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   Chapter 10 The Unique Evening Dress

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 4010

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"Noah, can we talk about our next schedule now?" They walked out of the restaurant hand in hand.

"Please let me keep it as a secret now. I'll take you to a place first." Joyce pursed her lips in displeasure. Noah raised his hand and gently rubbed Joyce's nose, saying, "All right. I want to give you something first before I tell you where to go. Listen to me. Get in the car."

The car stopped in front of a shop named "Sun". Noah walked out of the driver's seat and opened the door for Joyce. Soon, a middle-aged man in a suit of 40 something years old came out of the shop.

"Mr. Noah, I've prepared it for you."

"Thank you, uncle Peter. This is Joyce. Take her in please."

"Yes, Mr. Noah. The lounge is ready for you. Mr. Trevor asked when you would arrive tonight."

"I'll be there when Joyce's clothes are ready."

Noah turned around and said gently to Joyce who was still confused, "Joyce, this is our butler, Uncle Peter." The middle-aged man nodded at Joyce with a smile.

"Hello, Uncle Peter," Joyce greeted him politely.

"You can go in with Uncle Peter. He will tell you what to do. I'll wait for you in the lounge."

Joyce followed Uncle Peter into the shop. The shop was decorated in European style, and there were all kinds of new dresses on both sides, which dazzled her. Uncle Peter talked a few words with a foreign man in fashionable clothes. Then the latter came over with a measuring tape to measure the size of Joyce. "61, 87, 89, standard sizes." Hearing that man's praise, Joyce felt embarrassed.

"Miss Joyce, what kind of style do you like?"


"Miss Joyce, don't worry. This is a famous designer Mr. Bob. Mr. Noah asked him to make a dress for you," seeing the confused look on Joyce's face, Uncle Peter explained to her in a hurry.

"Oh. I don't have any favorite style, and I don't know what kind of style is suitable for me either."

"Women should know their own style. Well, let me, Bob, design some for you. Uncle Peter, you can ta

ke Joyce to the lounge and have a rest. I will finish the design and production as soon as possible."

"Okay, thank you, Mr. Bob."

Three hours later, Mr. Bob walked into the lounge. Standing about three steps away from Noah and Joyce, he clapped his hands together for three times. Two maids walked in with a dress in their hands. Except for Joyce, everyone in the lounge knew that the design cost of Mr. Bob was more than one million dollars. The value of the dresses carried by these two maids was much higher than ordinary people could imagine, so the two of them were very careful, as if they were holding all their wealth.

"Mr. Noah, I've prepared the gift you want. It's a unique one..."

"Thank you, Mr. Bob."

Noah nodded at Uncle Peter. Then he turned around and said to the two maids, "Take Miss Joyce to try on the dress."

Ten minutes later, the maids just opened the door of the lounge, and Joyce followed them. Seeing her dress up, Noah stood up slowly. At this moment, she looked like a princess from a fairy tale. It was a short champagne strapless evening dress, with three-dimensional flowers inlaid with Swarovski Crystal on the chest, a delicate embroidered lace Organza dress, and a flawless bowknot ribbon on the waist. Everything was perfectly matched which made Noah stunned. Noah was not the only one who was stunned. Everyone present should be stunned!

Seeing that Noah didn't say anything, Joyce felt a little embarrassed and asked, "Noah, isn't it beautiful?" Hearing her question, Noah came back to his senses. "No, it's very beautiful! Didn't you ask me about my next schedule?"

"Yes. Are you going to take me to the cinema in such clothes?"

"Of course not. I'll take you to a dinner party tonight."

"Dinner party? What kind of party?"

"I will officially introduce you to my parents tonight."

"What? But isn't it too soon?" Joyce asked in surprise.

"But they have been waiting for 4 years. Uncle Peter, please bring me my evening suit."

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