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   Chapter 6 Working at the S Group for the First Time

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Updated: 2020-07-04 00:03

Maybe it was because of Noah' help, Joyce passed all the tests smoothly and became the lucky one among thousands of people. She received the formal job offer of the S Group.

Today was the first day for Joyce to go to work. She had asked Anna to accompany her to buy a new set of clothes. The beige chiffon blouse and the flounce high-waisted skirt were very suitable for Joyce's skin color and figure, making her more decent and attractive.

Standing at the gate of the S Group, Joyce swore to herself that she must work hard here with her own efforts and ability. But as soon as she stepped into the the S Group, Joyce felt that she was just a drop in the ocean. This multinational group was bigger than she had imagined. There were 4 elevators and dozens of employees waiting for the elevator in a neat line, except the elevator on the left. Why was it so strange? When she walked to the elevator, she saw the words "CEO special" written on the door. 'Oh, I see. No wonder no one is waiting here, ' Joyce thought. It turned out that the sense of hierarchy in large groups was really so obvious. There was a little contempt in Joyce's heart.

"Wow! The president."


"Ah, he is so handsome!"

There was a small commotion in the crowd, and soon Joyce was drowned in it.

"Wow, Manager Noah who is next to the president is more handsome!"

"I still think the president is more stylish!"

Manager Noah? 'Are they talking about Noah? What an anthomaniac!' Joyce thought. When she was about to raise her head to see if it was Noah, the door of the private elevator had slowly closed. The noisy crowd went back to line up to wait for the elevator. There was a touch of sadness in Joyce's eyes. She didn't know why she couldn't keep up with him every time. She could only look at his back from afar.

Joyce came to the front desk and said, "Hello, I'm a new employee here. My name is Joyce Xin."

"Okay, please wait a moment." The receptionist quickly made a phone call, with a profess

ional smile on her face. Nobody knew what the person on the other side of the phone said.

"Miss Joyce, please follow me." Joyce followed the receptionist to the personnel department by elevator. It was not strange to her.

"Assistant Sharlene, this is the new assistant Joyce."

"Okay, thank you."

The receptionist left after introducing Joyce to assistant Sharlene.

"Hello, I'm Sharlene Chen, assistant to the manager of the executive department. You will share a part of my work in the future. Welcome to join us."

Then assistant Sharlene briefly introduced the company to Joyce and introduced her to her colleagues in the executive department. Joyce greeted her colleagues politely one by one. Then Sharlene Chen took her to the manager's office.

"Please wait here for a moment. The manager will come to have a talk with you later. You can come to me after that. I will take you to work."

"Okay, thank you, assistant Sharlene."

Five minutes later, Joyce heard a commotion outside the door. Did the handsome president that those anthomaniac girls were talking about show up again? Joyce didn't know why she felt uncomfortable when she described others as anthomaniac. She always thought that she had the same feelings for Noah.

The door of the office was opened. It was Noah whom Joyce was thinking about just now.

With a smile on his face, Noah sat opposite to Joyce, saying, "Joyce, welcome to the S Group. I will be your direct leader from now on. You can come to me if you have anything. I hope we can have a pleasant cooperation. Of course, I'm still your friend Noah after work."

"Yes, Noah. Oh, no, Manager Noah. If there is nothing else, I will go out first."

"Okay." Joyce stood up and left the office. Under the enthusiastic and patient explanation of assistant Sharlene, she quickly integrated into the new environment of the S Group. Assistant Sharlene even praised Joyce for her good adaptability and learning ability, which made her a little embarrassed.

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