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   Chapter 101 The Appointment With Hester

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Time passed slowly with the torment of Hester. She thought it was time for lunch after a long time.

The door of the room was opened and Hester had woken up, but she was unwilling to get up. She thought it was June who had finished lunch and asked her to have lunch.


Because of this gentle call, Hester, who had been closing her eyes, opened her eyes. Just now, she saw Adam standing at the bedside, so she quickly sat up and asked, "Adam? …"

"Yes, it's me!" Adam nodded at Hester and stroked Peter's head, who was standing beside him.

"Why did the security guard let you in?" If she remembered correctly, the last time Adam came here was when she was drunk. At that time, the security did not let him in.

Moreover, no matter who appeared here, the security guards would intercept them regardless of their dignity. Why did he come here today?

In fact, Hester understood that the security guard wouldn't listen to anyone else, unless Wesley had informed the security guard.

Thinking of this, a smile finally appeared on Hester's pale face. It seems that even if Wesley was not here, he was thinking about her. He was afraid that she would overthink when she was free, so he asked Adam to accompany her.

"Mommy, are you sick?" Such a small child could also see that Hester was not looking good at the moment.

"Yes, I caught a cold. I'll be fine in a few days." Peter was still young. Although he often said some mature words, he was still a child and did not know what happened among adults. Therefore, Hester was not going to tell him that it was because of the miscarriage.

Originally, he was eager to have a little brother or sister. If he knew that he had a little brother or sister, but now he lost it because of her carelessness, he would be very disappointed.

"Peter, go back to your room and do your homework. I'll talk to your mommy for a while." Squatting down, Adam said to Peter patiently.


Seeing that Peter had left the room, Adam stood up and looked at Hester. Seeing that she was so weak, his heart twitched inexplicably.

In fact, Hester's guess was right. It was indeed that Wesley had called Adam and asked him to come here, so Adam had asked for a leave from the company and he had rushed here without a stop.

"Did my sister talk to you?" Looking at Hester's pale face, Adam asked the question he wanted to know the answer.

"Yes! But… On the day of the press conference. " At first, she wanted to tell him that it was the day when the baby died, but after thinking about it, she didn't want to talk about it. Or she felt embarrassed to tell him that after knowing how much he loved her.

"Then..." After a pause, Adam asked, "Did she do that?"

After all, Cindy had don

ve you there." Adam was sitting on the chair by the bed, but after hearing the answer from Hester, he had to do what he could do.

After all, the person Hester went to see was Lisa. He was worried about her. Lisa had always hated Hester at a glance because of Wesley.

"Okay." Hester was about to refuse, but on second thought, if there was a man beside her, Lisa might not act recklessly.

If Lisa were to do something evil to her, then Adam would stop her. Therefore, generally speaking, it would be good for her if Adam went there.

In fact, it didn't mean that she was afraid of Lisa. Hester didn't know what Lisa meant by asking her out at this time.

Maybe she wanted to show her complacence, or maybe she wanted to laugh at her. Anyway, she wouldn't come to compromise.

It was impossible for a spoiled woman like Lisa to consider other people's feelings. She must be thinking of herself.

Hester got up, washed her face and changed her clothes. She asked June to look after Peter for a while before she went out.

Lisa said that she was nearby, so Adam didn't drive. He and Hester acted as if they were taking a walk, walking on the street where few people were walking as the night fell.

This was a residential area, so there were few people, which was quiet. They walked along the street. About two hundred meters away, there was an intersection. If they passed through it, the opposite side would be much more prosperous.

Hester had been thinking about the scene of meeting Lisa later. She didn't know why she came to her this time, so she was absent-minded even when she was walking.

Perhaps, this was Hester's habit. She always liked to think about things while walking. In fact, she couldn't get rid of the busy work in the past six years, which made her think about something when she was free.

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