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   Chapter 23 Promise Me One Thing

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With the support of her best friend, Hester stood up as if she had made up her mind. "Okay, let's go."

"Where are you going?" Cindy was still looking at Hester, who had left her seat. She had never said something that was confusing. What was wrong with her today?

Hester did not answer Cindy's question, but took her hand and walked towards the editor in chief's office. When she arrived at the door of the office, she knocked on the door. After hearing the response from inside, she pushed the door open and walked in.

"What's the matter between you two?" The editor in chief asked, looking at the two people coming in.

Hearing the editor in chief's words, Cindy pointed at Hester. And the editor in chief turned his eyes to Hester because of this tiny movement.

She took a deep breath, as if she had made up her mind to die. She said, "I want to resign, editor in chief!"

The editor in chief was not the only one to be surprised. At this moment, Cindy, who had been in a daze just now, was staring at Hester with her eyes wide open. Just now, she said that no matter what decision she made, Cindy couldn't think of it, but she didn't expect to resign.

During this period of time, she had never heard that she was dissatisfied with this job?

"Why? Didn't you do it well?" The editor in chief asked Hester, who was standing in front of him. In the past five years, although Hester's performance was not the best, she had been working the best. It was a pity that she had left.

"Because..." Hester hesitated for a moment and continued, "Other companies have given me double salary." In fact, Hester had already thought of this reason and hesitated, because it was a little difficult to say it.

Looking at the chief editor's appearance, Hester understood that in fact he wanted to keep her, but how could such a small company provide double wages? Besides, if she doubled, other people would get more raises.

"Since there is a good place to go, I can't let you stay any longer, but your work..."

"Cindy will take over my job." As soon as the editor in chief finished his words, he heard Hester's words.

Hearing this, Cindy suddenly remembered that Hester insisted on asking her to come. It turned out to be the reason.

"Well, when will you resign?" Hester had been fully prepared, so he could only follow her wish.

"Today, that company asked me to go to work tomorrow."

"Okay, go get ready."

Hester looked at editor in chief who finishing this sentence, picked up the information put on the desk. Hester was a little reluctant, and bowed deeply to him: "These years, thank you for the care of me."

"I was entrusted to be a loyal person."

Hearing the editor in chief's words, Hester suddenly thought of this question. She asked in a low voice, "Editor in chief, can you not let Edward know that I resigned?"

"Yes, I understand." He nodded at Hester.

"Thank you, chief editor. I'm leaving now."

Hester and Cindy walked out of the house together after receiving the response of the editor in chief. Cindy, who had been silent all the time in the office, burst out when she walked out of the office. "Hester, te

ll me clearly? Why didn't you tell me about your resignation?"

Cindy's words attracted the attention of her colleagues who were working in their seats. They all turned their eyes to this side.

Hester made a gesture of silence to Cindy, and then walked towards her own position, without answering her question.

In fact, it was not that she did not want to respond, but that she did not know how to explain it clearly to Cindy, so that was the only thing she could do.

Could she say that because Peter had signed the contract with the famous star, Wesley? It was also because of this agreement that she did not carefully read that she had to resign to be his assistant.

Could she tell this to Cindy? Even if she could, it wouldn't be at this time.

Seeing Hester, who began to pack things back to her seat, Cindy stood by and watched her all the time. She stretched out her hand to take away the things she was cleaning up and asked again, "Hester, can you tell me why?"

"As me good friend, aren't you happy that I find a better job?" She turned to look at Cindy, who was standing beside her. At this moment, she could only say this to her.

Cindy was silenced by Hester's question. The posture that was supposed to be asked had disappeared. "Yes, but why didn't you tell me?"

"It happened all of a sudden, so I haven't told you yet." After saying that, Hester began to pack up the things on the desk again.

She didn't have many things, so she packed them up soon. Hester stood up and looked at her colleagues who were all looking at her side because she was packing things. Similarly, she also bowed to these colleagues: "Thank you for your care these years. From today, I won't be with you again. Come on, everyone."

After saying that, Hester turned around and walked towards the door. When she passed by Cindy, she saw her sobbing. Hester stroked her chubby face with a smile and said, "Silly girl, it's like life and death. I haven't left H city. We can meet again."

In fact, Cindy was one year older than Hester, but she was simple and had a child's heart, which made Hester think she was older than her.

"Will you come back?" Cindy asked in a sobbing tone.

"No one can make a plan for the future. I can only say that we will meet again. Don't cry." Hester could not give Cindy a definite answer, so she could only give such a vague answer.


After quitting her job, Hester didn't go back to Wesley's house directly. Instead, she wandered around outside. She didn't return to the house slowly until the school was over.

It seemed that Wesley had a night scene tonight. Hester had something to tell him, so after coaxing Peter to sleep, she was still waiting for him in the room.

Since Peter's room was a little close to here, Hester was afraid that there would be a quarrel with Wesley, which would affect his sleep. So she called him to the sofa on the terrace like last night.

"Have you finished your work?" Looking at Hester who had called him over, Wesley said with a smile.

Looking up at the man standing in front of her, Hester said, "I can agree to be your assistant, unless on one condition."

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