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   Chapter 3 Being Fired

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 4981

Updated: 2020-07-01 00:03

The morning sun was shining through the floor to ceiling window. Joyce gently turned over and felt as if her whole body was about to break. She slowly opened her eyes and saw a man lying next to her. Sitting up with a startle, Joyce couldn't help but wince from the pain. She gazed at the handsome man sleeping next to her, covered by a soft, silk sheet. Her head began to throb as she tried to recall last night. Last night? What did they do last night? She was not fully conscious last night, but she could never forget the way that he made love to her. He had ravaged her body over and over again, and had only stopped when she begged him to.

Joyce was frozen in shock. What should she do? What if he woke up and did the same thing to her again? She didn't want to have anything to do with him anymore. Getting out of bed quietly, she slowly put on her clothes. Then she took out a pen and a piece of paper and wrote him a note. She smirked, imagining the man's face when he woke up and read her little message.

"Sir, we have nothing to do with each other now. I wish you a happy life in the future!"

"Humph! You think you can get away like this?" A smile appeared on Arvin's face, but his dark and bottomless eyes had no warmth. "Assistant Jerry, help me check..." He took out his phone and began to give out instructions.

"What? Did you sleep with him?" Anna was surprised to hear that. Her curiosity immediately gained the upper hand. "Is he handsome? Was he good? How do you feel?"

"Shh! Keep your voice down!" Joyce immediately covered Anna's mouth. She didn't want the whole world to know about the night she just had! "Stop talking about it. I'm so annoyed now. Fortunately, it's over. I don't know what came over me last night. No matter. As long as I don't go near that place ever for the rest of my life, I can put what happened behind me!"

"But I'm really curious..." However, Anna was cut off by the sudden ring of the phone on the table.

"Joyce, bring me the documents you prepared for the client."

"Okay, sir." After hanging up the phone, Joyce took the documents and left her seat. She walked into the office of the marketing manager, leaving Anna immersed in her work.

"Manager Jim, the documents you wanted me to bring out are ready."

"Well, go and bring in the documents of the last bidding."


Joyce turned to leave but the manager's booming voice halted her in her tracks. "Are those the documents you prepared? A pile of whi

te paper? This is not what I wanted! Could this pile of white paper bring the company thirty million? What the heck? How can I explain this to the client?! Joyce, what have you done?" The manager's face was red with anger.

"No, that's impossible. I have already prepared..." Joyce was speechless. She scrambled to look at the documents and was in shock to see the blank pieces of paper.

"Joyce, you have never disappointed me before. Why did you have to start doing so now? Forget it! Don't even bother coming in tomorrow."

"Sir... Don't come in tomorrow? Am I fired? But I..."

"You just cost this company thirty million. Why, I think it's quite generous that I'm not making you pay for the money we lost. Just hand in your resignation and don't make a scene."


"Get out!"

"Okay." Joyce turned around and left the office in disappointment, not noticing the bidding documents being clutched by the manager's other hand and the complacent smile behind the curtain next door.

"Resign? Why? I thought you were doing quite well in the company. What happened?"

"Well, nothing. I think I just need a change of pace."

"No, you must be hiding something from me." Anna stared at Joyce, trying to find out the truth. "You've been my best friend for so many years and you think I can't tell when you're lying?"

"Alright... I was fired." Joyce quickly filled Anna in on what had happened at the manager's office.

"Don't you think it's strange?"

"Yes, it is, but I don't have the time to figure out what happened. What I need to do now is find a new job. I need money to support myself."

"Oh, what a waste!"

"Damn you! You are still in the mood to joke."



"Do you remember Noah?"

Joyce was surprised. Her eyes widened slightly. "Why did you mention him all of a sudden?" she asked.

"It seems that he's working at a multinational company. I think it's called S Group. Maybe you can try your luck with him. He asked me about you the other day."

"Really? I don't think I would do well in a big company. I'm only fit for working at a small one." Joyce paused, deep in thought. After a few seconds, she shook her head and forced a small smile. "Well... It's time for me to tender my resignation. Dear friend, don't miss me too much when I'm gone." Joyce stood up and gingerly walked towards the personnel department.

"Noah... I..."

"Joyce, thank you for seeing me off. I will work hard abroad. Take care of yourself!"

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