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   Chapter 7 An Encounter in the Elevator

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 5858

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A month passed quickly, and Joyce was able to complete part of her work on her own. Life was as peaceful as before, nothing special. However, it seemed that Noah always took extra care of Joyce. Besides picking her up from her place and driving her home on time every day, he would ask her out for a get-together from time to time. Gradually, she got used to Noah' special care and love for her, but it attracted the dissatisfaction and jealousy of many female colleagues.

Time passed quickly every morning. When she was still buried in her work, it was time for lunch.

"Joyce, have a rest. Shall we have lunch together?" Hearing Noah's question, Joyce raised her head and looked at the screen. It was already 12:05 pm.

"Hey, why is time always not enough?"

"Ha-ha, Joyce is working harder and harder now."

"Noah, don't laugh at me." Hearing what Noah said, Joyce blushed with embarrassment.

"Well, I'll go downstairs and start the car. Wait for me at the gate of the company. Let's have lunch at the same restaurant as last time. Don't you like the spaghetti there very much?"

"Okay." Noah turned around and went to the garage to get his car. After packing up, Joyce left the seat and walked towards the elevator. She didn't want to keep Noah waiting for her too long.

When the elevator door was about to close, a hand came in from the outside and blocked the door. If she wasn't in the company, Joyce would think of the elevator robbery at the first time. As the elevator door slowly opened again, she saw a familiar face. The air seemed to freeze for a moment.

This was the man in Flying Dragon International that night! 'God, the omnipotent master, he can't see me! He can't see me! Please!' Joyce prayed in her heart. But it seemed that the more scared she was, the more things would happen. Seeing the panic stricken look on her face, Arvin Yi was thrilled and proud. He approached Joyce step by step.

"You, you, don't come over!"

"Ha-ha." Arvin snorted with disdain. Many women wanted to get close to him but had no chance. It was interesting that this girl asked him to stay away from her.

"Well, I haven't seen you for a few days. Which big client of yours introduced you to work in here?" 'This man is too ignorant. He is arrogant and impenitent!' Joyce scolded him silently. Except for his good-looking appearance, he was nothing in Joyce's heart.

"Sir, I have told you many times. I don't work there. Can you learn to respect others?"

As a matter of fact, when he found out she was a virgin that night, he knew that she must not be the prostitute working there, let alone her working ability and Noah's love for her after she entered the company. He just liked to see her angry, so he couldn't help but want to mention what happened that night. Maybe it was also a reminder to her that she was the woman that Arvin had touched!

It was only one minute in the elevator, but

every second was a torture for her. So when the elevator arrived at the destination, she immediately walked out of the elevator and quickly walked towards the place where Noah had parked his car.

"Joyce, are you worried that I have been waiting for you for a long time?" Noah always liked to make fun of Joyce as if she was his sister.

"Of course not. She wanted to tell me that there was another person to have dinner with us today." Joyce didn't expect that the hateful arrogant man would follow her all the way and say such shameless words to Noah.

"Mr. Arvin, do you know Joyce?" Noah's eyes were filled with confusion.

"No, I don't know him!"

"Of course."

The totally opposite answers from Joyce and Arvin made Noah realize that the problem between the two was not as simple as they knew each other.

"Mr. Arvin, Joyce is the new employee of our company. Please forgive her if she offended you."

Knowing how arrogant and proud Arvin was, Noah thought Joyce had irritated him and he immediately explained for her. However, he didn't know that Joyce had really irritated Arvin, and this time, she had caused a big trouble.

"Joyce, let me introduce him to you. This was the current president of the S Group, Arvin Yi. Mr. Arvin, this is my new assistant, Joyce."

The current president of the S Group? What? That night, she slept with a president? And he thought she was the prostitute of Flying Dragon International? Joyce could not believe her ears! At this moment, her head was buzzing. She felt that she was the most pathetic person in the world, as if she had been thrown into the bottom of the hell in an instant, and she would never be able to live again. Joyce's reaction was as expected. Looking at her funny expression, Arvin was very happy.

"Manager Noah, you seem to care about your new assistant very much. Is there a rule in the company that a manager should invite his assistant to lunch?"

"Ha-ha, Mr. Arvin. In fact, Joyce is also my junior schoolmate."

"Oh, but I'm afraid it's not as simple as you said."

"To tell you the truth, Mr. Arvin, I'm really going to pursue Joyce."

Although Arvin had guessed Noah's answer in advance, he still felt a little unhappy when he heard that he didn't hide it at all. What's worse, the woman next to them didn't respond at all when she heard their conversation. Did she also like Noah and want to be with him? All his previous sense of achievement was replaced by displeasure.

"Aren't we going to have lunch? Manager Noah, please go." Then, without asking for the other two people's opinions, Arvin opened the door and sat on the passenger seat.

This meal was supposed to be an unforgettable one for Joyce. Although Arvin didn't mention anything about that night, she still felt like sitting on pins and needles. She knew that her good days would come to an end, and she would suffer the same every day in the following.

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