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   Chapter 5 A Pleasant First Interview

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In the morning, Joyce received a call from S group to invite her to take part in the first interview. When she arrived at the executive department, she found that the number of interviewees was a little exaggerated. The executive department, which was over 20 square meters, was crowded with people. 'Oh my god! This is more popular than participating in American Idol. There are so many people in the interview but only one of us will be hired. I really don't know what kind of capable person can work here,' Joyce thought to herself.

While Joyce was thinking about it, she saw a lady with hair in a bun and in a business suit standing gracefully at the door of the interview room. Looking at the folder in her hand, she said in a very pleasant and standard Mandarin, "No. 0138, Joyce, please come inside to take the interview. The next one, Lucy, please be prepared."

Following the lady into the interview room, Joyce nervously lifted her handbag.

"Joyce, are you here for the interview too?" What a familiar voice!

"Noah? Yes, I am. I didn't expect to see you here."

"Please have a seat. Don't be nervous. I'm in charge of the interview today. I just want to ask you a few simple questions."


"Miss Joyce, have you ever worked as an assistant?"

"Yes...I was..."


Everything went well. Noah ended the interview only asking Joyce a few simple questions.

When Joyce was about to turn around and leave, Noah grabbed her wrist and said, "May I have the honor to invite you to lunch?"

"Well, don't you have to be busy with so many people's interview?"

"I'll arrange everything as long as Joyce agrees to have lunch with me." Noah's voice was full of gentleness and expectation.

"Okay, I'll wait for you outside."

"Okay. Lily, take Miss Joyce to the lounge and wait for me."

"Yes, Manager Noah."

"Miss Joyce, this way please!" Joyce followed the lady to the lounge. Then, the lady with a bun, Lily, left quietly after bringing her a cup of coffee.

Joyce fiddled with the magazine in her hand, feeling bored. Suddenly, she found that the scenery outside the window was so charming. It felt good to stand at a high place.

"Joyce, what are you looking a

t?" Noah walked in with a smile. His sexy lips made his smile always so charming.

"No, I just feel that the vision is very broad here."

"Can we have lunch now, Joyce?"

"Well, let's go." Joyce and Noah left the lounge happily. Neither of them noticed the murderous look in the corner behind them.

There were two or three tables of people in the restaurant. It was an elegant and high-end restaurant, and there shouldn't be too many people who could afford it.

"Joyce, you are still as absent-minded as before."

"Oh? Right? Am I?" Joyce scratched her hair in embarrassment.

"Joyce, how have you been these years?"


"Actually, this time I come back..."

"Joyce, what a coincidence. You are having lunch with Noah?"

Anna wore a creamy white business suit today, which made her look more capable and experienced than before.

"Anna, why are you here?"

"I have made an appointment with President Jerry from the Seven Group. As soon as we signed the contract, I saw you two having a secret date here."

"Anna, don't talk nonsense. I happened to meet Noah during the interview today," Joyce explained in a hurry, but Noah just smiled without saying anything.

"Well, it doesn't matter if you don't admit it. Do you mind if I sit down and have lunch with you?"

"Of course not." Noah immediately stood up like a gentleman and invited Anna to sit down.

"What can I do for you?" The waiters of upscale hotels were always more professional than those of ordinary restaurants.

"I want the same steak set as this lady's and a cup of orange juice."

"Okay, please wait a moment."

After ordering, Anna asked, "Joyce, you said you met Noah in your interview today. Did you go to the S Group?"


"Congratulations! You can work in a multinational company like the S Group!"

"What? Today is just the first interview. There were so many people there and I might not be hired."

"There must be no problem since Noah is in the S Group, right?"

"Anna, don't put pressure on him."

"No, I don't feel the pressure. Joyce is a capable woman. I also hope to work with you."

"Then let's wish Joyce a successful interview in the S Group. Cheers, cheers~"

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