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   Chapter 8 The Real Rich Handsome

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In a French style restaurant called DIO, a handsome young man sitting at a table by the window was extremely excited.

"What? You haven't been in love for four years. Lavender, is your youth completely withered? " Dumont's high tone immediately attracted the attention of the people nearby.

Lavender threw a fork at him and said with hatred, "You're courting death by speaking so loudly!"

Dumont covered his mouth, but couldn't conceal the excitement on his face. He lowered his voice and said excitedly, "You didn't have a relationship with someone. Can I think that you are waiting for me?"

Lavender threw the knife over and said angrily, "You are really counting death! Why should I wait for you? Do I have nothing else to do now? Even if I have nothing to do, I won't do such a boring thing! "

"Are you still thinking about him? Lavender, I didn't mean to mention your sadness. But I have to say that after so many years, I don't expect you to forget him. But at least, you should give yourself a chance to have a better life, and also give others, well, those who love you, such as me, a chance to see you to be better. "

Since the knives and forks were all thrown away, lavender lifted the plate and was about to smash it.

Dumont hurriedly covered his head with his hands and said, "Why are you still like this? You are really a violent woman! I'm warning you, I won't compensate if you break it! "

Lavender put down the plate. She didn't want to be looked down upon again. Over the years, people had changed. They couldn't be as unbridled as they were in the past.

"I'm serious. How about considering me? What do you think?" Dumont's voice was more serious than ever. "I'm a good man. I have a good family background and a handsome face. I'm a true rich handsome! "

When Lavender was about to say no, the steaming steak was served. She immediately breathed a sigh of relief. It would be best if she didn't answer this question.

Lavender focused on the steak cut by the knife, deliberately avoiding the burning sight of Dumont.

There were a lot of hot girls abroad, and foreign folkway was very open. She thought he would forget her and find a good girlfriend from a famous family.

However, when he parked the car at the door of the restaurant just now. She felt that she had made a mistake.

Three years ago, he was forced by his mother to go to England for study. The night before, he said goodbye to her here.

At that time, he also stared at her with such eyes. "Lavender, if I haven't forgotten you after three years, please give me a chance. In here is the starting point of our bright future."

She didn't nod or shake her head at that time. She just smiled. She couldn't say anything to hurt him, so she had to leave this problem to time to solve.

Three years was enough for him to find other girls in his life. She didn't believe that he could still have a complete heart for her in the colorful world.

She made a mistake that when he said this, she didn't ruthlessly refuse and left no chance for him.

She really hoped that Dumont would forget her, not waste his time on her. These three years were not short. For her, it was the most magnificent youth in a woman's life. For him, it might just be a process of growing up, but she didn't want her shadow to be left in his growth, which was unfair to him.

"Lavender, how have you been in the past three years?" Dumont took a sip of wine and asked slowly.

The person who was in a hurry to invite her to dinner didn't seem to have any appetite at the moment. The steak in front of him didn't be eaten at all, and he just took a sip of wine after long moment.

"Good." Without any lady image, Lavender swallowed a large piece of steak and said, "An ideal university, an ideal major, everything is ideal. How could it not be good? Just like other students, I got all kinds of certificates. Of course, I have to work. Otherwise, I can't afford to go to school, and then I graduated and started to work. "

"Lavender..." Dumont hesitated. He wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

Lavender seemed not see his expression, she laughed heartlessly and said, "My experience is boring. Don't talk about me. Tell me about yourself. How are you doing abroad? "

"Without you, what do you think I can do?"

Lavender's hand holding the drink shook, and a few drops of pink strawberry milkshake sprinkled on the table. She wanted to change the topic, but she didn't expect he talked about it again. She sighed. It seemed that she couldn't avoid this question today.

Dumont grabbed a piece of tissue and wiped off the drops of pink. His action was careful and gentle, but his expression was very serious.

"Did my mother make trouble for you later? Did she say anything radical that day? "

"Dumont, don't be dissatisfied with your mother. She is an open-minded mother I have never met before."

