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   Chapter 23 You Must Be Present

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 3822

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"Joyce, do you like the food here?" Noah and Joyce were enjoying their date in a western restaurant.

"Wow, it's so delicious." Joyce was a typical foodie. As long as there was delicious food in front of her, she could stay out of everything even if she were facing a big trouble. Seeing her eat as happily as a child, Noah finally felt relieved.

"Joyce, do you know that the company is going to hold a party?"

"I know. Shelly has announced it in the office today."

"Do you want to be the Party Queen that night?"

"No, I don't." Noah was startled by her cold attitude and calm answer.

"Then you don't know what reward you will get, do you?"

"I know. The Queen would be offered a chance to be the heroine of the promotional video next year of the company." After saying that, Joyce took another big bite of the steak, regardless of her image.

"It seems that Joyce is really different from other women. And you are not so desire for fame so much."

Joyce looked at Noah with a smile. In fact, every girl loved to be defined as beautiful and want to be the focus of everyone's eyes. But as long as Joyce thought that she would have to be Arvin's assistant if she was selected as the Party Queen, she couldn't bear it. Even it was such a significant and dazzling title, she had to stay away from it.

"Since you don't like to be the Party Queen, why don't you be my partner during the party?"

"Okay, no problem." It seemed that Joyce's attitude today just proved what Anna had said that night. Indeed, Noah deemed that it was him who overreacted about it.

"Beep, beep, beep..." a message came to Joyce's phone. "Where are you? The chauffeur will pick you up in five minutes. " 'No, not again. That annoying guy starts to badger me again. ' Joyce thought to herself.

"What's the matter?" Noah asked with concern.

Joyce's face changed slightly at once. "No, nothing. Mom asked m

e to go back home now. "

"Then let me drive you home."

"No, thanks. I can take a taxi home. Didn't you say that you have something to deal with in the company? "

"Well, I'll ask you out to discuss something about the party this Sunday. "

"Okay. "

Joyce left the restaurant, but Noah, who was still excited and happy, didn't notice the subtle change in Joyce's expression. Half an hour later, Joyce was picked up by the chauffeur to the villa located in a suburban area.

"Joyce, I'm so sorry to interrupt your romantic date with your Mr. right." The emotionless ridicule of Arvin made people feel that the atmosphere was unusually horrible and strange.

"Mr. Arvin, is that why you asked me to come here?"

"Of course not. I called you here to fulfill your duty as my mistress." Arvin pulled her into his arms and pushed her to the soft bed. Joyce got used to it and no more resisted.

"Girl, do you know about the party of the company?" Arvin's hand moved across her face, and his eyes were deep and mysterious.

"I know."

"Then be my dancing partner." Arvin let go of Joyce, sat on the edge of the bed and lit a cigarette.

It was obvious that he was giving her an order, but he still said it in an imperative tone. What an ungraceful man. "No, I have promised someone else to be his partner."



John stubbed out the cigarette and flicked it into the ashtray. "Girl, you know how serious the consequences will be if you refuse me. Then Arvin turned around and pressed Joyce under his body.

"But I've already agreed to be Noah's partner. Mr. Arvin, you'd better find another one."

"Girl, you don't know what will happen if you refuse me. Listen carefully. You are not allowed to be absent on the day of the party. Besides, you can only be my partner! " Arvin lowered his head and kissed Joyce on the lips. The room was full of the smell of hormone.

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