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   Chapter 1 Their First Meeting

Love Desire: No Quits, No Regrets By Yuda Xiaojie Characters: 5683

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"Joyce, the company will be hosting a party after work tonight," Anna Yan said as she looked up at Joyce Xin with a smile. However, Joyce Xin, who was sitting opposite her, gave her a worried look. The two were childhood friends. They had been inseparable all their lives- from kindergarten, to primary school, to high school, and even up until they went to university. They had always gone down the same path. People who they had just met would often think that they were sisters. Now, they were even working at the same company.

"Oh, is that so? I cannot go to the party. I have to go to the Flying Dragon International after work tonight."

"Why do you even go to that kind of place? Could it be..." Anna Yan said in a teasing voice.

"Well... It's because of my troublesome younger sister," Joyce Xin explained.

"Did she run away from home again?" Anna Yan asked.

"Yes... My father's friend said that he saw a girl who looked just like her hanging around the new urban district. We will go there to look for her."

"Well, good luck to you. I'm heading out. I'm going to go to the restaurant first. Bye..." With that, Anna Yan stood up and picked up her handbag. She walked out of the office elegantly, not a hair out of place. She looked perfect from every angle.

Standing in front of the massive doors of the Flying Dragon International, Joyce saw many young, well-dressed women streaming into the building. Joyce Xin looked carefully at everyone who went in. Suddenly, her eyes lit up.

"Emma..." Before Joyce Xin could stop the girl who looked like her sister, the girl had already disappeared through the side doors of the building. Joyce Xin hurried to catch up with her but a man with a stern face stood in front of her, blocking her way.

"Miss, you don't belong here."


"What?" The man looked suspiciously at the strange girl in front of him, glowering at her. "Are you new here?"

"Oh... Yes. Yes... I am!" Joyce Xin stammered.

"Who introduced you this job?" the man asked gruffly.

"E-Emma... Emma is my..."

"Oh, you must be talking about the girl who went in just now. Well, then. Move along. Go straight to make up and change your clothes. The guests will be arriving soon." 'It turns out that Emma is really here. I must take her home tonight,' Joyce Xin thought to herself. Determined, she took a deep breath and walked through the doors. However, she couldn't find her sister in the dressing room. 'She must be out,' Joyce Xin thought. Then she tried to make her way to the dance floor.

'Oh my God, this is really a depraved place!' Joyce Xin was shocked. She let out a small gasp when she finally found herself on the dance floor. Dozens of men and women were carousing and laughing. They were caressing and making out with each other with abandon. The women were heavil

y made up and they seemed eager to let the men fondle their bodies. The men's eyes were filled with excitement and something else --- lust. Joyce Xin blushed. But there was no time for her to be embarrassed. She needed to find her sister and get the hell out of that place.

Joyce Xin walked out of the dance floor. She wandered for a bit and found herself in the area where the private rooms were located. Each room was occupied, and Joyce did not dare imagine what was happening inside the rooms. She knew the doors would only open if one of the people needed to use the restroom or they were done doing their business. Where on earth was Emma?

"Ouch!" Joyce suddenly felt like she had walked into a wall. When she was about to raise her head and lecture the person who was standing in her way, a nervous voice spoke from behind her, "Ah, Mr. Arvin, I'm sorry. Did she hurt you? Are you okay?"

'What?' Joyce thought to herself, 'It was him who bumped into me. How is he the victim? How is this my fault?' The voice belonged to a fat man, who seemed to be one of the building's workers. He was shaking his head apologetically and bowing in front of the man who had hit Joyce. 'Oh, this is so irritating...' At that moment, Joyce saw the man's face. Her jaw dropped open. She could not believe her eyes. He was both handsome and beautiful at the same time. The man was massive---about 1.85 meters in height! His features were sharp and his eyes shone like diamonds. His rosy cheeks gave him a boyish charm but he had a dark and mysterious aura. He was unbelievably gorgeous. Joyce raised an eyebrow. 'All right. You are good-looking. I'll forgive you.'

Then she turned to leave when the fat man stopped her. "Are you new here? Don't you know the rules? Why don't you apologize for bumping Mr. Arvin?"

The man called Arvin patted the front of his Armani suit. "Forget it," he said with contempt.

"Oh, Mr. Arvin, you are so generous!"

Joyce couldn't stand it anymore. She initially had not planned to say anything but this man was crossing the line. "It was you who bumped into me and now, you want me to apologize. Didn't your mother teach you how to be polite?"

Arvin Yi was silent for a moment. Then, he curled his lips with interest. "Huh?"

"Mr. Arvin, it's not like that. Sorry! She is new. Please don't be angry." The fat man shook his head apologetically once more. He faced Joyce and growled at her. "Go away!" Joyce felt insulted. 'Humph! Go away? Even if you beg me to stay, I will not!'

She rolled her eyes and began to walk away. Suddenly, Arvin Yi called after her. "You're new here, aren't you? Why don't you come in and have some drinks with me?"

"Okay, okay. Mr. Arvin, I will arrange it for you right away." The fat man narrowed his eyes at Joyce. "Well, what are you waiting for? Hurry up!"

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