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   Chapter 9 An Appointment in the Dolphinarium

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 4356

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Noah took Joyce to the dolphinarium. Joyce wondered why there was no one in the large dolphinarium. Of course, she didn't expect that it was specially arranged by Noah. He had booked the whole dolphinarium today. Why did he carry out his "big plan" in the dolphinarium? He still owed her a wish about the dolphin.

"Eh? Why is there no one here?"

"Maybe other people think other shows are more attractive."

"Really? But I still like dolphin." Noah made a gesture to the exit on the right side of the dolphin pool. Soon, a beast trainer walked onto the stage. The beast trainer whistled and two dolphin swam out of the pool.

"Wow, Noah, look! Dolphins!" Joyce stood up excitedly, clapped her hands and shouted. The dolphin was performing hard in the pool, rolling, jumping and turning.

"Joyce, do you want to touch the dolphin?"

"Is that okay?" Joyce's eyes lit up. Holding Joyce's hand, Noah walked to the edge of the performance pool. The trainer had led the dolphin to the place where Joyce squatted. The dolphin raised its head above the water, as if enjoying the caress of Joyce.

"So cute! I'm so happy today."

Joyce and Noah went back to their seats. "Joyce, let me give you a dolphin, okay?"

"Are you kidding, Noah?"

Noah took out a gift box from his pocket. Inside the box was a very beautiful necklace, and the pendant was a lovely blue crystal dolphin.

"Joyce, 4 years ago, you told me that you wanted me to take you to see a dolphin, but I broke my promise at that time, and my parents arranged me to study abroad. I don't understand why you are so obsessed with dolphin. Later, a dolphin feeder abroad told me that dolphin symbolized love till death, and he told me the legend about dolphin. A long time ago, the son of the Heavenly God had broken the taboo of the divine world and fallen in love with a human girl. The two of them walked everywhere, but they couldn't find a place to hide. Only the elf queen, who lived in the depths of the forest, sympathized with them and gave a pair of magic copper rings to the couple. However, the God of jealousy discovered the secret of the copper rings, took them and threw them into the sea.

Without the protection of the copper rings, the couple were also washed away by the waves. They were still looking for each other before they were about to turn into bubbles. This love moved the kind dolphin. The dolphin helped the lovers get back the copper rings, so that they could be together forever. From now on, the dolphin has become the guardian God of love and the symbol of love till death."

After a pause, Noah looked at Joyce seriously and said, "I didn't understand what you were thinking until then. I've been studying hard, hoping that I can come back as soon as possible. Fortunately, I got your news from Anna again 4 years later. So I can't miss you this time. Can you give me a chance to take care of you? This sentence comes 4 years later. If you are angry with me, I can wait for you like you did for me. I will wait for you for 4 years. I can even wait for 40 years. Joyce, be my girlfriend, all right?"

In the past, he only said "Joyce, wait for me" and left her. For the whole 4 years, she was not afraid of being alone, but she was afraid that someone would disturb her life when she got used to being alone. Joyce's mind went blank. It seemed that she was back to the time when she was at school. Noah still took extra care of her like now. As a newcomer in love, of course she was fascinated by Noah who was like a prince to her. Just when she thought they could be together, he left. She was left alone to endure all the gossip and ridicule.

"Does she really think you can get Noah?" "How can someone like Noah have a crush on her?"

"Joyce, what are you thinking about?"

"Noah, I don't know, either. I'm just afraid that everything will change as it was 4 years ago. I have no news of you anymore. You are like a kite to me, so ethereal. We are like sea birds and fish. I'm really worried that I can't bear to lose you again."

"Joyce, don't be afraid." Noah carried Joyce in her arms and said, "I won't let what happened 4 years ago happen again. If we were birds and fish, I would break my wings and try to live in the water with you forever."

Joyce buried her head into Noah's chest. The hug was so warm and intoxicating.

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