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   Chapter 25 Get Ready

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When the car stopped in front of the Yin group, Hester suddenly retreated. She looked at Wesley, who had already got off the car, and then looked at Ryan, who was waiting for her to get off the car. A moment later, when Ryan was about to ask, she finally asked, "Has Edward come back?"

She didn't know how to face Edward as Wesley's assistant. After asking this question, Hester suddenly felt that she shouldn't ask. Edward would tell her every time he went on a business trip or came back.

Ryan turned to look at her and said, "Miss Hester, since you have decided to be the assistant of Wesley, you should be prepared to face him as an assistant."

"Okay!" She knew that she would hear something similar to this, so she answered obediently, and then pushed the door open and got out.

Looking up at the building standing in front of her, Hester remembered that she went to see Wesley last time. Unexpectedly, she appeared here again. She was his assistant. It's really unpredictable.

Looking at Wesley swaggering towards the gate of the company, Hester chased after him. "Don't you need to go to the film set today?"

Wesley stopped and turned to look at Hester, who had also suddenly stopped behind him. "Do you think this is a question that an assistant should ask? You don't even know my schedule."

"Is it my pleasure to be your assistant? I was forced to do that, okay?" Hester couldn't help defending herself.

If she wanted this job, she would naturally put her heart into it. What's more, she was not mentally prepared in such a short time. How could she be prepared? Besides, she had never been involved in this field. How could she enter the state so soon.

Wesley didn't say anything more. Perhaps he felt that he was wrong, or that it was understandable for Hester to ask this question, he just turned around and walked on.

When she came to her office, she saw that Wesley was holding a book about assistants for her to read. Then he went to discuss with Ryan. She didn't hear clearly what they were talking about.

After reading the book for a while, Hester felt her stomach uncomfortable and went to the bathroom. She felt a little lucky, because that day deliberately cheated Wesley to prevent him. The menstruation really came. However, she suddenly thought of another question. She didn't bring anything with her when she went out today. Moreover, in this man's office, where did she get this woman's stuff?

When she walked out of the bathroom, she wanted to say something to Wesley, but when she saw that he was having a good talk with Ryan, she didn't say anything and left the office.

After getting everything ready, she went back to the company. The employees only knew that she was Wesley's new assistant, and didn't know anything else, so she didn't have to worry about it.

Seeing that the elevator door in front of her was about to close, she quickly ran there. "Wait, wait..."

Before the elevator door was closed, she reached out her hand and the door opened automatically. She raised her head and wanted to say sorry to the person inside, but she saw that Edward was standing there alone, looking at the person who suddenly appeared to stop the elevator.

"Hester?" When Edward s

aw her face, his eyes widened in disbelief. When he heard the voice just now, he also felt that it was her, but he also felt that it was his illusion.

"Ha ha." For a moment, Hester had no choice but to stand still and smile, who was staring at her.

"Why are you here?" After making sure it was her, he finally asked his question. After all, even if Hester was Peter's mother, he did not sign the contract, so he did not need to appear here at all.

"I… I..." She kept stopping the elevator action, because she thought Edward's business trip has not come back, such a situation appears out of expectation, so, Hester did not know how to explain.

When the elevator door was about to close again, Edward quickly reached out and pulled Hester in.

"Didn't you go on a business trip? Why didn't you tell me that you were back?" Being pulled by him, Hester's expression returned to normal. In order to avoid him asking this question that she could not answer again, she decided to do it first.

"I came back very late last night. I just called you, but you didn't answer." Edward didn't get off the plane until very late last night. In order not to disturb her sleeping time, he called on the way to the company, but he didn't hear any answer. He thought it was inconvenient for her to answer the phone while working.

"My phone seems to..." Hearing what Edward said, Hester remembered that she had left her phone in the office in a hurry. But before she finished her words, she suddenly thought of this question and stopped.

"Put it on the desk?" Edward continued, "Then why are you here?"

"I… The director asked me to bring something here." This reason suddenly flashed through her mind, so she said it without hesitation.

"But today… Peter doesn't need to go to the set." Noticing that she was lying, Edward became more confused. It seemed that she had been away from him for a few days.


Hester realized that she had found a reason to poke through a sentence. Suddenly, she didn't know how to respond to Edward's doubts.

Just then, the elevator door was opened with a sound. The two looked at the door at the same time and saw Ryan standing outside the elevator.

When Ryan saw Hester, before he noticed Edward, he asked directly, "Assistant Hester, where have you been? You didn't bring phone, and Wesley couldn't find you either."

She tried her best to wink at him, but he was completely immersed in his own world and could not understand her warning at all. What made Hester even crazier was that at this moment, Ryan, who had always called her Miss Hester, called her assistant. God was going to kill her.

"Assistant? Is Wesley looking for you?" His words made Edward more confused. He had been looking at Ryan outside the elevator, but after hearing this, he turned to Hester.

Hester knew that she couldn't hide it from him, so she closed her eyes and said honestly, "To tell you the truth, during the days when you were on a business trip, I changed my job. That's Wesley's assistant."

In fact, what Ryan had just said was right. Since she had chosen this path, she had to be prepared to face Edward. After all, it was almost impossible for her not to meet the CEO of the company.

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