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   Chapter 8 A Date on Weekend

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 3647

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But the following days didn't seem to be as difficult as Joyce thought. Arvin didn't do anything to make things difficult for her. The only thing that had changed was that everyone in the company knew that Noah had a crush on Joyce and was pursuing her. Maybe it was because that day when she heard that Noah admitted that he wanted to pursue her, Joyce didn't show any displeasure or rejection. So he decided to try his best to make Joyce his official girlfriend. It was already 4 years late.

"Joyce, Manager Noah asked you to go to his office."

"Thank you, Assistant Sharlene."

Bang! Bang! Bang!

"Come in. Joyce, take a seat. You have been working in the company for a long time. Can you complete the overall operation and work of the Department on your own now?"

"Well, assistant Sharlene taught me very carefully. Now I have finished a lot of work on my own."

"Very good. Assistant Sharlene will be officially transferred to the Singapore branch next month. From then on, you have to take over all her work in the headquarters. Is there any problem?"

"I will try my best." Noah gave the coffee which had just been served by Assistant Sharlene to Joyce and said, "In order to let you take over the work of Assistant Sharlene in advance, I decide to let you collect data and report monthly summary to the board of directors this month. Can you finish it?"

Joyce didn't expect that she could take over such an important job in such a short time. She was excited and felt that it was a great responsibility. "I will complete it well, Manager Noah."

"Then you can go out to work now."

"Joyce," Noah said again.


"Are you free tomorrow? It's weekend. I...I want to ask you out...I want to see a movie with you." Although he wanted to say it more natural, Noah was still a little nerv

ous. Because he was going to implement his "big plan" tomorrow.

"I have time."

"Great!" Noah couldn't hide his excitement. "Then I'll pick you up at your home tomorrow."

"Well, I'll let Anna know after work."

"Joyce, can't it just you and me?"

"Ah? What? Okay."

YES! When Joyce closed the door, he cheered himself up like a child. He slowly opened the drawer, in which lay a very delicate and beautiful gift box. Looking at the box, Noah smiled brightly.

Beep! Beep! Beep!

Noah's car stopped in front of the building of Joyce's home. Soon, the combination of a handsome man and a luxury car attracted a lot of attention in the community. Taking off her stiff business suit, Joyce wore a fresh floral dress today. Noah gently handed a bouquet of beautiful roses to her. "Joyce, I hope you will like it and accept it."

"Thank you, Noah." Noah gracefully opened the door of the passenger seat and slightly bent down to invite Joyce to get in. For the past twenty-three years, Joyce had never been treated like a princess like this.

"Noah, where are we going now?"

"You guess?"

"Well, I don't know. Can you please let me know?"

"Ha-ha. Joyce, please guess first!"

Joyce thought for a couple of minutes. But she still did not have a clue. Therefore, she begged Noah to tell her the answer.

Noah then said, "We'll go to Ocean Park first, and then go to have lunch at Sunshine on the Other Shore. As for the schedule after that, I'll tell you later."

"Noah, well, I think you look like Anna. Every time I go out with Anna, she always makes full arrangements."

"Ha-ha, so Joyce is happy. There is always someone who will take care of you by your side. From now on, this role will be played by me." "……"

Noah drove away. Behind him, there were many envious and jealous eyes~

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