have to warn you cautiously. Don't think about Dumont any more. In fact, we are not good enough for the children of high-ranking officials. See you at half past five and a half tonight. See you! "

She had thought that Silvia would hang up the phone, but to her surprise, she lowered her voice a lot. Suddenly, she said in a very gentle voice, "Don't be afraid, my dear daughter. Mommy didn't mean to wake you up."

Although her voice was low, Lavender still heard it. She was stunned and asked, "Silvia, when did you have a daughter?"

Silvia stammered, "Ye, yes, she is my new Goddaughter."

"Goddaughter? Whose daughter is she? When will you bring her to me? I'll recognize her as my Goddaughter too! " Ever since Lavender lost her child, as long as she saw other children, she inexplicably wanted to get close to them. Especially girls, because she gave birth to a daughter.

If the child was still alive, she should be three years old. She must be the most lively and lovely little princess in the world.

"You wish! It's up to you, as for what I told you just now! " Silvia didn't want to talk to her anymore. "I'm hanging up! Go to work! "

"Wait!" Lavender wiped her tears and suddenly came up with an idea when she mentioned Dumont. She looked around and said in a low voice, "Silvia, don't be angry. I'll go, okay? But could you change the day? I have something else to do tonight. "

"Okay! As long as you agree! But I have something to deal with tomorrow night, and I can't serve you all day long! " Her voice softened again. "Honey, Mommy is calling an auntie. It's not good for a child to get close. Don't move, don't move!"

A childish and soft voice came from the other end of the phone, "Mommy, I also want to call auntie. You are so fierce. You must have made auntie cry. I have to comfort her. "

"It's our adults' business. You are just a child. Don't meddle in it. Be good and go there to play! If you don't behave well, Mommy will call the big bad wolf over and eat your little feet! " Silvia coaxed her Goddaughter.

Her Goddaughter seemed to be frightened to scream, and then there was no sound.

Lavender smiled. How did Silvia educate her child? Who the hell was this stupid mother that agreed this woman to be her daughter's godmother?

"Hey! Lavender, are you still there! Well, we decided, the day after tomorrow! You are so young, you must cheer up and fall in love with someone vigorously! Standing on the coast of love, let the storm of love be more violent! Well, see you the day after tomorrow! Love you! " Silvia blew her a kiss and hung up in a hurry.

Lavender pictured in her mind how troubled Silvia was by her Goddaughter. It was strange that she was willing to take care of the child and be a godmother.

After thinking about her friend's matter, Lavender thought of her own and sighed slightly. In order to make Dumont give up, she had no choice but to do so. 'I'm sorry, the man who was called a good guy by Silvia.'

A handsome man got off the Lotus car quietly. The man g

lanced at Lavender, who was sighing, and walked past her expressionlessly into the OY Group.

At this moment, Lavender just turned around and met the man's side face. The face was so familiar that she was stunned. Her heart was beating so fast that she felt a sharp pain. She couldn't help but cover her hand. Because she was too excited, her body was a little unstable and she couldn't help leaning against the glass door. She pressed her hands tightly, leaving a pair of clear palm marks on the smooth glass. She tried to calm down for a long time before she could breathe smoothly. She wanted to cry out, but her voice was unable to make a complete sound as if her throat was strangled.

She hoped that she wasn't mistaken! She would rather mistake ten thousand than miss a person.

Regardless of her image and other employees' strange eyes, she strode to catch up with the man and ran as fast as she could in her life.

The man went straight to the special elevator for the CEO. When she rushed over, the door had been closed. In an instant, despair overwhelmed her, forcing her to the edge of madness. She slapped hard on the door of the elevator, making a loud noise, as if it was just an ordinary door, which could be opened as long as she was strong enough.

She used to have a dream. In her dream, he was inside and she was outside the door. She knocked on the door crazily, hoping that he could open the door calmly and smile at her as before.

However, when she knocked on the door, tears welled up in her eyes, and her heart was broken into pieces. When she woke up with sweat dripping from her forehead, the door was still standing in front of her. One day, she finally realized that it was not two people but two worlds that separated by the door. She could never enter his world again.

Without exception, it was the same this time.

Tired of knocking, she leaned against the door, feeling sore and soft all over her body as if she was exhausted. Unconsciously, she allowed her body to slide down, and tears welled up.

It was rush hour now. Her unusual behavior attracted the attention of the crowd. A kind-hearted person stepped forward and asked with concern, "Miss, do you need to go to the hospital?"

She kept silent with a long face. Someone pulled her and tried to help her up.

At this moment, the elevator door suddenly opened. A pair of big hands stretched out from the door and quickly pulled her in before the kind-hearted person approached. When the elevator opened and closed, everyone saw a tall and handsome man with a cold and indifferent face.

Caught off guard, Lavender bumped into the strong and broad chest of the man in the elevator, making her dizzy. When she raised her teary eyes and saw the familiar face, she wrapped her arms around his waist regardless of anything.

She didn't dare to look more carefully, afraid that it was just an illusion.

"Melvin..." The muscles in her throat seemed to be out of control. It took her a lot of effort to squeeze out these two words with a crying tone.

The man let her hold him, clenching his fists on both sides of his body.

She began to sob and fell into an extremely sad mood, like an injured little beast. Her voice trembled almost out of tune. "Melvin, is that you?" Soon she shook her head and begged, "No, no, don't say anything! Please, don't say anything! "

In this way, let her hold him tightly, forever and forever, and never separate. This feeling was too sweet and dreamy. She was afraid that it would disappear as long as he opened his mouth.

Soon they arrived at the destination and the elevator door opened. The man pulled her hand around her waist and asked indifferently, "Lavender, when will you stop holding me? Huh? "

The familiar magnetic voice of the man made her tremble. She immediately released her hand and looked at the man in front of her in surprise. The man's eyes were full of mockery. He took out a handkerchief from his pocket, threw it to her impatiently, and said coldly, "Wipe your tears before coming out!"

Clenching the handkerchief with the man's temperature, she stared blankly at his receding figure. It took her a minute to realize that she had mistaken him for someone else.

She heard someone call him Mr. Wesley.

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