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   Chapter 7 She Is A Jinx (Part Two)

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She knew how stressed her stepmother was when she was taking care of a disabled person who couldn't do anything while supporting her family. Her resentment was reasonable. She also knew that if it weren't for her brother and sister, her stepmother would have divorced her father.

In fact, she didn't believe all the words of this woman. Her family did owe a debt, but she was not sure whether it was three hundred thousand or not. But she was afraid that the woman would abuse her father if she didn't give the money to her. She had sneaked home and seen such a scene.

Besides, three hundred thousand was not enough to pay off her debt to them. For the rest of her life, she had to do her best to compensate them.

She couldn't help but sob, "Mom, after paying the money, if there is still some money left, buy some tonics for Dad and hire a good nanny for him..."

Her brother had told her that it was not her father's turn to eat the food given by her. If it was medicine, her stepmother would throw it directly into the trash can. She couldn't say anything about her stepmother, but the reality was that this woman only had money in her eyes now. If time permitted, she was willing to take care of her father, but she couldn't. now she had to work hard to make money. When she made enough money, she would take her father to live with her.

"All right, all right. Your father is my man. Are you afraid that I will treat him unfairly?"

After hesitating for a moment, Lavender asked, "Mom, how is my sister now?"

"What else can she be? Just the same! She is uneducated and lazy, and even doesn't work seriously. She has made several boyfriends. Lavender," her stepmother seemed to remember something, and her voice was full of the sensed of snobs, "I heard that you are working in a big company now. Is there any unmarried young man in your company? Introduce a boyfriend to your sister. Besides, your brother will graduate soon. You should work hard and strive for a position. In the future, get you brother to your company to work. "

Her sister was a well-known beauty in the small village. She was born beautiful, but unfortunately she was not a good girl since childhood. She fooled around with a group of gangsters. It was said that she had had an abortion several times. It would be great if she could find a decent boyfriend, but...

As for her brother's matter, Lavender sighed secretly. Her stepmother had overestimated her. Not to mention to get a position, the current situation had already made her extremely embarrassed, and it was even more difficult for her to predict the future.

But she couldn't tell her stepmother about this. She wouldn't understand even if she said it. She would only think that it was an excuse she made.

"Remember, don't be so realistic when introducing your sister to others. Aren't people very romantic now? Try to use as many beautiful words as possible. Anyway, your sister is beautiful. That's what men are like. Just like your father, why did he marry me? It's all because I'm beautiful. Once a man fall in love, etiqu

ette, morality, shame, or anything else would be bullshit! Even a bitch, he would think she is charming! You are more educated than me and you are more eloquent than me. Please help her! You are her sister. You can't leave her alone! " Her stepmother said confidently and aggressively, as if it was her responsibility to not find a good boyfriend for her sister.

Lavender had no choice but to promise vaguely, "Mom, I see."

"That's good. If there is nothing else, I have to hang up!"

"Mom!" Afraid of hanging up the phone, she raised her voice and shouted. Finally, she said the last important sentence. She trembled with excitement. "Mom, when it's New Year, can I go home and see dad?"

Her stepmother shouted impatiently, "let's talk about it after you pay three hundred thousand! Don't talk to me so much! " Then she hung up the phone.

After hanging up the phone, Lavender quickly transferred three hundred thousand dollars to the designated account.

Walking out of the bank, she had mixed feelings. Facing the people on the street, she tried her best to hold back her tears.

She, Lavender Jiang, could finally return to her home where she had been separated for seven years and could finally see her father.

She walked down the steps of the bank towards a fast food restaurant nearby.

"Lavender!" At the corner, a white BMW stopped in front of her. Through the open window, a handsome man greeted her with a smile.

Looking at this man, Lavender was stunned for a moment, thinking that she had seen it wrong.

Just as she was stunned, the man had already got out of the car and walked to her. With his hands in his trousers pockets, he said with a cynical smile, "What? Don't you know me?"

It was not that she didn't know him, but that she would never forget him! If it weren't for this man, Lavender wouldn't have been here today. However, she didn't expect him to appear here at this time.

"Dumont, didn't you go to England for study?" After being shocked for a long time, Lavender finally found her voice and couldn't help but feel ecstatic.

With a plaintive look on his face, Dumont Zhou said discontentedly, "What's wrong with studying abroad? Can't I have a holiday when I study abroad? Seeing from your expression, it seems that you don't welcome me. "

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Lavender laughed and punched him. She lowered her voice and asked mysteriously, "Did you sneak back?"

Dumont Zhou shook his hair narcissistically and smiled, "Miss Lavender, please use words cautiously. How can such words be used on a decent person like me?"

Lavender chuckled.

This man seemed to be as enthusiastic and optimistic as before. As long as she was with him, she would be influenced by him and become happy.

Dumont opened the door and made a cool and handsome gesture, "Miss Lavender, get in the car. I'll treat you to dinner!"

Lavender smiled and got into the car.

She didn't see a black Lotus following her after she walked out of the bank. After she got on Dumont's car, it suddenly turned around and drove away.

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