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   Chapter 26 Exaggerating

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Edward, who was about to go to his office, was stunned when he heard these words. Then he walked out of the elevator and went straight to the office where Wesley was.

"Edward." Seeing him leaving in a hurry, Hester also chased after him.

Sitting on the sofa, he looked at the book Hester had just read. After hearing the voice, Wesley looked up and looked at the direction of the door. When he saw Edward, he immediately had a smile on his face, but the smile was not any flattery: "Yo, isn't this president Edward? What brings you here?"

"Why did you ask Hester to be your assistant?" He came to him in a hurry and looked down at him.

"Do I need your signature to find an assistant?" Compared with Edward, who was a little angry, Wesley was much easier.

"You can choose anyone you want, but not Hester!" Wesley said firmly, as if he was giving an ultimatum to him.

"I want her." It seemed that Wesley was deliberately against Edward. Stubbornness was written all over his handsome face. The word was completely used to describe his stubbornness.

"Hester, lack of work experience, dismiss." Looking at such a disobedient star, Edward's anger rose sharply.

"Lack of experience? Zhuge Liang also had no experience. Liu Bei was still in his infancy. Mr. Edward, you should give new people opportunities. Don't drown out talents because of experience." It seemed that no matter how angry Edward was, he couldn't make Wesley feel scared. On the contrary, he added fuel to the fire.


Seeing that the two were in a stalemate, Hester rushed over and came to the middle of the two. She looked at the angry Edward. To be honest, she had never seen him like this. He had always been kind.

"Edward, this is my own choice. Don't vent your anger on others."

For a moment, Edward was speechless to respond to Hester. Now, he was an outsider. "You can't forget him. You can't forget him either."

Looking at Hester standing in front of him, he seemed to be murmuring or telling her. Then he turned around and walked out of the office.

He thought she would be Wesley's assistant because he had a pair of eyes that resembled Davis's. That's why she quit her original job and worked as Wesley's assistant in such a short time.


The sound of the door being heavily closed brought Hester back to earth. She rushed to the door of the office. However, when she opened the door, Edward had already disappeared.

Leaning against the wall, Hester slowly squatted down. What Edward had just said was hovering in her mind. For a moment, she began to be stupid. Did it have anything to do with Davis to listen to Wesley again and again? Was it true that as Edward said, she still couldn't forget Davis?

Ryan walked out and patted Hester on the shoulder. When he saw her notice him, he said, let's go in. Everyone is watching us."

Hearing Ryan's words, Hester finally reacted. She looked around and sure enough, everyone looked at this direction. Hester had imagined countless scenes of her first day at work, but she had never thought that she woul

d be famous here on the first day.

Hearing what he said, Hester rushed into the office. As soon as she came in, she rushed directly to Wesley and asked, "Why can't you talk nicely? Is it interesting to make things like this?"

Hester believed that Hester wouldn't have been so angry if it weren't for the fact that Edward had been irritated by the words.

"Have you forgotten? That's exactly what I want." It seemed that his anger was still there, but Hester didn't know where it came from.

"All right, all right. Don't be angry." Seeing that the two of them were going to have a quarrel again, Ryan rushed to two glasses of water and put them in front of them, so that the two of them could calm down.

Wesley, who happened to be a little thirsty, picked up the water handed over by Ryan and drank it. Before he could swallow the water in his mouth, he spat it out. "Why did you give me ice water in late autumn?"

"That's how to tame the fire! Calm down, calm down." He didn't take the fire seriously at all.

"Mr. Hester, do you want some water?" He handed another glass of water to Hester. Why did he feel that after the assistant came, his workload did not decrease, but was even busier.

"No." Perhaps it was because of the fact that Edward had left angrily, Hester was not in a good mood.

Putting the cup on the tea table, it seemed that he suddenly remembered something. Ryan turned to Wesley and said, "Oh, I almost forget. Wesley, the Ji group is looking for a spokesperson for their new products..."

"No." Before he could finish his sentence, Wesley turned him down. But a few seconds later, he asked, "Wait, who released the new products?"

"The Ji group."

"Let him come." Annoyed, Wesley didn't hear what he said clearly. To be more exact, he didn't seem to be here when he was talking just now.

"Okay, I'll call him." After saying that, he walked towards his desk and was about to call the Ji group.

"You are so snobbish. You only choose big companies." Hester was still in a fit of anger, so she spoke with thorns.

He picked up the glass of ice water that he had just scolded and continued to drink it. At this time, his anger had completely dissipated. "If I don't choose a big company, how can I show my status?"

"How narcissistic you are!" Hester's anger seemed to have faded a little. She picked up the book she had just read and continued to read.

While reading, she couldn't help cursing the man who wrote the book. This assistant was just doing chores, such as serving tea and water. Was it necessary to give a book? The point was that there was even an idiot who would buy it.

Speaking of an idiot, Hester couldn't help but look up at Wesley, who was drinking the ice water with great interest. She only knew that Wesley had bought it.

"He said he would be there soon." After hanging up the phone, he walked to the sofa and sat down next to Wesley.

Wesley nodded and sat there quietly. Hester couldn't figure out why he came to the company today? Did… Just to let Edward know that she was his assistant now?

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