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   Chapter 35 Sign Your Name

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Hearing Hester's words, Adam didn't say anything and continued to follow her. When they passed by a coffee shop, Adam stopped again. Looking at the person inside, Adam asked again, "Sister, would you like some coffee?"

"Why do you drink coffee in the early morning?" Turning her head to look at the Adam who stopped and stared at the coffee shop, Hester felt that he was strange today. Why did he always say that he wanted to buy her something to eat? Did he ask for her help? As the saying goes, how could he be so courteous when he was free.

"Didn't someone drink it?" Looking at the people in the coffee shop, Adam said.

Hearing Adam's words, Hester turned to look at the people in the window and said, "They are all couples, okay?" After saying that, Hester turned around and walked forward again. She couldn't help but murmur to herself, "What's wrong with young people nowadays? It's really a waste. Why do you drink coffee in the early morning?"

While walking, she suddenly turned her head to look at jasmine, who was following her. "If you insist on buying me something to eat, please buy me breakfast."

"Haven't you had breakfast yet?" At first, Adam was a little unhappy with his head down. But when he heard Hester's words, he immediately looked up at her.

"Okay!" She had had a good meal just now, but she couldn't eat anything when Ryan came. She didn't know if it was because Adam had been talking about eating and she felt hungry now.

"Why didn't you tell me earlier? I'll be right there." After saying that, Adam turned around and ran towards the direction he had just come.

"I'll wait for you in the park ahead." Hester could only shout at Adam, who was running forward.


Hester couldn't help but smile when she saw her brother respond to her while running. It was really good to have such an obedient little brother by her side. She had saved a lot of trouble.

Seeing him disappear at a corner, Hester turned around and walked towards a small park nearby. There was an ancient maple tree in the park. It was the most beautiful tree in this season. Hester walked towards it involuntarily. There was a resting bench under the maple tree, which was suitable for couples who were dating.

Today was Friday. It was time to go to work, so there were not many people here. When she came to the maple tree, there was no one there. Therefore, Hester went to sit there and waited for the arrival of Adam.

Not far away, a man was standing there and looking at Hester, who was sitting on a resting bench. The maple leaves fell gently with the breeze, onto the ground, onto the bench, and on her body.

She reached out her hand and caught the falling maple leaves in midair. She couldn't help but think of the

y stopped her. She saw that Wesley was standing across the road and looking at her with his hands in his pockets.

Hester suddenly stopped talking. Adam turned her head to look at her. Seeing that she was staring ahead, he turned his eyes to the place where she was looking at. He saw Wesley standing there, but soon he was surrounded by a group of women.

"Wesley? It's really Wesley."

Looking at the man who was surrounded by women, Hester smiled. When she looked around, she remembered that there was a exterior view of Wesley today, which seemed to be on this street.

Adam turned to Hester and saw a hint of disappointment on his face. "Sister, is your idol him? I'll ask for signature."

Before Hester could react, Adam ran across the road. In Adam's mind, although Hester has a five or six-year-old child, in fact, she was not very old, so it should also be considered normal.

"Wesley! ! !" Since the woman had surrounded him, he couldn't get in at all.

Sure enough, this roar made those women stop their movements and sounds, stunned in place. As soon as Adam saw him, he got in and came to him. "Sign your name."

All the women present had an impulse to fall to the ground in an instant, because there was a huge difference between the tone of these two words. Even Wesley, who was standing in the middle of the room, stared blankly at Adam, who had totally different attitude.

"Hey, classmate, didn't your teacher teach you the rule of first come, first served?" One of the girls said unhappily.

"Beauty, I have someone waiting for me. Just do me a favor." As a polite person, Adam tried to please her.

Hearing that, Wesley turned to look at the opposite side of the road. He happened to see Hester, who was smiling brightly because of what he had just said. He asked, "Did she ask you to come here?"

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