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   Chapter 38 A Heart Without Injury

My Daddy Is A Super Star By Xin Miaomiao Characters: 9009

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"Are you sure you can?" Staring ahead, Alice pouted and said.

"Of course..." Before Lisa finished her words, she found that the person who had just stood in front of her had disappeared.

"Lisa, give me the signature." Alice hurried to catch up with Lisa. What mattered most to Alice at this moment was that the signature.

Everyone was immersed in their own talk, laughter, almost no one to care about their side of every move, only Edward, eyes had been watching this side. He had witnessed what had happened between Lisa and Wesley.

Judging from their interaction, Edward was very sure that they have known each other for a long time. However, he had no idea when and where they met.

Lisa had been looking for the man who had disappeared all of a sudden, and Alice, who was following her, had been paying attention to the signature. As a result, she didn't look around at all. When she passed by Edward, she bumped sideways and fell backwards.

When Alice was getting ready for a big horse in such an elegant place, an arm bent around her waist to save her who was about to fall to the ground and avoid her embarrassment on this occasion.

Alice's eyes had been watching the gentleman like man who saved her from "danger". Just now she was eager to catch up with Lisa. The idea of Wesley's signature disappears with this accident.

"I'm sorry." Edward apologized to Alice who was standing in front of him. After all, it was because of the collision of the two that she almost fell down.

"It doesn't matter!" For a moment, Alice stammered.

"If you don't have anything else, I'll leave now." After saying this, Edward saw that Alice nodded in a daze and then left.

"Well, Benedict, I don't know your name yet." Realizing what had happened, Alice said to the crowd in front of her.

However, when all the other people turned to her, except for Edward, she was speechless. How dare she call Benedict! ! She must have watched too many TV dramas?!

Looking at the figure leaving, she thought of his smile on the corner of his mouth and a trace of tenderness in his eyes. He didn't have the impetuous and noisy air of other people here. It feels like a warm sun.

Is this the legendary sweet man?!

"What a shame!" Looking at Alice, who was staring at the empty figure like an anthomaniac, Lisa shook her head and said with disgust on her face.

When she heard Lisa's voice, Alice wanted to refute, but something occurred to her, so Alice quickly approached her and looked at her with a flattering face. Her tone was full of coquetry. "Lisa, can you tell me who he is?"

"I just came back today. OK? How do I know who he is?" After the sudden accident, Lisa thought o

information you gave me, the conclusion is Edward." Seeing the adoration on his sister's face, Bill became more confident.

"Thank you, brother." Alice jumped up and kissed him on the cheek. "Brother, you're awesome."

Looking at the disappearing figure of Alice, Bill said in silence, "My little Alice seems to have grown up."

Wesley sat on the railing alone. He had just seen the view. He held a goblet in his left hand and a bottle of French wine in his right hand.

After filling the glass, he drank it up in one gulp. Then he poured it again and again. Although there was a smile on his face, it could not hide the pain in his heart.

"My ancestor, why are you here?" Seeing that Wesley was sitting there, Ryan had been looking for him for a long time. Seeing him drinking one glass after another, he quickly took the bottle of wine in his hand and said, "You'll get drunk if you drink like this."

Raising the glass of wine in his hand, he looked at the moon in the air. Sadness filled his eyes. "Raise glass… I'm worried..."

"I thought you've made a heart that doesn't hurt," Since he was a child, he had joined the acting team. Because of acting and what had happened when he was a child, he didn't show his true thoughts on his face anymore. As long as he knew how much pain was hidden behind his smile.

"A family dinner?" "I don't have a home… Home?"

Speaking of home, Wesley suddenly jumped off the railing and walked towards the gate of the Ji family.

"Wesley, where are you going?" Taking the hand of Wesley, who was walking forward, Ryan was worried.

"Hester is waiting for me at home. She said she would wait for me..."

After saying that, he turned around and walked towards the door again. Feeling sorry for him, Ryan said, "She has forgotten you..."

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