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   Chapter 26 Reconciliation

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 3172

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The trees on both sides of the road outside the car window were blown into disorder by the night wind. Both of Joyce and Noah were silent with something on their minds. Looking at the aggrieved expression on her face, Noah's eyes were full of love and pity. Noah pulled over slowly, patted the back of her hand and said gently, "Joyce, shall we go for a walk?" Joyce nodded slightly.

Walking on the beach arm in arm with Noah, Joyce asked tentatively, "are you full of doubts now? Do you want to ask me a bunch of questions?"

Noah let go of her hand and looked into her eyes. "Honey, if you don't want to tell me, I don't need your answer." Joyce had thought that Noah would want to know the answer, but when she heard his words, she felt ashamed. She hugged Noah. His strong chest was still so warm and safe. "Noah, can you stop being so nice to me? I'm afraid."

Hearing the tearful voice of Joyce, Noah stroked her hair to comfort her. "Joyce, I said I would only be good to you in my life. You don't have to be afraid of anything as I am always with me. "

"If you suddenly leave me one day, I will definitely not be able to live on my own." Noah covered her mouth and said, "Girl, don't talk nonsense. I won't leave you alone for the rest of my life. Don't be sad. "

They sat on the beach, letting the sea breeze blow on their faces gently.

"Noah, you must be very curious about the relationship between me and Arvin, right?"

"Baby, I believe you. Don't say anything more." Hearing that, Joyce didn't dare to face it. He was afraid of knowing the answer.


don't interrupt me. I'm afraid I won't have the courage to say it out later. Actually... "

Noah's cellphone suddenly rang. It was his mother who wanted to eat some white fungus soup. And she called Noah to buy her one on his way home. After hanging up the phone, Noah gestured for Joyce to go on, but she was interrupted by the phone and lost her courage.

"Actually, I offended him at a party and said he was ill mannered, so he just wanted to punish me. I have nothing to do with him. " What Joyce had planned to say failed to come out of her mouth. 'Noah, I'm so sorry. I really don't have the courage to tell you everything. I don't want to see you sad, and I'm more afraid that you will leave me again. Let me be selfish this time. Only this time, let me use this little lie to save my miserable life.' Joyce thought to herself.

"No wonder he tried every means to keep you by his side. I grew up together with Arvin. Although he is a little arrogant and willful, he is not a bad person. When he calms down, I will talk to him clearly. Joyce, don't worry. I will protect you. "

Noah put her head on his shoulder and said, "Joyce, you have to remember that no matter what happens, I'll be with you." Noah lowered his head slowly and kissed her lips. This kiss was so soft and lingering, completely different from the domineering and possessive kiss of Arvin. Damn it! Why did she think of that hateful guy when she was kissing with Noah? It could be seen how deeply he had impacted on her. She didn't care about it. The most important thing was to live in the moment.

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