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   Chapter 18 A Different Side of Arvin

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 3796

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"Joyce, let me drive you home after work."

"Noah, I have something else to do. You can leave first."

"Can we have a talk some time?"

"Okay, let's talk after work tomorrow."

After hanging up Noah's call, Joyce felt very sad. She had said sorry to him countless times in her heart. Looking at the frown on Noah's face and the confused look in his eyes every day, she felt guilty. In order to meet the need of that scheming CEO, she had to refuse Noah again and again. She prayed in her heart that a month would pass quickly.

"Miss Joyce, Mr. Arvin asked me to pick you up."

The route of the car tonight was different from usual, but she didn't care much about this. Every night, the house that Arvin took her to spend the night was not the same. But tonight, the car drove away from the city and headed for the highest mountain in the city. Finally, the car stopped at the top of the Cloud Mountain.

When Emma got off the car, Arvin was already waiting for her in the pavilion.

"Have a seat."

"Mr. Arvin, are you taking me here to see the stars?" Joyce was disgusted with him. For her, everything happened between them was just a deal.

"Don't you think the sky is beautiful tonight?" Arvin changed his domineering style and said in a particularly gentle tone.

All Joyce could think about was that Noah was so sad that she didn't notice the scenery at the top of the mountain at all. After she heard Arvin's words, she realized the Cloud Mountain was so unique at night.

It was not as dark as the countryside due to neon lights in the city. The sky was dotted with large amount of stars, which was less mysterious but still so quiet.

For people who had been accustomed to the fast pace of life in a large city, they definitely enjoyed looking at this delicate night scene. The scenery and air here made their heart tranquil.

"My family has placed high hopes o

n me since I was a child. I have to bear competition and pressure that don't match my age. In the eyes of outsiders, I am a lucky man born with wealth and power. However, I'm very tired every day. Only in here can I feel my heartbeat and feel that I'm still alive." He leaned his head on her shoulder and closed his eyes slowly.

The CEO, who used to be condescending, was now lying on Joyce's shoulder like a child, so calm and innocent. Looking at him, Joyce fell deep in her thoughts. What kind of person he was? Joyce's heart was filled with confusion. But the only thing she was sure was that what happened between them was just a transaction. Nothing else would happen.

The sky began to whiten. Venus was a sign of a new day. Arvin slept with his head on Joyce's shoulder the whole night. Her whole body became stiff. She moved her body several times, but she was afraid that she would wake him up when she saw his sleeping face like a child's. Arvin slowly opened his eyes, took a look at Joyce who was still sitting, and said coldly, "Let's go."

Did this man have a split personality? He was really annoying during the day, but he was real at night. What one was the real him? Joyce cursed in her heart, but her feet became numb and fell to the ground because of the whole night's sitting. It was not the cold ground that greeted her, but warm hands. Arvin held Joyce once he saw her falling and asked, "Woman, can't you just be normal?"

"My feet are numb."

Arvin carried Joyce in her arm and put her in the car, saying, "Casper, send her home. Woman, you don't have to go to work today."

"Why don't you want me to work?"

"Your salary will be paid as usual."

"That's okay."

Watching the car driving towards the downtown, Arvin felt warm in his heart. He didn't understand why he could be so secure with this woman by his side, and her shoulders were very soft.

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