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   Chapter 88 Alex Gets Sick

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"Clyde, bad news! Have you read the news this morning?" Emma rushed into the study of Clyde with an entertainment weekly newspaper in her hand.

She saw that Clyde and Kay were sitting face to face on the sofa in the study. The two of them looked very worried. An entertainment weekly, the same as Emma's, was quietly lying on the tea table in the middle of the sofa.

"You all know?" Emma sat beside Clyde.

"Well, maybe everyone knows now." Kay shook her head helplessly. On the front page of the entertainment newspaper, there was a big title, "the heir of the Meng Group met his mistress in a bar." and some intimate photos Clyde and Emma were attached.

Clyde picked up the newspaper and threw it heavily on the ground. "It must be that bastard, Layton! That's so annoying! "

"Clyde, calm down. We should think about how to deal with it now instead of being angry here." Emma tugged at the corner of Clyde's clothes, indicating him to calm down and face the matter.

"Emma is right. This time, Layton must have made up his mind to take revenge on the Meng group. He not only revealed Emma's previous family background, but also associated this kind of gossip with the Meng group. I think the stock price of the Meng group will also be affected this time. " A worried look appeared on Kay's face.

"What?! It is very serious. It's so hateful. " Emma gritted her teeth and turned to look at Kay. "Then what should we do now, sis?"

After a moment's silence, Kay said, "we must do something. If we don't make a sound, the entertainment reporters will say that we acquiesce in the rumor. But since this matter involves the Meng group, I think we'd better discuss it with president Alex first. "

"Okay." Emma also thought this was a good way to deal with it, so she stood up and was about to go to see Alex with Kay.

"Clyde, what's wrong with you? Don't throw your tantrum at this time. Let's work together to deal with the gossip first, okay? " Emma knew that Clyde was sitting on the sofa and did not want to go to meet his father. Hearing Emma's words, Clyde had no choice but to follow Emma and Kay out of the study.

Sitting in his office, Alex pinched his nose with his right hand. Looking at the constantly falling stock price of the Meng group on the computer, he kept shaking his head. As soon as the news came out this morning, the stock price of the Meng group kept falling, and there was no tendency to rise at all. He had sent people to secretly purchase the stock, and it seemed that it was about to recover.

"Mr. Alex."

Kay entered the office first, followed by Emma and Clyde. Looking up at the people who came in, Alex stood up and asked them to sit on the sofa. Alex locked his computer and sat on the sofa.

"Are you here for the morning news?" Alex was exhausted to deal with the sudden change in the morning.

"I'm sorry, uncle Alex..." Emma looked at the tired man with a guilty look.

"It's not your fault. Emma." Alex shook his hand, indicating that Emma d

. "

Since Alex was still very weak, he didn't have the strength to say anything more. He could only silently hold Clyde's hand and look at him with a smile. Then he shook his head, indicating that it didn't matter.

"Dad, don't worry. I know it now. I will learn from you how to run a company. " Clyde suddenly thought of the doctor's words. "But you have to promise me something."

A look of doubt appeared in Alex's eyes.

Clyde held his father's hand tightly in his own palm. "You have to promise me that when you recover this time, you will ask the doctor to arrange the surgery for you. I don't you to have three years left in your life. I want you to watch me marry Emma and have a grandson for you! "

"When you take over the company, i I'll receive the surgery. " Alex said with difficulty.

"Don't worry, Dad. I won't let you down! " "Dad, you can rest here. Don't worry about the company's affairs. The doctor told you to have a good rest. You can leave the company's affairs to me temporarily."

Alex nodded with satisfaction.

Clyde turned around and walked out of the ward. Emma and Kay had been waiting outside. Seeing that Clyde came out, Emma immediately patted him on the shoulder, hoping that he wouldn't worry too much about Alex. Looking back at his father who had fallen asleep, Clyde had mixed feelings. He called Kay and Emma aside.

"Now my father is sick. I'm afraid that Layton will take advantage of the fact that the Meng group is now in a state of disunity to make any bad move against us. We have to figure out a way to deal with today's rumor first, and then seize the opportunity to strike first!" Clyde looked at Kay and said, "we'll hold a press conference as Dad told us today to stabilize the stock price of the Meng group. We'll think about the rest. Besides, don't disturb my dad for rest because of business these days. "

The three of them nodded in agreement. Clyde shrugged his shoulders. He knew that he had to fight a tough battle by himself.

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