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   Chapter 20 Brother, Have Some Noodles

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Seeing Peter like this, Wesley, who was sitting next to him, felt a little sad. He leaned over and coaxed, "Peter, let's play a game. If you come to the table first, you can call me dad."

"Really?" Hearing that, the disappointment on his face disappeared.

"Of course. A word spoken by a gentleman is unforgivable." After making a promise to him and seeing the smile on his face again, Wesley was relieved. "I'm counting now. One! Two..."

When Wesley only counted to two, Peter had already run to the table.

"Hey, Peter, you're a liar." Peter was so eager to win him. He knew he couldn't win with his own ability, so he could only use this method.

In fact, what he wanted was very simple. He wanted a father, but there were some things that could not be achieved simply. Perhaps it was something he couldn't get when he was a child, so at this moment, he hoped more that he could give something to Peter.

"You didn't say that you had to count to three before I could run." After arriving at the dining table, Peter, who was full of joy, began to explain the reason why he behaved shamelessly.

Wesley reached out and stroked his head. A relieved smile appeared on his face, as if he was really his father.

"I win, can I call you daddy?" Blinking his eyes which looked exactly like Wesley's, he was looking at him expectantly.

Wesley didn't respond, but gave an OK to him.

"Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad..." After getting the consent of Wesley, he kept shouting like a repeat machine.

"Just eat."

"Okay." As soon as he finished his words, Peter immediately did. He quickly moved the bowl of noodles on the table in front of him and said, "I will be obedient. I know that dad is a big star and can't let others see him. I will be careful."

When Wesley was about to eat the noodles in front of him, his hand with chopsticks stopped in midair. He raised his eyes to look at Peter, who was eating noodles with great interest.

Although he was only five or six years old, he knew everything. He just didn't want to speak out his thoughts. Perhaps he knew that his mother couldn't take him alone for no reason, so he didn't show his desire for father's love in front of Hester.

Hester, who was standing there, had been looking at the two of them from beginning to end without saying a word. She had never thought that Wesley and Peter would have such a good time. Looking at the scene in front of her, she had an illusion that they were father and son!

She walked over and sat next to Peter, eating the bowl left for herself. She didn't want to cook for Wesley, because his contract didn't say that she should cook for him. Then she thought about it again. First of all, this was his home and she wanted to use his kitchen. Secondly, she lived in the same room with him. If she wanted him not to bully her, she had to be good to him.

The three people were having their first dinner in harmony.

When he picked up the noodles with chopsticks and put them into the import, he had not tried for a long time, and another picture appeared in his mind involuntarily:

Wesley, dressed in adult clothes, was sitting on the wooden din

ing table. At this time, a little girl came to Wesley with a bowl of noodles and put it in front of him. In a childish voice, she said, "Brother Wesley, you eat noodles."

Wesley didn't seem to be polite. He didn't say a word, let alone say thank you. He picked up his chopsticks, started eating and wolfed it down…

"Am I in the wrong place?" His voice brought him back to reality.

"Uncle Ryan." Among the three people, the first one who greeted him was Peter.

"Good boy, Peter."

When Wesley came to his senses, he turned to look at Ryan, who was standing outside the restaurant with a big bag of food in his hand and watching the three of them having dinner in peace.

"Have you eaten, Ryan?" Looking at the man standing in front of him, Wesley asked.

"I… How can I bother you three?" Although he said so, he was putting a big bag of food on the table and taking out four pieces of food from it.

Sitting opposite to Wesley, Hester was looking up at Ryan when she heard. After staring at him for a while, she concluded that she had no impression of him at all.

On second thought, she was so drunk that she couldn't see anything clearly and her memory was a little vague. Even if it was really him, she might not remember him now.

With one of food in his hand, he walked past Wesley and sat next to him, opposite to Peter. After sitting down, he said politely to Hester, "Sorry to disturb."

Hester's face darkened. She was in Wesley's house. How could he disturb her? Even if he was disturbed, it was not her business.

After saying that, Ryan turned to look at Wesley, who was sitting next to him. "Didn't you ask me to buy some food here? Why did you eat first?"

"Mommy cooked it." Before Wesley could say anything, Peter had already helped him answer the question.

"Oh, no wonder." He nodded knowingly and began to eat the food he bought.

After the meal, Hester, as the only woman, had to clean up the mess on the table. Ryan seemed to be embarrassed. Seeing her cleaning, he quickly put down the bowl and chopsticks to help.

When Hester was washing the dishes in the kitchen, he was putting the other food materials he had just bought into the fridge.

Hester looked at his skillful movements and couldn't help asking, "Did you prepare all the food materials of his house?"

"He seldom eats at home. Today is the first time." As he put the food materials into the fridge one by one, he answered Hester's question.

Thinking of how skillful he was in clearing the table just now, shouldn't his agent talk to people from different companies about cooperation with his artists every day?

Looking at Hester, who was stagnant in dishwashing, Ryan seemed to understand what she was thinking, and said: "My mother is cleaning the house at ordinary times, he refuses to find an assistant. So I am an agent and assistant."

"Why doesn't he want an assistant?" Which star had no assistant? Hester was puzzled.

"There are only a few people he trusts in the world." After saying that, he looked at Hester again. After putting the last thing in, he politely said to her, "I'm done. I'll go out first."


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