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   Chapter 5 Don't Be Angry, I'm Here

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Lavender didn't sleep well last night. In order to cover her pale face, she put on a delicate makeup for the first time in her life. The wound on her forehead was scabbing and her bangs covered it. As for the wound on her foot, she could walk normally without wearing high-heeled shoes.

The 99 floor building of the OY Group towered into the clouds. Among the rows of buildings in the city, it looked like a crane among chickens. As the sun rose, the soft golden sunlight shone on the glass of the building, emitting dazzling light.

Standing at the bright gate of the building, she tidied up her heavy clothes stiffly. Taking a deep breath, she stepped in.

After reporting to the human resources department, she didn't take over the work immediately. Instead, the company arranged special personnel to train her for a week. Through the training, she knew that the private secretary's work was very complicated. In addition to the office procedures, she also assisted Wesley in dealing with all kinds of things, such as eating, drinking, dating, bathing and social activities, which were all under her control. There were also many matters needing attention and various taboos.

She couldn't remember so much in seven days. She could only have a preliminary understanding. The rest depended on the process of work to gradually understand. During this period of time, she had almost never slept. She had tried her best to do this job well.

A week later.

Just as Lavender finished arranging Wesley's schedule for a week, the mini alarm bell hidden in the drawer rang.

It was ten twenty. She looked through the schedule. At ten forty, Wesley had an event to meet a top-level fashion designer of the world, an American Chinese, on the 12 floor of the Bird Hotel. She had calculated the time. It would take about ten minutes to drive from the OY Group building. The traffic on that road was usually not blocked after eleven o'clock in the rush hour. Then she took the elevator for about fifteen minutes. It was just the right time.

She picked up the folder and walked towards the CEO's office. After two steps, she suddenly remembered a question.

The CEO's office was a suite. She was in the outer room, and the inner one was where Wesley worked. Wesley had to pass by her before entering the office.

It was her first day to work. She arrived here half an hour earlier than usual, and Wesley hadn't come in since she came.

She looked at the exquisitely carved wooden door in front of her in confusion. Didn't he come to work?

She walked to the door and knocked on it. She knocked on the door for a long time, but no one answered. When she was about to leave, there was a familiar voice from the door, which was engraved into the bottom of her heart.

"Come in!"

Her hand suddenly trembled, and her hand pressed on the wooden door for a long time. Her heart beat rapidly.

She didn't expect that this person had already come. Seven o'clock, half past six, or even earlier. As a secretary, she didn't know anything about it. Was it a mistake in work?

She was curious about his appearance, but somehow she was a little timid when she was about to see his real face.

She had already started to work and had met him before. She didn't know what her boss looked like. She thought it was a serious dereliction of duty.

Taking a deep breath, she pushed the door open and walked in.

To her surprise, Wesley left her a back. Wearing a silver gray suit, the man stood beside the bookshelf behind the chair and was looking through something. When he heard her coming in, he asked without looking back, "What's up?"

Trying to calm down, Lavender replied calmly, "Mr. Wesley, it's ten forty. You have a meeting on the 12 floor of the Bird Hotel."

"OK," said Wesley casually, "Call them to postpone it until five twenty p.m. the day after tomorrow. You go with me." He tapped on the page. Although the sound was low, Lavender felt that it hit her heart again and again.

The familiar voice made her heart palpitate.

"What?" Lavender didn't expect this change. She stared at his pretty back for three seconds before she realized what had happened. "I'll call them right away."

As soon as she fled out of the room, Lavender qu

ickly called to inform them.

"Miss Grace, isn't there a performance today?" The CEO's assistant, Shawn Zuo's voice came from outside.

"It's in the afternoon." A gentle and familiar female voice came, "I'm so busy every day. I have to fly to France the day after tomorrow."

"No wonder Miss Grace is a super star. Oh, Mr. Wesley is waiting for you inside. Come on in."

Then the door was opened, and a graceful and tall figure in beige white walked in.

Lavender finally knew the reason why Wesley cancelled the plan. It turned out that he had an appointment with a beauty.

Looking at the woman coming in, Lavender felt her breath a little stagnant. To be exact, this woman was so beautiful that she thought of the word "goddess" at once.

About one point seven tall and an hourglass shape. And her skin was so tender that the water could be squeezed out. Her hair was dyed with light brown with big waves, like a waterfall, hanging down to the beautiful buttocks. The oval face and delicate features formed a beautiful painting on the white jade like ground. All kinds of temperament were in the corner of her eyes, cold, gorgeous and noble.

This woman's appearance perfectly explained the two unreachable phrases, "a beauty which overthrows states and cities" and "a beauty which would obscure the moon and make flowers blush."

"Hello, Miss Grace." Coming back to her senses from the first sight of the beauty, Lavender stood up and greeted politely.

The woman walked over gracefully and slowly, her eyes focused on her. Her beautiful eyebrows curved slightly, and her bright eyes looked her up and down several times.

"You are the personal secretary hired by Wesley? Lavender Jiang? " The woman finally opened her mouth, revealing a sweet smile, but there was a faint trace of disdain and coldness in her eyes.

Lavender nodded.

The woman approached a little closer, and unintentionally straightened her plump chest, which was about to explode. She stretched out her hand and said with a smile, "Miss Lavender, nice to meet you. My name is Grace Cui. "

Lavender was so nervous that her palms were full of sweat. She wiped her hands behind her back quietly and held the woman's cold and soft hands.

Suddenly, an idea came to her mind. She wondered what would happen when Wesley held her hands. Even as a woman, she could feel the fatal charm from the hands.

The door of the CEO's office was pushed open a crack. Half of Wesley's head was exposed. There was a hint of impatience in his voice. "Grace, come in quickly." He moved quickly and retreated to the room in a flash.

Grace rolled her eyes at the door and whispered, "You are still so impatient! We just met last night, didn't we? " She turned around and said to Lavender in a soft voice, "I'm sorry, Miss Lavender. I'm going in."

Grace Cui kneaded her buttocks and walked to the door in the standard cat steps of a model. She said in a sweet voice, "Wesley, don't be angry. I'm here."

The coquettish voice made Lavender feel limp and numb. Grace was really a natural beauty. She wondered what Wesley would do to her? Men couldn't resist such a beauty.

All of a sudden, Lavender remembered the "Grace" that Wesley had whispered in her ear last night. She blushed.

However, Lavender felt that Grace looked familiar, as if she had seen her somewhere. She quickly sat down and opened Google.

Grace, 24 years old, an Asian superstar, who was born in a rich family. It was said that she was the only daughter of the CEO of a multinational group. She was extremely beautiful, and most of the roles she played were pure, sweet, kind-hearted and indomitable girls, so she was called "national angel". The role of the actors who she worked with was mostly mysterious, cold, talented, gentle, rich and handsome.

Seeing this, Lavender sighed with emotion. The national angel was matched with the CEO of evil charm. The real angel and the devil, they were really a perfect match.

Somehow, she felt a little disappointed.

'You haven't seen his look until now. Do you think he has a crush on you just because he hugged you, kissed you, pressed you and took you to the hospital?' Lavender shook her head, smiled with self-mockery and continued with her work.

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