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   Chapter 21 Best Female Friend

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 3734

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"Joyce, what are you doing recently?" Anna's gentle and pleasant voice came from the other end of the line.

"Anna, you always like to bully me."

"Since you still have a lot of strength to curse. It seems that you are not hungry. Then I'll take the lunch back." Before Anna could finish her words, she stood in front of the desk of Joyce with a bag of food in her hand. Joyce was surprised at first, but then she was happy instead. "Why do you have time to see me today?". Anna shook the food in her hand and showed the watch on her left wrist. "In order to bring lunch to you, but it seems that I'm here too early. Some busy people are not hungry yet." Joyce grabbed the food in Anna's hand and said, "give it to me. Thank you." "Oh, don't be so impatient. This is for your colleagues. And this one is for you."

After giving the food to everyone, Joyce and Anna turned around and walked to the coffee room.

"Joyce, actually I have something to tell you today." Anna suddenly said to Joyce in very serious tone.

"Anna, why are you so serious? I'm not used to it. Tell me what happened. Don't make the atmosphere so tense. " It seemed that Joyce had guessed Anna's intention. She pretended to be relaxed and tried to hide her nervousness.

"Are you hiding something from me and Noah?" Anna was straightforward and would not hide anything.

"You think too much. Of course there is nothing between me and Noah." Joyce responded, but she didn't dare to look into Anna's eyes. She fiddled with the coffee cup with her fingers. How could Joyce conceal these little details from her best friend who grew up with her together.

"Joyce, we have been best friends for so many years. Don't you think i am worth your full trust?" A trace of sadness flowed through Anna's eyes.

"No, Anna, I did not mean that I don't trust you. But I don't know what to say.

I have been very tired these days. "

"Joyce, look into my eyes. You have to trust me. It's not a big deal. I will shoulder everything with you. " Seeing the firmness and encouragement in Anna's eyes, Joyce finally plucked up the courage to speak out the untouchable agreement in her heart.

Hearing what Joyce said, Anna frowned and clenched her fists. "This man is too overbearing and domineering."

"Anna, please don't tell this to Noah." Tears welled up in Joyce's eyes.

"Do you think that Noah won't notice it? Last night, Noah asked me to go to the bar to have a talk with me. He kept blaming himself for the mistakes he made and he didn't know why you were getting more and more alienated from him. " Seeing that Joyce's expression was getting worse and worse, Anna didn't say anything more. "Oh ~ ~ don't tell me that you fall in love with that domineering man, right?"

"No, it won't. I just made a deal with him. Our deal will be over in half a month."

"I'm telling you, Noah is a good man that you might not have another chance to meet such a perfect man as him in the world again. Don't let him down, or you'll regret it, girl."

"I know."

"Well, you have to solve your own problem as soon as possible. I can only help you conceal it for a while. After all, you can hide but you can't run away."

"Okay." It was a little comfort for Joyce to hear Anna promise to help her, but Joyce herself didn't expect that when she said that the deal between herself and Noah would be finished in half a month, his lonely figure and sad expression flashed through her mind that night.

Everything happened in the cafe room fell into the eyes of Arvin. It turned out that Joyce was still thinking about the possibility that everything would come to an end after half a month. But how could Noah let her go so easily. Girl, just wait and see.

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