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   Chapter 100 Wesley Is Missing

My Daddy Is A Super Star By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 9399

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After all, the happiness were shattered by the reality of the child's departure.

How should he deal with his relationship with Hester? From now on, how should he face Hester? But how could he take back the love he had given to her? Or… Could he take it back?

He couldn't love her. She was the daughter of Rose Du, who killed his mother. However, she was the woman he had loved deeply.

Tears streamed down Wesley's face. He suddenly smiled bitterly and helplessly, like a lost child who couldn't find his home and wandered at a crossroad. There was sadness and pain in his smile, as if he was stabbed into the heart by the one he loved, and he was overwhelmed with pain.

Memories flooded towards Wesley. They met again six years after they split because of Peter, she had no choice but to move into his house, and she slowly accepted him…

How happy he had been in the past meant how sad he was now.

"I always thought that I could live happily with her." There were too many things in Wesley's mind, but the only person he could confide in was Ryan.

In this world, perhaps only Ryan was clear about what had happened to Wesley.

"Let's drink! … Let's get hammered tonight! " Ryan knew that no matter what he said, he couldn't comfort Wesley. The only thing he could do now was to get drunk with him.

It wasn't that he didn't think Hester was a good girl. Although she had a beautiful face and a great body shape, there were many women like her around Wesley. No matter what, Hester had a son. How much a man loved a woman that he could accept the child of the woman and another man?

Both of Wesley and Ryan were drunk that night, as if they didn't have to face the reality when they were drunk. He hope that when he woke up tomorrow, Hester was just Hester but not Rose's daughter. It was just his nightmare.

The two of them didn't go home that night. Instead, they lived in another apartment in H City. When Ryan woke up, Wesley was already gone.

When Ryan looked around but didn't find Wesley. Then his phone rang. Seeing it was from Wesley, he quickly picked up his phone.

"I'll be away for a few days. You help delay my work, or pay the liquidated damages. You don't need to call me. I'll come back after I sort out my thoughts. "

After reading it, Ryan could only sigh deeply. It was good to let Wesley go out for a few days as a relaxation. But how could he explain it to Hester? Should he tell Hester that Wesley would be gone for a few days? Or should he tell Hester that Wesley went on business trip for some days?

Wesley wasn't a man who would escape from reality. But this time, it was a big blow to him. When it came to Hester, Wesley was not as calm as he should be.

In fact, no one could accept it. How could a man love the daughter of the woman who killed his

idn't want Hester to worry too much. After all, anyone who didn't know about Wesley sudden departure would be worried.

Ryan sighed for Wesley. After getting along with her for several months, he knew that Hester was a good woman. He didn't want her to be too sad. After all, she had just had a miscarriage.

After hanging up the phone, Hester couldn't help but worry about Wesley, although Ryan told her not to worry about him. Even if Wesley didn't have time to answer the phone, he would call back whenever he saw her call.

He would never leave without telling her. Even if there was something urgent, he would definitely find a way to inform her. He would never let her worry about him like now.

What happened?

She lay on the bed again. Since the doctor asked her to have more rest, she would like to find an excuse to relax. Maybe it was because she didn't want to move now. It was June who picked Peter up last night, and she asked her to send him to the kindergarten.

Perhaps it was because too many things had happened in the past two days that Hester had no idea when it was today. In fact, today was Saturday. Peter didn't have to go to school at all.

Although she didn't sleep well last night, she still couldn't fall asleep. She didn't know how long she had been lying in bed before she fell asleep. She had been sleeping soundly and restlessly.

It turned out that habits were so horrible. Under the careful care of Wesley, she was no longer the stubborn Hester. When she got used to Wesley's company, his sudden leave made she feel that life was so slow. A day seemed to be as long as a week.

Even when she was in the hospital, no one accompanied her. She had never had such a feeling when she was lying alone in the ward. Maybe she had known about Wesley's condition at that time, but now she really didn't know what had happened to him.

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