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   Chapter 28 Go Aboard For Further Study

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In the following days, nothing special happened, and Arvin didn't do anything excessive. In other people's eyes, the two of them just maintained a simple relationship between boss and subordinate. As time went by, the colleagues in the company stopped talking about Joyce.

Another weekend was coming soon. Joyce received an unexpected call in her office.


"Emma, what's up?" Joyce was a little surprised. Why did Emma call her.

"Well, you can ask Noah to go home for dinner tomorrow weekend. I have something important to announce." There was unspeakable joy hidden in Emma's tone.

"You?! You're home! " This should be the happiest news for Joyce this month.

"Well, I'll be home on Sunday. You must come back. Remember to take Noah with you when you go back home. "

"Okay." After hanging up the phone, Joyce couldn't wait to tell Noah about it.

On the second morning, Noah's car stopped at the gate of Joyce's house. Joyce went downstairs as soon as she got on the car. The back seat of the car was filled with gifts and tonics.

"Don't exaggerate it. Don't tell me that these things are bought for my father and Aunt Jenifer."

"Ha ha, these are for your parents and Emma. But I didn't prepare it. My mother asked me to bring it. Now you should know how much my mother likes you. She is urging me to get your household register to my home as soon as possible. "

Joyce's face flushed bright red all of a sudden when she got the meaning hidden in his words. Although she shyly told Noah to drive carefully, she felt happy in her heart.

As soon as Aunt Jenifer opened the door, she saw that Joyce and Noah were carrying a bunch of gifts in front of her. She immediately asked Joyce's father, Smith, to carry the gifts into the house, and then warmly invited them to come in and sit down. Emma had already sat on the sofa. Emma had lost a lot of weight in the past few months. In fact, there was no big change in Emma's body. But Joyce thought that Emma must have suffered a lot, so she felt that she was thinner. Joyce thought to herself.

"Sis, Noah, come and sit here." As soon as Emma saw Joyce, she happily asked them to sit down.

Joyce knew what had happened to Emma better than anyone else, but she refrained herself from asking or mentioning anything. She just asked Emma how she had been recently, and Emma just prevaricated with a few words. Joyce thought that as long as her father and Aunt Jenifer trusted her, they would stop fussing about the truth.

"By the way, didn't you say that you had something important to announce? Why did you ask me to bring Noah with me? Why are you so mysterious about it? " It suddenly occurred to Joyce that Emma had mentioned something important on the phone.

"It's a good news. We are family. Besides, we can create more opportunities for you to

get along with each other."

"Emma, you should call Noah as Mr. Noah. Don't repeat that he is your brother in law all day long." Joyce said shyly.

"Anyway, he will be my brother in law sooner or later. Besides, I'm a sweet talker. My brother-in-law will take care of me in the future. Right, brother in law? " Noticing her sister's shyness, Emma hurried to say to Noah.

Hearing Emma's calling him "brother-in-law" one after another, Noah was overjoyed and kept nodding. At this time, Aunt Jenifer, who was busy in the kitchen, also said, "I think Emma is right. Anyway, I have already treated Noah as a family. Scott! Come and take the dishes out for dinner. "

"Thank you, Aunt Jenifer. I will try my best to fulfill your wish that I will marry Joyce as soon as possible." Hearing the recognition of Aunt Jenifer, Noah was very happy. He hurried to the kitchen to help take the bowls and chopsticks.

The family sat around the table. Looking at this scene, Aunt Jenifer felt a little strange. "It's been a long time since the family sat together to have dinner." Hearing the sob in Aunt Jenifer's voice, Smith tried to mediate, "it's all over now, isn't it? Why don't you mention those disappointing things today?" It seemed that Aunt Jenifer had realized her gaffe just now. She even asked Noah to try the dishes she cooked.

"While eating, I'm announcing a good news that I'm going to study abroad."

"Studying abroad?" Joyce asked in surprise.

"Yes, I have told dad and mom that I have been working as a signed singer for Flying Dragon International these days. Now my boss recommended me to British for a professional singing training course. I should set out next month. " Joyce's father and Aunt Jenifer nodded to show their agreement.

"That's good. Emma], just study hard. I believe in you." Noah immediately expressed his consent.

"Since you all support her, I have no objection. You should take good care of yourself abroad. Don't forget to call home even if you are too busy. If your father and Aunt Jenifer worry about you because you didn't call them on time, I will bring you back to blame at any time. " Emma could understand how much Joyce cared about her though she was saying tough words.

"Sis, you'd better be gentle. If you scare Noah, let's see who dare to marry you."

"Don't be garrulous. How long will it take? "

"The courses will last for one year in total, and there will be two months' vacation in the middle."

"Well, since you have decided, you should study hard."

"Got it."

"Well, well, let's eat. Or the food will cool down." Aunt Jenifer hurried to invite them to dinner.

The dinner was very relaxing. Joyce had made up her mind. The end was about to reach, and Emma had found the direction of her efforts. It was time for her to have a negotiation with Arvin.

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