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   Chapter 30 It's A Hard Job

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Looking at the woman who was apologizing to Hester, the smile on Wesley's face deepened. This Rose, really in order to get what she wants, can do everything, even in front of so many people to apologize to an assistant she just despised.

"No, no, no. I poured the tea by accident just now. I should apologize to you." Hester was frightened by her sudden apology. What was wrong with the arrogant woman just now? She had changed so fast, but no one else could adapt to it so soon.

Of course, she had already apologized. As a person who had done something wrong, Hester had to apologize to her. Hester was not an unreasonable person. She did not apologize first, but was a little afraid of Rose who had just slapped her.

"You said that because you don't want to accept my apology." Seeing Hester like this, Rose did say anything, but could only say such a polite sentence.

In fact, by Rose said, Hester did not know how to respond. If she said that she was wrong, then Rose would say something. If she accepted her apology, she was really only wrong. After all, it was her own fault that was more impolite. After all, Rose was an elder.

"Do you want to keep apologizing?" Seeing the embarrassment on Hester's face, Wesley said to mediate for her.

"Of course not. It's just that I have to apologize if I have done something wrong." Hearing that, Rose turned to look at him. In fact, she didn't want to waste time on this matter. She had only wanted to apologize to Hester in front of him, but she didn't want to be embarrassed.

"Since you want to do this, I'll take it for her." He didn't want the two girls to be immersed in their endless conversation, so he accepted her apology without hesitation.

"Okay, let's talk about the contract. You can read the content first." Hearing that, Rose naturally brought the topic back to the contract. After all, the main purpose of her visit was to sign the contract with him.

Let's talk about it later.

"No, thanks. My agent has checked it just now." Yes, Ryan finished reading the contract as soon as she apologized to Hester. All the terms of the contract were good for Wesley. Who wouldn't like such a good thing?

"Then… Let's sign it?" This time, when it came to signing, she wasn't as sure as before. There was also a hint of inquiry in her tone.

"Okay." Wesley nodded, took the pen from her and was about to sign his name at Party B.

At this moment, Hester, who had a stomachache just now, left behind Wesley because she wanted to take a pen. When she was about to come here, she covered her belly again. Hester was standing not far away from Wesley, so he looked up at her.

Such a slight movement was seen by the sharp eyed, and she could not help showing a different smile. It seemed that she had found out how to get back the humiliation she had suffered today in

the future.

When he looked at Hester, his eyes were filled with tenderness. As a person who had experienced this, she knew that he cared about this assistant very much.

Seeing Hester coming over, Wesley lowered his head and signed his name again. Then he turned to look at Rose.

"Do you have a pen?" Hester said with a pen in her hand.

Why didn't you tell me earlier that you already had a pen? She went for nothing. In fact, Hester did not care about this trip, but she was a little uncomfortable today, so she became concerned.

In this way, their contract was concluded after an episode.

Wesley originally wanted to have some cooperation with Ji group. After playing a trick on Rose, and she agreed to his unreasonable conditions, he had no reason to be picky.

If he embarrassed Rose again, she will not come for the third time. After all, it is said that things can't be done. What's more, Rose was still a proud person. It's good to come this time.

Perhaps it was because he thought that Hester had a child at home, he asked her to go off work at the time when he picked up the child. He still had to shoot the night scene today.

Sitting on the sofa, Hester had been holding her mobile phone, wandering whether she should call Edward or not. Finally, she dialed the number.

The phone rang for a long time before it was picked up. Edward asked in a magnetic voice, "What's up?"

"Are you busy now?" Hearing his voice, Hester did not cut to the chase. After all, from the speed at which Edward answered the phone, it could be seen that he was indeed angry.

"Yes. What's up?" At this moment, Edward had no usual enthusiasm for Hester. It seems that at this moment, he realized that he had always been hot faced and cold buttocks.

"Are you still angry?" Seeing that his tone was different from usual, Hester asked in a flattering tone.

"What decision do you make? I have no right to interfere, right?" Yes, he had no right to interfere. Who was he to her? Nothing. If she really wanted to count, she was just a friend. Yes, she was just an ordinary friend.

Thinking of this, Edward felt a little disappointed. In the past six years, she really couldn't Davis. Was it possible that as long as there was someone in the world who was a little like Davis, she would approach him without hesitation?

After such a thought, Edward suddenly denied this point, as if suddenly thought, Hester was not such a person, even if she really never forgot Davis, also won't do such a thing, so, was she forced by Wesley?

He had always wondered how he had offended Wesley. Because he wasn't one of his actresses, he seldom cooperated with him. Now, before he left, he had signed the contract in the Yin group. Since six years ago, he had been against him everywhere. Was it because he had noticed that he liked Hester?

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