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   Chapter 20 Tipsy

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 3563

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The night in the city was more mysterious than the daytime. The colorful neon lights made the city seem to keep awaken all day long. Noah had never thought that the night in this city would be so deep and charming. He stood at the bridge of Binjiang Road, letting the wind blow on his face and ruffle his hair. He tried to find out the answer by himself. He really wanted to know what was going on between them. He would rather suffer than force her.

"Anna, are you free tonight? Let's go out for a drink. "

"Okay. See you at No. 9 Club in half an hour."

It was the first time in Noah's life that he had been in a bar, but he was not restrained at all. The handsome and gentle man sitting at the bar counter immediately and attracted the attention of all the women in the bar. When they saw Anna sitting down, all their hopes and ideas were stopped. They could only secretly regret that they had missed a very handsome man tonight.

"Noah, you are so free tonight. Why did he ask me out?" A bright smile was always the best way to start a conversation.

"Anna, in fact, I have something to ask you so I ask you for a drink tonight." Noah motioned Anna to sit down and ordered a glass of cocktail for her.

"Is there anything else I can do to help you?"

"Do you think that Joyce is strange recently?"

"Really? I don't think there is much change of her as usual. "

"If that's the case, there must be something wrong between me and Joyce." Noah drank up the wine in his hand and asked the waiter to make another glass.

"Noah, are you just here to get drunk? What happened between you and Joyce? "

"I don't know. I just don't know the reason and that is why I'm so upset. Recently, she often makes excuses to refuse to meet me. It seems that she deliberate

ly keeps a distance from me when we work together every day. "

That sounded so incredible. Joyce had been obsessed with Noah since college. If it's true, it's really strange it was exactly as what Noah said.'. Although Anna thought so, she still wanted to try to comfort Noah when she saw him drinking one after another.

"Oh, by the way. I heard Joyce had mention something about her sister, Emma, before. Maybe she is busy with her family affairs. "

"Emma? You mean Joyce's sister? What happened? "

"I don't know either. I just heard from Joyce that her sister ran away from home for some unknown reason. Some time ago, she said that she had gone to meet Emma. I don't know what happened later, and I don't know what happened to her either."

"Why didn't Joyce tell me anything about her family? I'm her boyfriend. I can help her solve it." Noah was obviously a bit drunk.

"You should be very clear that Joyce is a stubborn girl. If she is clear about the fact that it was something she can solve by herself, then she will never bother others. Don't think too much. Joyce doesn't want to tell me perhaps it is because she might have her own difficulties. You have to believe her. "

Hearing Anna's words, Noah felt relieved. Anna was right. If Joyce didn't want to ask him for help, she must have her own plan.

"Anna, thank you so much. You are right. I should believe in Joyce." Noah smiled knowingly.

"That's right. I'll get some time to ask her out to have a talk. If there is any latest news about her, I'll inform you immediately, but I'll accept the commission as return, okay? "

"Ha ha, thank you."

"Well, then you don't have to drink anymore. Let me drive you home." Anna helped Noah, who felt a bit dizzy out of alcohol, out of the bar.

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