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   Chapter 21 Obedience

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When she came out of the bathroom, Wesley and Ryan were teaching Peter homework. Seeing Peter writing with a pen, Hester suddenly thought of a question. So she went into the room, fetched a pen and paper, came to the side of Ryan who was sitting on the sofa, and said, "Sign your name."

When Ryan was about to teach Peter how to write, he dropped his pen on the tea table by accident. He raised his head to look at Hester, and then at Wesley, who was also looking at Hester strangely. Then he suddenly smiled and said, "Wesley is there."

"I'm looking for you. My colleague likes you very much. She said she couldn't find you, and she said she would ask for your autograph when she saw you one day." Seeing the two of them looking at her strangely, Hester said something casually.

"It's all because of Wesley. Well, since your colleague is so kind, I'll sign for her." After that, Ryan took the paper and pen in Hester's hand, while signing, he did not forget to praise her colleague, "Your colleague really has the vision and understands my kindness like a reborn parent. Just like she wants to thank the person who gave birth to Wesley..."

"Why do you waste so much time talking?" When Ryan mentioned the woman who gave birth to Wesley, Wesley, who had already continued to look at Peter doing homework, interrupted him unhappily.

It seemed that Ryan suddenly remembered something and stopped talking. After that, he gave the signed paper to Hester and left with an excuse.

After taking a shower and comforting Peter to fall asleep, Hester returned to the room of the two of them uneasily. Hester thought he was in the bathroom, so she was about to sit on the bed for a while. As soon as she came to the bedside, she saw him standing in the balcony space outside the room, staring at the peach trees with only branches.

Looking at the man quietly staring at the peach tree, Hester couldn't help but think, 'is there any story between him and the tree?'

Standing outside, Wesley seemed to have noticed Hester in the room. He walked to the French window and knocked on the glass, indicating her to go out.

Hester came to her senses and walked to the French window. She opened one of the windows and walked out. Although it was a floor to ceiling window, it could be said to be a sliding door, directly leading to the door outside.

When she walked out, she saw him sitting on the sofa in the corner. She walked up to him and asked, "What's up?"

"Have a seat." Taking a look at the seat beside him, he asked Hester to sit down.

This time, she didn't resist as much as last time. She sat down obediently and said, "Can you tell me now?"

"Resign and be my assistant."

Hester stood up, her face with the expression and some pity because he just looked at the peach tree, now because his words to disappeared, "Wesley, you have no right to interfere with my work."

"It seems that you haven't read the contract carefully. Fifth, Party B must unconditionally accept any decision of Party A!" The sadness he felt when he looked at the peach tree and the joy he had when he played with Peter all disappeared from his face. Instead, his face was as cold as


"You..." For a moment, Hester was at a loss. She didn't know which one was Wesley, or was he a double faced man?

"What's your purpose? You never consider other people's feelings when you do things. Just like just now, did you consider Peter? He is now calling you father with joy. Have you ever thought of leaving him then?" Yes, when he gradually got used to calling a man dad, would he be more disappointed if he told him to leave here and leave Wesley?

"Leave?" Hester's words, however, left a deep impression on Wesley. A cold smile appeared on his face. "Do you think you can leave me?"

"What do you mean?" Of course, Hester could understand what he meant. She had never thought that he would say something like that. She had always thought that he would let her go in a few months or one or two months.

"Weather you can leave or not. I have the final say!" After saying that, seeing that Hester was staring at him, he said again, "I will give you one day to resign and go to work with me the day after tomorrow."

After giving Hester the ultimatum, he stood up and walked towards room.

"Well… I have to hand over my work even if I resign..." She wanted him to give her a few more days, but he ignored her and went straight into the room.

Hester knew that her arm can't wring his thigh now, so she can only bear it. All along, because she grew up in other people's family, she had already developed this habit. No matter what the father and mother treated her, They were not her own parents. It's Tong family, and her surname is Gu. The feeling of being attached to others can't disappear just because they love her. Perhaps because of this, she also developed the temperament of what Tong family said was right.

Then she sat back on the sofa, with her elbow against her knees and her hand caressing her forehead. In fact, no job was important, as long as she could support her and her son. The key point was that she had been working in that small company for nearly five years, and she had a good relationship with her colleagues. But what else could she do?

Perhaps she didn't want to enter the room too early. Hester was lying on the sofa and looking at the beautiful starry sky. There was always coldness in autumn nights. She had planned to go into the room after Wesley fell asleep, but she didn't want to fall asleep first.

Lying on the sofa, he had been staring at the empty bed. He had waited for a long time, but he did not see Hester come in. So he stood up and walked to the sliding door. He saw Hester was curling up and sleeping on the sofa outside.

The temperature of autumn was very suitable, but if it was outside, it would be cold. Wesley ran out of the room and carried Hester in his arms.

He thought that the sensitive girl would wake up, but he didn't expect that she would sleep so soundly. When he was silently happy that she might not be so strange to him, he put her on the bed, but heard her say when she was half asleep and half awake, "Edward, I knew you would come..."

Upon hearing this, Wesley's face darkened. He stroked her hair and murmured, "Hester, let me tell you my purpose. I want stay with you."

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