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   Chapter 86 Crisis

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With a tired look on his face, Arvin sat at his desk. The stubble on his chin popped out because he had stayed up late for several days. Arvin stared at the documents on the table and looked through the computer from time to time. Suddenly, he stood up and pushed all the documents on the table to the ground.

"shit!" With his hands supporting his body, Arvin stood at the desk and cursed, his eyes red.

The secretary came in and was shocked to see the files scattered on the ground.

"Mr. Arvin, your date is here. Do you want him to come in now?" The Secretary had never seen Arvin so angry and asked timidly.

John nodded. The secretary left the office, followed by a man. The man looked at the documents scattered on the ground and picked them up one by one.

"Have you found it out?" His voice was full of anger.

"Indeed, someone has lowered the market value of our company in private." The man folded the documents and put them back on Arvin's desk. Then he took out another stack of documents from his backpack.

"And you must have no idea who is behind this."

"Who?" Arvin sat back in his boss's chair, with hatred in his eyes.

"The Qing group." The man opened the file and handed it to Arvin.

As Arvin read the document carefully, his expression became more and more complicated, and the hatred in his eyes became more and more obvious. He clenched his fist and smashed it heavily on the document. "Rick! Do you figure other reasons that might result in his action? "

"The only thing I have found out is that Rick bought our shares at a high price in private and make an acquisition lower than our market value. The most possible reason is to prevent us from winning the bidding against the Qing group, so that our company can't be listed. "

"I won't let him succeed!" Said Arvin, gritting his teeth.

"But Mr. Arvin, we don't have enough working capital to fight against the Qing group, unless..." The man stopped.

"I won't go to ask him for help." Arvin knew what the man meant, but he wouldn't do that unless he had to.

"If I tell you one more thing, maybe you will change your mind now." The man took out a kraft envelope from his backpack, in which there was a thick stack of photos.

"What's this?" Arvin took the photos one by one, which made him frown more deeply.

"The temporary worker aunt who said she had disappeared has been confirmed to be dead. The day before she went to Noah's house, he saw a man working for Rick. After that, a large sum of money was suddenly transferred to her adopted daughter's account, so the accident at the wedding must have something to do with the Qing group."

Arvin leaned back against the back of the seat and that man looked at him, "so I think you should reconsider my advice just now."

Arvin lowered his head and thought for a long time. He sighed and waved at the man, "I see. You continue to help me keep an eye on the person who works for Rick. I will figure out the rest."

The man then left the office. Then, Arvin picked up the stack of photos and put them back into the envelope. He picked up the coat on the back of the seat and walked ou

new the cruelty of business competition, so he was not surprised at the dirty tricks of Rick at all.

"But what's more, he also sent people to harm Joyce secretly. Although I don't know his ultimate goal now, Joyce is pregnant with your grandson. You can't just sit by and do nothing!"

"Do you have any evidence?" Richard frowned.

"I don't have any solid evidence now. I just sent people to find out some inside stories. I also suspect that it was not an accident that Joyce and I fell off the cliff together last time." Arvin shook his head helplessly. "I've asked someone to check the fence of the cliff. There are traces that the fence was broken first and then reconnected. It's the same as the one broken by Joyce's high-heeled shoes last time. It's man-made! The most suspicious person is Rick! "

Richard stood up and paced back and forth in front of the window for two or three circles. Then he turned around and said to Arvin, "Okay, I can help you, but I have to make some rules with you first."

"Okay, go ahead."

"First, you can't let the Qing group know that I'm helping you!" Richard knew that offending the Qing group would do him no good, so he had to do it perfectly.

"No problem."

Second, even if I help you, it doesn't mean that I would agree that you could marry Joyce, the baby in her belly, has nothing to do with you in my eyes. And so does our family. "

"Okay." Arvin's tone was full of helplessness. He knew that he couldn't let Richard make any more concessions for the time being.

"Third, after this matter is over, this money will definitely not only be worth this amount. You have to pay me more as return." As expected, Richard was a businessman in essence. Even Arvin was his son, he still had to be clear about their accounts and didn't forget the investment interests.

"OK." Arvin had no other choice but to accept all his conditions.

The father and son agreed with each other. Immediately, Richard took out a check from his desk, drew out a large sum of money and handed it to Arvin. A sneer appeared at the corners of Arvin's mouth.

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