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   Chapter 11 She Was My Girlfriend

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This time, Noah sat in the back seat of the car with Joyce, and Uncle Peter was driving the car. It turned out that Noah's parents were holding a wedding anniversary party today. So Noah decided to officially introduce Joyce to his parents. The car sped all the way out of the city, heading to the suburban villa group dozens of kilometres away from the city. The people who could live here were all billionaires or political tycoons. Joyce didn't even know about Noah's family background. Looking at the villas in front of her, she felt that they were totally coming from different communities. Noah seemed to have noticed that Joyce was nervous; so he held her hand tightly and gave her a gentle smile.

Uncle Peter led the way, and Noah entered the room with Joyce. Guests came one after another. Men and women were wearing decent dresses, holding red wine glasses, chatting and laughing in groups. Everyone noticed the man and woman walking in at the door. "Look, that girl is so beautiful..."

"What a perfect match!"

"Isn't that the son of the Feng family? Who's that woman? Look, they are still holding hands."

The crowd were discussing about them. Noah directly took Joyce to a table on the left. He said, "Mom, happy wedding anniversary. This is the girl I often mentioned to you, Joyce Xin."

Noah' mother wore a black evening dress with a deep V collar and her hair was neatly coiled up. Joyce's first impression of Noah's mother were grace, generosity and beauty.

"Hello, auntie! Nice to meet you!"

"You are Joyce. Noah often mentions you in front of us. You are indeed a beautiful little girl. Noah, your father and Uncle Richard are talking about something upstairs. Go and say hello to them. I will take good care of Miss Joyce."

Noah then turned around and walked towards the room upstairs.

"Miss Joyce, I'm glad that you come here for the party. I believe that Noah' father will be very happy to see you." Noah's mother was very easy-going. She had talked a lot about Noah with Joyce, which made the latter not as nervous as before.

"Ladies and gentlemen, please be quiet. It's my honor to invite all of you to attend our Mr. Trevor and his wife's wedding anniversary party. Mr. Trevor has something to say next." Then Uncle Peter turned around and handed the microphone to Trevor Feng, who was standing next to him.

'This must be Noah' father. Although he is almost fifty years old, he was in high spirits and had an extraordinary temperament, ' Joyce thought to herself.

"Good evening, dear friends and family! Today is the 20th wedding anniversary of my wife, Doris Liu and I. First of all, on behalf of my wife and myself, I would like to express my gratitude for your presence. At the same time, I want to say something to my wife today. Over the years, I have often ignored your feelings because of work. It's you who have been silently supporting me

and our family behind me. We have been together for twenty years, but this is far from enough. I will accompany you to go through the next twenty years, and all the days in the future."

After saying that, he took out a gift box from his pocket and walked to Doris Liu. There was a very beautiful ring in it. Richard said, "Honey, I love you!"

Noah's mother was deeply touched. At this moment, she only felt that she was the happiest woman in the world. The melodious music gradually played out. Richard Feng invited Doris Liu to dance the first dance, and the applause came one after another. Then, the guests began to invite their partners to dance. The room was filled with warm atmosphere.

Joyce wrapped her arms around Noah's neck, and he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Your father is really good at romance. You must have learned it from him, right?"

"Father and I are just showing our true feelings."

The sweetness of the young couple fell into the eyes of Arvin, who was sitting in the corner. He held the red wine glass tightly within his hand, seeming to be about to crush it. Arvin thought, 'How dare she go back home with Noah! And she is dressed up in such an ostentatious way. The most important thing is that she is really beautiful tonight!' Arvin stood up and walked to the dance floor.

"Noah, why did you bring your assistant home? It's not your style."

"Mr. Arvin, eh? Why don't you bring a partner with you? Everyone knows that you are a master of love."

"You'd better call my name at your home. Our families have been getting along well for generations. If my father knows that you call me Mr. Arvin, he will absolutely teach me a lesson."

"Okay, Arvin."

Every time she saw this annoying guy, Joyce felt uncomfortable all over. It turned out that Noah and he were friends. No wonder he was also here!

"Since I don't have a dancing partner, why don't you lend your assistant to me?"

'What? What did he just say? I am not a thing. How could he borrow me?' Joyce thought. She looked at Noah with an aggrieved face, hoping that he wouldn't agree.

"Arvin, I'm so sorry. Joyce is my partner tonight. If you don't have a dancing partner, I can ask my mother to introduce some to you. I think your mother will also be very happy to do that. Besides, Joyce don't attend the party as my assistant today. She is my girlfriend." After saying that, Noah took Joyce's hand.

"Well, I'll go to entertain myself." Arvin turned around and left the dance floor. Nobody noticed the fire of killing in his eyes. Instead of returning to his seat, he left the villa directly. Girlfriend! Girlfriend! Was this woman crazy? It was time to teach her a lesson.

After the party, Noah drove Joyce home and told her that his parents liked her very much. Doris Liu had spoken highly of her and said she would invite her to their home alone when she had time.

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