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   Chapter 3 Do You Want To See My Face (Part One)

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Just before he could do anything more, Wesley's phone rang. The sexual tension wafting around the car was cut off as he reached out for his phone. However, the ringtone was different from the one she heard in the masquerade. It was an unknown English song, and the singing voice was as calming as the sound of nature.

"Hello, Grace..." Gone was the magnetic and intimidating voice he had used on her. Instead, it was replaced with a voice as gentle as the spring wind blowing against the willows by the lake. His cold gaze softened. It was as if he had changed personalities.

The speaker was turned on, and the voice from the other end of the line was loud and clear. It seemed that the caller was a delicate and charming woman.

"Where are you, Wesley? I held the ball like you said, so why did you just leave? Is there something wrong?"

"Honey, I'm just exhausted tonight. I'll treat you to dinner some other day," Wesley said. A gentle smile wove its way into his lips.

"I've heard from Chloe that you were drunk. You shouldn't be driving alone at night. Get yourself a chauffeur, okay?"

"I know."

"By the way, thank you for the flowers! They're gorgeous." She chuckled. "Get some sleep, okay? See you tomorrow!" Grace made kissing noises.

"Okay." Wesley made kissing noises back before laughing. "I love you, baby."

Lavender didn't expect that the man beside her could even be this gentle. The girl calling him must be his girlfriend. Even the ringtone he set for her dialing was special.

She must take an important place in his heart.

Once he hung up, Wesley tossed the phone to the side, and it landed on Lavender's broken phone by the windshield. A mocking smile played on his lips and he gripped onto the steering wheel. Remembering what the woman had said, Lavender reached out to stop him.

"No! Mr. Wesley, you're drunk. Let me drive." Just as she reached out, their hands inadvertently touched.

He reeled back in disgust and removed his hands from the wheel. He despised the feeling of touching her. "Sit down!" he commanded.

However, before she could sit back down, he started the engine and slammed his foot onto the gas.

Although he was drunk, he still drove steadily. Lavender's shoulders sank in relief. She leaned back against her seat and pursed her lips.

"Mr. Wesley, where are we going?" Lavender stammered, afraid that she would irritate him again. This man was utterly unpredictable. Just now, he had told his girlfriend that he was exhausted. Judging from the sound of his voice, he should head to bed soon. However, he made no move in letting Lavender go. Where was he taking her? A shiver shot down her spine.

Suddenly, the car gave another sharp turn and braked at the gates of the hospital. Wesley unlocked the door. "Get off."

Regardless of whether she was willing or not, Wesley lifted her up and stomped towards the emergency room. He quickly filled out a form and took her to the doctor on duty.

The doctor on duty was quick on cleaning the wounds all over Lavender's body. He took out the small shards that had embedded themselves into the soles of her feet and bandaged her. When everything was done, it was almost nine.

Wesley stood beside her the entire time. He gently held her hand and coaxed her. "It will be fine," he said softly. "Just endure it." He acted as if she was a close lover. Even the doctor smiled at the sight. "Miss, your boyfriend is so considerate."

'Boyfriend.' Even the word was strange to her. Although she wore a sweet smile on her face, her heart ached at the thought.

In the eyes of the doctor, he saw a sweet doting couple whose

love could reach the end of time. However, they were anything but. As soon as the treatment was over, Wesley carried her back to the car without saying a word. When he sat down, he fumbled his fingers into his pockets and took out another cigarette.

"Where do you live?" he said coldly. The softness and gentleness he had used on her earlier was out of sight.

"There's really no need, Mr. Wesley."

Inhaling the smoke, he shot her a look. "Where do you live? Don't make me ask you the third time!"

Fifteen minutes later, a black Lotus car stopped by the gate of the Happy Community.

Under the blanket of darkness, the houses were incredibly quiet. In fact, Lavender could hear a pin drop from a mile away. Several dim street lights were built alongside the road, casting oversized shadows of the community's buildings. Occasionally, she could see one or two people walking down the sidewalks with their dogs in their leashes.

"Thank you, Mr. Wesley," Lavender said perfunctorily. The most of the injuries she had now were caused by the man beside her. He owed her! However, in these types of situations, power and wealth still proved to be above all of her principles. Upon glancing back at the envelope of cash on her lap, she had no choice but to humble herself.

Life was truly filled with unforeseen events.

"Don't say things you don't mean," he snapped. Wesley got out of the car and pulled her out. Upon seeing Lavender crane her body to get the broken cell phone inside his car, he frowned. The expression on his face darkened even more. "Show me the way."

"No. You really don't have to do this, Mr. Wesley." As she spoke, she glanced around to make sure that there was no one around. If she had been seen like this, she'd be so embarrassed. She didn't want to be the object of the gossip her neighbors would talk about.

"You can choose. Either I'll throw you on the ground like I did in the elevator, or I'll take you back peacefully."

Lavender blanched at the thought of hitting the ground. Moreover, she wasn't wearing any shoes. Right now, some of the sidewalks were under construction due to the installation of a water pipe. The road she had to walk on were filled with bumps and hollows. There was no way she could make it through unscathed. Having no other choice, she told him the direction to her house.

When they reached her house, she pulled the door and Wesley walked right in. Now that he was already inside, she was too embarrassed to ask him to leave.

The apartment she had rented was only sixty square meters, with two bedrooms and one living room. The living room was actually quite minimalistic. In fact, it only held a sofa and a long table for the television.

Wesley glanced around the room only to fixate his gaze onto to a bonsai pine tree located on the flower rack at the corner of her wall. He took a step forward, and he made no move to look away. Even Lavender thought that he had fallen in love with the bonsai at first glance.

Although it looked like a simple pine tree, the bonsai plant actually grew on the 'Death Cliff', located at the top of Wumang Mountain. The man who picked it had risked his life on a stormy night just to bring the plant back to his little girl.

"Mr. Wesley, the plant is actually a gift from a friend of mine back in middle school." Lavender stammered.

Deep inside, she was afraid that he would snatch the bonsai from her, seeing the way he looked at it. He might not really like it, but just enjoyed the pleasure he got from taking away others' favorites and seeing their miserable looks. That was those rich men always did to her knowledge.

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