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   Chapter 98 Fortunately

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Hester gave him a shy smile and reached out to hit his arm. Because she had just finished the operation, she could just hit him gently.

Wesley phone rang. Hester saw that he didn't want to answer it, so she said, "You can go ahead with your work."

Wesley didn't answer. He took out his phone and looked at the caller ID. When he saw it was Ryan, he picked up the phone.

"I found the surveillance video." On the other side of the phone, Ryan said.

"Okay." Then Wesley hung up the phone.

"Go ahead with your work." Hester said before Wesley could say anything.

"Then I'll come tonight..." Seeing that Hester was fine, Wesley was relieved.

"No. You have to take care of Peter tonight." Although she also hoped that he could come, she had to consider Peter. "If he asks me, you can tell him that I will stay at the landlady's for one night."

"… Okay... " Wesley answered and then stood up and walked towards the door.

After Wesley left, Edward came to the ward. Cindy had a check-up because of the pain in her body.

"Where is Cindy?" Hester asked in a weak voice as she looked at the door of the ward behind Edward. She didn't see Cindy.

"She said some parts of her body were hurt, so I asked her to have a check-up." When Edward saw Hester lying on the ground with blood, and with Cindy by his side, he had thought that it was Cindy who had done it at the beginning, but now it seemed that it was not.

If Cindy had done it, she would have run away and wouldn't have been stayed here helping Hester. Moreover, Edward could feel that Cindy was also very worried about Hester's safety.

It might be an accident. Cindy wouldn't have done on purpose. If Cindy did it on purpose, she wouldn't have been worried about Hester.

Edward had also thought that maybe Cindy didn't know about Hester's pregnancy, so she began to worry after pushing Hester. Later, he denied this possibility. If Cindy hadn't known it, she wouldn't have pushed Hester down the stairs.

There was only one reason for the person who pushed Hester down the stairs, and that was to let Hester have a miscarriage.

Somehow, when he thought of this, he couldn't help but think that the chief culprit might be Lisa. Although there must be a lot of people who was in love with Wesley, the person who did this was most likely to be Lisa.

"You didn't go to work today, did you?" Although he didn't know why she didn't go to work, he knew that she didn't go to the company today.

Asked by Edward, Hester slowly recalled what had happened today. "I was going to talk to the landlady, but I received a call from Cindy on the way, asking me to go to the company, so I came."

"Did Cindy ask you to come here?" When he heard Cindy's words, he became vigilant.

"Yeah!" Hester nodded. She knew why Edward asked th

anned to leave the hospital as soon as possible, but finally agreed to his suggestion for the sake of her health. Hester also knew that miscarriage could not be underestimated. If she didn't recover well, she would never be able to get pregnant again.

The second day, Hester saw the news about what had happened in the hospital. However, the protagonist was Wesley. Although everyone was curious about her, no one knew about her.

Considering the gossip and the fact that Wesley was busy recently, Hester told him not to come to the hospital. After all, it was a public place.

Three days was not a long time. Although every time she woke up in the bed, she didn't see Wesley, which made her a little disappointed. However, she had to consider his current situation, not to mention whether he was busy or not. The scandal in the hospital alone was enough to make up the reason why he did not come here.

Three days passed. Edward and Cindy knew that Hester would be discharged from the hospital today, so they all came here to pick her up.

Cindy didn't want Adam to be sad, so she didn't tell him about it, let alone Hester was in hospital.

Since Wesley was coming, everyone was waiting for him in the ward.

Wesley came to the in-patient department of the hospital in a hurry. Knowing that the time was almost up and the formalities had been handled, he went straight to the nursing station.

"Wesley!" A doctor in a white gown came over with a document in her hand. She seemed to be an intern and looked very young.

Hearing her call, Wesley stopped. After all, she was a doctor. He thought it was about Hester's physical condition.

The woman doctor came to him and stopped. She took out a piece of paper from the folder and handed it to him. "I think the blood type of them are similar, so I used them as my test article to test their blood type."

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