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   Chapter 99 Everything Is Like A Joke

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He took the paper from the female doctor. He had thought it was about Hester's prescription, but after the female doctor's words, he was uncertain.

He picked up the piece of paper and looked at it. It said, "The DNA test report of the DNA test institute". He looked at the result. The probability of mother and daughter was 99 percent.

At the sight of the test result, Wesley turned to look at the test result. When he saw the names of the test result were Hester and Rose, the report in his hand fell down carelessly.

The doctor was surprised by his reaction. She squatted down and picked up the report. "You're my idol, and I know Ryan, so I helped him..."

"I helped him..." It was not until the doctor's words that Wesley realized what had happened. He turned to the doctor and asked, "Is there anything wrong with the paternity test? How could Hester be Rose's daughter? How could it be possible? "

"She can't be her daughter!" Wesley grabbed the paper from the doctor's hand and looked at it again. Then he tore it into pieces and the fragments fell slowly in front of him. "She is not her daughter!"

Wesley murmured as if comforting himself. Then he turned around and left in a hurry. He had come to pick up Hester, but he had left before he arrived at the ward because of this piece of paper.

The three of them wondered why Wesley hadn't arrived yet. Hester was quite worried. She had talked with Wesley on the phone and he told her that he was already on the way. He should have arrived now. Even if there was a traffic jam, they should have arrived.

When they were confused, a nurse came in and asked, "Why haven't you left yet?"

"We are waiting for someone." Hester didn't know how many people knew she knew Wesley, so she just said she was waiting for someone.

"Is that Wesley? He came here just now and left in a hurry. " The nurse said and left the ward.

Hester was a little confused. Even if there was an emergency, since he was here, he should have come to tell her. However, Hester was very considered to understand. "Maybe there is an emergency. Let's go back first."


When Edward's car appeared at the gate of Wesley's house again, it was still intercepted by the security guards.

"Just make an exception. Hester has just been discharged from the hospital, and she is still a little weak..." Cindy was about to ask the security guard to compromise, but before she could finish her words, she was interrupted by the security guard.

"I will help her in. Don't worry."

"Forget it." Seeing that Cindy still wanted to say something, Hester stopped her and said, "Get off the car here. Let him take the things for me."

After saying that, Hester got off the car and walked in directly. Leaving her belongings to the security guard deliberately vent

tears welled up in his eyes. No matter how hard he tried to hide, he couldn't hold them back.

Seeing that, Ryan sat there without saying anything. Wesley had never cried even though he had been hurt in his childhood and suffered such a heavy blow in his heart.

Ryan thought that the appearance of Hester would gradually melt his cold heart, but no one had ever thought that the woman Wesley wanted to protect all his life was the daughter of his enemy.

Hester was the only woman that Wesley had loved. His love had lasted for more than ten years, but it had never changed. Although he was often surrounded by all kinds of beautiful women, his love to Hester had never changed.

Wesley was a man who would devote himself to loving someone. Perhaps it was because of what he had suffered when he was a child and his heart was hurt, he couldn't afford to be treated well by anyone. Hester's casual kindness made him give her his heart.

It had been more than ten years, and he had never forgotten it. It was enough to prove how much Hester meant to him. Others didn't know it, but Ryan knew very well how much Wesley had done for Hester.

Not to mention anything else, he had signed a blank contract with Rose in order to save Hester from danger. He hated Rose the most in his life. It was the cruelest thing for him to give in to her and be controlled by her.

Now when he thought about it, everything was like a joke. When her daughter had an accident and the mother had helped him solve the crisis, he had signed a contract that he didn't know what exactly she wanted him to do.

He had planned to live a good life with Hester, but he did not expect such a thing to happen this time. He had said that if Hester was willing to marry him, he would still marry her. He also said that he would stay at home and accompany her to give birth after the shooting.

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