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   Chapter 12 Showed Her Ability for the First Time

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In the following days, all the female colleagues in the company envied Joyce. Her relationship with Noah had been completely exposed in the company. There were even rumors that Joyce was already the future daughter-in-law of the Feng family. Some people who did not think she would in the end marry Noah were guessing what kind of dirty tricks Joyce had used to hook up with a golden bachelor like Noah. Joyce just turned a deaf ear to all kinds of gossips in the company. She had heard too many of them four years ago.

"Joyce, have you prepared the materials for the monthly meeting this afternoon?" As he spoke, Noah picked up a piece of meat from his plate and put it into Joyce's bowl. "I have always been asking you to eat more. Look, you've become thinner recently. If aunt knows that, she will blame me on that."

"Yes, all prepared. I'll bring them to you after lunch to see if there is anything that needs to be improved. By the way, my mother wants to invite you to have dinner at home on Sunday. Now you are the most popular person in my family. I feel that I am not my mother's daughter now. Maybe you are the child they have lost for many years."

"Silly girl, don't talk nonsense. After lunch, let's go back to the company to prepare for the afternoon meeting. Uncle Richard and all the shareholders will attend the meeting."

'The Uncle Richard Noah mentioned should be the father of that annoying guy, so he will also attend the meeting this afternoon.' Every time she thought of working under the same roof with him, Joyce felt uncomfortable.

All the shareholders had arrived at the meeting room. They sat down on both sides of the table according to the pre-arranged position. Some were reading the materials in their hands, and some were talking about something. As the door of the meeting room was opened, everyone became quiet. The middle-aged man walking in front of Arvin should be his father. The middle-aged man was about fifty years old, and he exuded an intimidating and obedient power. Like father, like son. Arvin perfectly inherited his father's intimidating aura.

Richard Yi sat in the middle of the room, and Arvin sat next to him. "Dear shareholders, today is our company's monthly report meeting. Now, please the heads of all departments begin to analyze and sum up the situation of this month. Let's start from the sales department."

All departments began to make their presentation. Next, Joyce reported the data of this month on behalf of the executive department.

After calming herself down, Joyce walked to the projector at the other end of the table and inserted the prepared USB flash disk into the computer. But when she clicked on the meeting materials, she found that the document she had just opened in Noah's office was now completely blank! Before she could figure out what was going on, the atmosphere in the meeting room had already been frozen to the extreme. Some shareholders were discussing in a low voice. Richard's face looked terrible, but Arvin, who was sitting next to him, looked like he was watching a good show. Noah hurried to the computer to check what was going on, but no matter how hard he tried, the document was still blank. He knew that he and Joyce hadn't backed up the document anywhere else.

"Noah Feng, can you give me an explanation?" Richard Yi's voice was unusually calm, but it made people feel upset.

"Uncle Richard, I just opened it in my office before the meeting. I don't know why the document is blank now."

"Noah, is this your explanation?" Richard Yi stood up and was about to leave the meeting room.

"Mr. Richard, please wait a second. I can do this report. I have sorted out and prepared all the data, and I can accurately remember them." Joyce pretended to be calm. In fact, her mind was in a mess now, but she had to calm down for the sake of Noah.

"Then you can start." Richard Yi returned to his seat and was about to listen to the data report of the executive department.

Joyce took a deep breath, turned off the computer and the projector, walked to the blackboard with a pen and began to report while drawing some important data on the blackboard. "Our department has a total of..." Joyce finished her report smoothly and accurately on the stage. She could remember all the content accurately, and her thoughts were very orderly. It was known that the data of the executive department and all other departments were related, and they were both broad and complicated. Richard Yi had a different view of Joyce in his heart.

When Joyce finished her report, all the shareholders present showed appreciation and praise on their faces. Joyce returned to her seat, relieved. Joyce and Noah looked at each other and smiled at the same time.

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