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   Chapter 19 A Family Of Three

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"What?" For a moment, Hester did not know how to respond to this question. After all, she did not have the qualifications. In fact, although Cindy was usually careless, she was also a very sensitive woman.

After thinking for a while, Hester could only comfort her in this way, "Cindy, if you keep observing, maybe you have misunderstood."

"He must dislike me." Speaking of this, Cindy burst into tears again.

"If it's because of your figure, you can lose weight. If you lose weight like her, he will come back to you." Speaking of "her", Hester pointed at the photo in Cindy's phone.

"Really?" With tears in her eyes, Cindy looked at Hester expectantly.

"Yes!" Although she answered so affirmatively, she was not sure. If it was because of her figure, as long as Cindy returned to her previous figure, that would be, Hester thought.

Back to the company, the first thing Cindy did was to throw all the snacks in the drawer to Hester's desk. It seemed that her husband gave her more motivation. In the past, no matter what her colleagues said, they couldn't let her throw away the snacks.

"What are you doing?" Hester, who was sitting in her seat, looked strangely at Cindy who had thrown all the snacks to her and asked.

"It's a pity to throw it away, give your child." Perhaps she also felt that as long as her figure became as good as before, her husband would come back to her side. At this time, Cindy was in a much better mood.


A BMW sped past and finally stopped at the gate of a company building. In a hurry, Ryan got off the car with something and ran into the company gate.

The door of the lounge opened. Gasping for air, he walked in and handed the bag to Wesley, who was sitting on the sofa and waiting leisurely. "Wesley, are you sure it's your agent, not a charlady?"

"Two in one." Looking at his phone, Wesley answered the question in three words.

"Wesley, hire an assistant. Otherwise, I'll be busier than you." He walked up to him, picked up the tea set he had prepared for him and poured him several glasses of tea.

"I don't trust anyone else." That was why he had only been with the so-called agent, Ryan. Perhaps it was because of what had happened to him when he was a child that he couldn't trust anyone else.

"It's so tired to be trusted by you." Lying limply on the sofa next to Wesley, Ryan continued to complain, "No, really? You don't believe anyone else except me?"

Upon hearing this, he stopped his phone and looked up at Ryan. Until Ryan felt that he had said something wrong, "What's wrong?"

"I have found a candidate." After saying that, he continued to look at his phone.

"Who is it?" For a moment, he didn't know who the man was.

"Hester! !"

"You want her to be your assistant? ? No, no, boss won't agree." Ryan quickly vetoed his decision.

"There are some things that I agree, and she agrees are ok."

Thinking of this, a smile slowly appeared on his face. In the morning, he was still thinking about how to send her to work and not to worry about be

ing photographed. He didn't expect that it would be so easy to solve the problem. "I'll invite you to dinner tonight. I'll record it first."

Looking at the smile on Wesley's face, Ryan was too stunned to respond.

The program went on smoothly, because Ryan made the decision without the consent of Wesley. He was afraid that Wesley would be unpleasant to record the program. He didn't expect things to be so smooth with Hester's help.

It seemed that if Hester was his assistant, Wesley would be in high spirits. Sure enough, men and women work well together.

In fact, whether or not Wesley would hire an assistant or not was none of Edward's business. The main reason why he had such worries was that Hester was not an ordinary person.

The day passed without being noticed. When Hester picked up Peter from school and went home, Wesley hadn't come back yet.

Hester went straight to the kitchen with the things she had bought from the supermarket. The open kitchen was as clean as new. She guessed that Wesley, who lived alone, had never eaten at home. Sure enough, when Hester opened the fridge, there was nothing but an empty fridge.

"Peter, go to the living room and watch TV. Mommy will be ready soon." She said to Peter, who had followed her to the kitchen. In fact, it was not that Peter had adapted to the life in Wesley's house so soon.

However, both of them had to live and eat. If they wanted to eat outside, they were afraid of insecurity. Therefore, they can only take this place as their own home.

"Dad is back." Just as Peter sat on the sofa and wanted to watch TV, he saw Wesley walk into the living room.

As soon as his front foot stepped into the door, he saw what the child said. Wesley stopped, stood quietly at the door and looked at Hester, who was busy in the kitchen. Then he turned her eyes to Peter, who was sitting on the sofa greeting him. This scene, like a family of three, the wife was preparing for dinner waiting for the return of her husband, the child's happy looked after his father's return, at this moment, became so real.

"Daddy, Mommy is preparing the noodles. Do you want to eat?" Looking at the man who was standing at the gate, Peter said again.

"Am I going to eat with you?" Wesley asked with a smile.

"Can't you? Are you unhappy?" It seemed that he thought that Wesley didn't agree, so at this time, there was unhappiness and disappointment on his face.

"Of course! It's my pleasure to be with you." Wesley said modestly to him.

"Mommy, daddy wants to eat too." He turned to the kitchen, sat there and shouted.

"He is not your father. Don't call him father!" Hester's impatient voice came from the kitchen.

"Then what should I call him?" It seemed that he had forgotten about the man sitting next to him. At this moment, Peter was fiercely discussing this with Hester.

"Uncle Wesley." She took the noodles out and put them on the table.

"All right." At this time, Peter's face was obviously not filled with joy, but with disappointment and unhappiness.

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