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   Chapter 89 An Uninvited Guest At The Press Conference

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Chang Du Characters: 7502

Updated: 2020-09-25 00:02

Affected by the negative news and the sudden illness of Alex, the Meng group became a group of people without a leader. The stock price of the Meng group had been going up and down in the past few days. Although Clyde was secretly operating the stock price, the result was not very good. The Meng group had suffered a great loss.

"Mr. Clyde, almost all the reporters are here. We can go out after you get ready." Kay had been busy with the press conference these days and looked haggard.

"Okay. Where is Emma?" Clyde didn't see Emma today.

"Emma is waiting for you at the backstage."

Clyde tidied up his shirt and suit jacket and walked out of the office with Kay.

The conference room was already crowded with reporters from major entertainment weekly newspaper. These gossip reporters wanted to dig out some explosive news that could hit the headlines at today's press conference. One or two of them had already been waiting here.

Clyde took a look at Emma and the two walked to the temporary speech platform in the conference room.

"Hello, everyone! Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to attend this press conference. " Kay took the microphone and started with an official sentence.

"Agent Kay! We are all here for the news about Miss. Ellen and Mr. Clyde. We don't need to insinuate anymore. What we want is the truth. "

A reporter off the stage spoke first, and other reporters began to echo.

"No problem. Please calm down. Today, Mr. Clyde and Miss. Ellen will clarify everything to you."

Kay winked at Clyde and left. Clyde took the microphone and looked at Emma. The two sat down and began to face the reporters' questions.

"Mr. Clyde, is it true that miss. Ellen is your mistress?" A reporter stood up and asked with a pen and paper.

"Of course not. Miss. Ellen is a signed signer of our company. Those gossips are completely out of thin air. " Clyde cleverly avoided this question.

"Mr. Clyde, how can you explain the intimacy between you and miss. Ellen? This is not what a boss and a singed singer should do, right? " Another reporter immediately launched another attack.

"Well, let me tell you the truth." Clyde took a deep breath and said, "miss. Ellen and I are officially bo

ng family accept such a daughter-in-law? " Emma looked at all the reporters present.

"In the end, I want to make it clear that Clyde and I really love each other. When I knew him, I didn't know he was the heir of the Meng group at all. We had a common dream of music. " Emma took Clyde's hand and looked at him gently.

"I believe in this society with love, true love should be blessed, not slandered." Emma raised her hands that were interlocked with Clyde's fingers. "Whether now or in the future, even if one day Clyde has nothing and no longer has the glory of the Meng group, I, Emma, will never give up accompanying him!"

The reporters off the stage were deeply touched by Emma's sincere words. Someone stood up unconsciously and applauded. Clyde and Emma looked at each other affectionately, fingers clasped.

Noticing that it was the right time, Kay stood on the stage and took the microphone.

"Dear friends, I believe you should be very clear about the truth now. Let's bless the young couple together." After a pause, Kay continued, "besides, I have to give you a big news."

"Mr. Layton, could you please explain why you drugged female singers to faint? What's your real intention?" Kay looked at Layton complacently.

"Mr. Layton, can you explain it?" "Mr. Layton, there has been such a rumor before. Is it true?" The reporters scrambled to surround Layton as if they had found a treasure. Without saying a word, Layton turned around and left with hatred in his eyes.

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