In fact

, even if she was scolded, it didn't matter. To a certain extent, she was indeed a drag on Dumont.

But she was not. Dumont's mother was very polite.

"Miss Lavender, a year ago, Dumont suddenly came to me and told me that he had funded the admission of a poor student with pocket money. Do you know how happy I was as a mother at that time? So, on this point, I am very grateful to you. You played an important role in the growth of Dumont. But we also hope that your relationship with Dumont will end here. Just end it as how it started, okay? I will continue to sponsor you until you graduate from college. "

She was expelled from her home when she graduated from high school. With the financial support of Dumont, she paid the tuition for college. She should rely on herself in the future. How could she ask for help again? She had owed a lot in her life and didn't want to get involved in another debt.

Sometimes she even wondered if she got retribution because she owed too much. First, she lost her lover and risked her life to give birth to her child. Unexpectedly, the baby was taken by someone else mistakenly. As long as she thought of the baby she hadn't seen since she was born, her heart ached.

Fortunately, when Dumont wanted to take her baby as his own, she stopped him by threatening him with her life.

She promised not to contact Dumont anymore, but refused the funding. Now she wondered if she had miscalculated at that time. If she had received that money, she might have been looked down upon by Dumont, and now he would not come to her.

"My mother gave you a sum of money at that time. Why didn't you accept it?"

Lavender shivered and choked on water. Dumont hurriedly stretched out his hand to pat her back.

Lavender asked in disbelief, "Do you want me to take it?"

"Yes." Dumont nodded sulkily, "You didn't take the money, so how did you get through the four years of college? Why didn't you call me at that time? You changed your phone number, so I couldn't find you at all. Besides, my mother was watching me so I couldn't come back. You have no idea how much I have been worried about you in the past four years. " As he spoke, he pointed at his heart, revealing the temperament of a melancholy prince. "There is a young and hot heart beating here, and though I was in England at that time, my heart was at your place."

Lavender couldn't help but chuckle, "Are you composing a poem?"

Being with him was such a pleasant thing. The haze dissipated and her appetite was better. After eating up her own share, she grabbed the one that Dumont hadn't eaten, and said confidently, "It's a pity to waste it! What a spendthrift man! The one who will marry you in the future is really unlucky! "

"Is that why you refuse me? In fact, although I have some shortcomings, I also have many advantages. Why can't you see them? Besides, if there is anything that you don't like about me, I will correct it immediately... "

"Dumont!" Seeing that he was getting more and more excited, Lavender had to interrupt him. "In my opinion, you have no shortcomings..."

Dumont also interrupted her, "Do you want to say that I'm perfect and you think you don't deserve me? Or do you think that we are not from the same world and my marriage should be with a girl of the same class; or I should think for my family and shouldn't..."

Lavender felt sad, "Dumont, stop it, stop it... I didn't think so. Never. We are indeed not from the same world, but this is not a reason. Because even if we are not from the same world, our hearts can be very close. "

Dumont's eyes lit up. Lavender closed her eyes and continued, "But I still have to refuse. I'm sorry..."

She could do anything for him, except for love.

Because she didn't deserve him, which was a fact that she knew it without anyone's reminder.

Dumont suddenly stood up and said excitedly, "But why can he do that? Was it because he was an ordinary man without a father who was a senior official? Lavender, I really don't want to mention him in front of you. But I can't accept it. I really can't accept it! "

Lavender shook her head. All this had nothing to do with his family. People like him deserved happiness, no matter he was poor or rich, ugly or beautiful. He should be with a woman who loved him as much as life, not a woman who didn't love him.

She had thought that Dumont was a good husband, but she couldn't be selfish to cling to him just for the sake of food and clothing.

In this case, there was no need to go on talking. Lavender stood up and said apologetically, "Dumont, I have to go back. I have to work this afternoon."

Without waiting for Dumont's response, she rushed to the door of the restaurant, opened it and ran out.

Dumont shouted at her behind her, but she couldn't stop. Her life was like the traffic in front of her, and she couldn't stop for a moment.

Because she couldn't be caught up.

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