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   Chapter 24 Do You Want To Have A Try, Hester

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Knowing that Hester agreed in person, he was in a good mood, but there was no change on his face. "What condition?"

"I want two times of my current salary."

"What if I don't agree?" With Hester's permission, he was in a good mood and wanted to tease her. So he bent down slightly and looked at her with a smile in his eyes.

"Then I won't do it." Since Wesley was so eager to let her be his assistant and given her such a short time, he naturally wanted her to be his assistant. No matter what the purpose was, at least he was asking for her at this moment.

"That's easy." Wesley stood up again. The smile on his face deepened. "You resigned. You have the right to say no? How dare you resign today and go to work tomorrow?"

"You..." Hester suddenly realized that she had no conditions to negotiate with him. Alas, if she had known it earlier, she would have discussed it with him last night.

She had just resigned and felt embarrassed to work there. And now she couldn't find any other job in a short time. In fact, this job let her in because of her relationship with Edward, otherwise, she would not be qualified on her own. She had no work experience and no education. Six years ago, she left before she had finished her studies. She wanted to come to H city to finish her studies, but she got pregnant, so her schooling was put aside.

Then he turned around and walked towards his room. While walking, he said to Hester, who was sitting still, "Don't sit too long. If you can't go to work tomorrow because of the severe cold, your salary will be deducted."

Maybe it was because she had slept here last night, Wesley could tell from her voice that she had a nasal voice. He could understand why she didn't want to enter the room too early. It didn't matter whether he was a man or not. After all, she was a woman. It was indeed a little difficult for her to stay in the same room with a man she had known for only a few days.

But he had to exercise this. When she got used to staying in the same room with him, she wouldn't feel uncomfortable. To be honest, the house was so big. It was not impossible to make a room for Hester to sleep. He did it on purpose, so that the distance between the two of them could be closer.

His words reminded Hester of this. She sniffed and indeed felt a little stuffy. She stood up in a hurry, but she didn't go to the room. Instead, she walked into the living room and came to the kitchen. After drinking a glass of water, she slowly walked to the room.

'Who knows if Wesley is a man of his word? I'd better be careful. Don't leave him any evidence to blame.'

When she entered the room, Wesley was already lying on the sofa with his eyes closed. In order not to make any noise or wake him up, Hester was quietly walking towards the bed at the moment.

It was not that she was afraid of waking him up because she felt sorry for him. She was afraid that when he woke up, the two of them would be in an embarrassing atmosphere again.

She lay on the bed quietly, facing Wesley who was on the sofa. Hester couldn't help thinking when she saw him lying

there quietly. It was said that if a man and a woman stayed in a room alone, there would be chaos. If not, there were only two possibilities. One was that he was a gentleman. The other was that he couldn't do that.

Of course, there was another possibility that this woman was too ugly. However, Hester was quite confident in her appearance, so she directly skipped this possibility.

'Is he a gentleman? No, no, no. if he was, he wouldn't have used such a despicable method. So there was only the last one left.'

Looking at the young man, Hester felt sorry. She shook her head and murmured, "What a pity..."

"Do you want to have a try, Hester?"

"No, no..." The sudden voice of Wesley from the sofa startled Hester. She quickly pulled up the quilt and tucked herself in.

Thinking of her reaction just now, she felt more ashamed and wanted to die. The "no" in her reply indicated that she was exactly what he thought?

Hester felt her face burning, not knowing if it was because she was covered in the quilt. Maybe it was because she had a cold, Hester fell asleep not long after she tucked herself in.

In order not to leave any picky excuse for him, Hester got up early the second day and prepared breakfast for him.

After freshening up, Peter came to the table with a little sleepiness. He looked at the breakfast on the table, and then looked at Hester who was still busy. He asked, "Mommy, what makes you so happy?"

Hester turned to Peter and asked, "How do you know I'm happy?"

"But… I didn't notice that you were unhappy." After thinking for a while, Peter could not answer Hester's question, so he responded in a different way.

"Good morning, Peter." After saying hello to Peter, Wesley walked towards the dining table.

"Good morning, Dad." He turned around and greeted him. Seeing that he was sitting in a chair, he climbed into it and asked, "Why didn't dad tell mom hello?"

It was as if as long as Wesley told Hester, the two of them would have a very good relationship.

"I knew it when mommy got up." Wesley picked up the chopsticks on the table and patiently explained to him.

"Oh, I see." With a weird smile on his face, Peter picked up his chopsticks and was about to eat.

"What do you know?" Hester came over with her breakfast. When she passed by Peter, she couldn't help but push him who was thinking too much at such a young age. "Don't think too much."

"It's inherited." Thinking of what had happened last night, a smile appeared on his face.

Wesley's "heredity" let Hester can't help but think of the blind dream before going to bed last night. Her face began to burn again, and she didn't say anything. At this time, she was eating breakfast with her head down.

Not long after they finished breakfast, Ryan drove them to the hospital. He drove Peter to school and then to the place where Wesley worked.

Hester's feeling changed when she saw Ryan again. Although she denied the possibility of Peter being his child from the appearance, Hester was still unable to let it go. After all, the problem of appearance couldn't be completely solved.

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